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JuneYao travel website belongs to the JuneYao Group Aviation Services Co. Ltd. JuneYao Group Aviation Services Co. Ltd started its operation from Wenzhou in 1991 and expanded to Shanghai in 2000. As the start-up industry and one of the basic industries of JuneYao Group, aviation service industry has earned good reputations and performances after 20 years of development and has become a well-known travel service provider. It took a lead to launch the first e-commerce platform - www.16885.com in 2000, the first website that provides real-time ticket inquiries and booking services in China. On this basis, it integrated a variety of tourism resources in 2007 and launched a brand-new JuneYao Travel website, which is committed to providing customers with tickets-centered products; it also offer a comprehensive travel booking service platform covering hotels, vacations and travel management.

The JuneYao Travel Website (www.16885.com) offers real-time air ticket reservations of domestic and international routes; the hotel reservations in cities across the country; hotels in domestic major cities and tourist attractions as well as tourist resort routes reservations; and the travel management services for corporate clients.

The website has realized the country’s earliest direct link with the computer ticket reservation system of the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China, and has cooperated with multiple international GDS (Global Distribution Systems) to provide timely, authoritative ticket information and facilitate customers to have online real- time check of flight times, fares and seat situation.

The call center offers services at 7 × 24 basis of a year. With a professional customer service team, it provides travelers attentive services; a variety of payment methods online and offline are supported with earned points redeemable for a variety of prizes; the tickets purchased need not to wait for delivery, instead passengers can check in directly at the airport, making travel more convenient.

With business network headquartered in Shanghai, the website has a number of branches in Wenzhou and Hangzhou covering operating outlets in the east, north and southwest regions of China, providing customers with online and offline services at anytime and anywhere. The airports across China provides specific clients with airport ticket and boarding pass pick-up, priority boarding and other related value-added services.

In August 2010, the hotel business started to provide the 24-hour online services with easy booking of more than 13,000 hotels in over 600 cities nationwide. It is no more limited in a fixed range of search criteria, but provides free selection of price range, with hotel comparison feature to offer personalized services.

The JuneYao travel website provides services of JuneYao flights’ travel routes based on the price advantage of JuneYao Airlines with mature operations in various international travel routes of Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, etc. which are deeply loved by the majority of young consumers and has gradually become a consumption trend. Moreover, it also provides a short-distance travel from Shanghai to Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces to meet a variety of travel needs.

24 hours nation-wide service hotline: 40078-16885