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  • Maiden flight of JuneYao Airlines, dreams finally come true

    On September 25, 2006, Shanghai JuneYao Airlines HO1125 flight, a fully loaded brand-new Airbus A319 aircraft sprayed with auspicious red color, took off from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and successfully landed on Changsha Huanghua International Airport in Hunan, signifying the complete success of the maiden flight JuneYao Airlines, JuneYao Group finally fulfilled its dream after 15 years

    By the end of January 2007, JuneYao Airlines has successfully opened nine flight routes from Shanghai to Changsha, Taiyuan, Zhengzhou, Sanya, Chengdu, Qingdao, Tianjin, Wenzhou, and Huangyan.

  • Huang Mengfu inspected JuneYao Group

    On November 24, 2006, Huang Mengfu, Vice Chairman of the National Committee of CPPCC, Chairman of All China Federation of Industry and Commerce, inspected JuneYao Group, and told the Group’s Chairman Wang Junjin to build JuneYao Group into a well-known brand “Century-old Enterprise” in the modern service industry.

    During the inspection process, Chairman Wang Junjin offferd a detailed report on the Group’s efforts to create Century-old Enterprise in industry layout, corporate vision, social responsibility, and party building work. Huang Mengfu highly praised JuneYao’s business startup and achievements in the recent years, and put forward targets and expectations for JuneYao Group’s Party Building and Trade Union work, and the relation between building harmonious enterprise and harmonious society.

  • Commercial Mansion successfully completed share reform

    In September 2006, JuneYao Group’s subordinate listed company Commercial Mansion Co., Ltd, a leading enterprise in the commercial sector, completed share reform. This marked another major move by Commercial Mansion Co., Ltd following the successful acquisition of Yinchun Building at the beginning of the year. This time’s share reform would help the company achieve scale effect and advantage in brand operation, improve the company’s operation mode, expand the company’s market share and market percentage; as a result its governance structure would also be further optimized and improved.

  • The Group refined and popularized enterprise mission and core values, and introduced brand-new enterprise identification system

    In 2006, JuneYao Group’s brand strategy has been fully implemented. Guided by enterprise founders, with joint efforts from management personnel and common staff representatives, corporate mission and core values have been further refined and improved. Corporate mission: “To make people have healthier and happier life, we are dedicated to creating value that surpasses people’s expectation, and become a superior globalized Century-old Enterprise in modern service industry”; core values: “Customer foremost, credibility and win-win; boldness in innovation, surpassing self; team cooperation, mutual respect; effective execution, professional and efficient”, this will become the spiritual pillar for building the “Century-old Enterprise”.

  • Build up informatization construction platform, the Group’s NC-ERP project made progress

    To comply with the Group’s development target to transform toward “globalized modern service industry”, the Group kicked off the strategic measure to fully build up informatization construction platform.

    On October 17, JuneYao Group NC-ERP project kick-off meeting was held; on November 10, the Group’s NC-ERP project formally signed agreement with UFIDA Software, the project entered overall implementation stage. It is expected the implementation of NC-ERP project will greatly enhance the scale effect of all business units under the Group, and improve overall management standard.

  • JuneYao Group ranked 30th on “Shanghai Top 100 Enterprises in modern service industry”

    On December28, the results of Top 100 Enterprises in Shanghai Modern Service Industry for 2006 selection, an event jointly hosted by Shanghai Modern Service Industry Federation and Jiefang Daily, and themed with “Service, Bring Better World Expo”, were announced, JuneYao Group ranked the 30th in Top 100 enterprises.

  • Contributing to harmonious society, Wang Junjin and Wang Junhao assumed more social titles

    On February 10, Zhejiang Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce elected Wang Junjin as member of the Standing Committee of the 8th Zhejiang Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce;

    On February 19, Wang Junjin was elected Vice Chairman of All China General Chamber of Industry and Commerce;

    On January 18, the 9th Hubei Provincial CPPCC Committee elected Wang Junhao as member of the Standing Committee;

    On November 10, at the third Member Representative Congress of Hubei Province Society for the Promotion of Guangcai Program, Wang Junhao was elected Vice Chairman;

    On December 12, in the ballot for the election of Shanghai’s new district/county and township People’s Congress delegates, Wang Junhao was elected delegate of the 14th Xuhui District People’s Congress.

  • New blue print for real estate investment: Yichang JuneYao International Plaza shopping center opened

    On September 28, Yichang JuneYao International Plaza shopping center opened First Vice Chairman of All China Federation of Industry and Commerce Hu Deping and other officials attended the ceremony. Several dozen world famous brands entered the Plaza, with a business area of nearly 20,000 sqm, which pioneered a brand-new commercial mode and fashionable experience space in Yichang. The Yichang JuneYao International Plaza soon to be completed is a landmark building in Yichang, it also houses the only theater, shopping mall and hotel complex in Yichang, it is also the main venue of the closing ceremony of the 8th China Art Festival.

  • JuneYao Creativity was approved as the exclusive retailer and operator of F1 in Greater China region

    As the most developed business unit of JuneYao Group’s modern service industry, JuneYao Creativity has stepped into a rapid and stable growth stage, on December 2, it reached agreement with the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination, Shanghai Racing Commercial Co., Ltd over the cooperation method and development channel of F1 Racing in China, and signed formal agreement to become the exclusive retailer and operator in Greater China officially authorized by F1 Racing. Meanwhile, JuneYao Pairui Cultural Company will soon obtain FIFA authorization to unfold full cooperation with FIFA’s authorized brands, its authorized cooperation with a number of world top-class cultural and sporting brands is also underway in active negotiation.

  • Perform corporate social responsibility, JuneYao Group has been awarded honors repeatedly

    On December 4, The State Council Three Gorges Construction Committee awarded Wang Junjin “Advanced Individual for Nationwide Pair-up Support to Three Gorges Project Reservoir Migrant Work” honorary title, marking the second time that JuneYao Group was awarded this honor;

    On December 8, leaders of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee awarded Wang Junjin “Shanghai Guangcai Star” honorary title at the “Guangcai Program Activity Day 2006”;

    On January 14, Wang Junjin was elected “Person of the Year in Zhejiang Economy for 2006”;

    On June 27, Shanghai Social Work Party Committee awarded the Group’s Chairman Wang Junjin “Friend of Party Building” title;

    On December 27, China Society for the Promotion of Guangcai Program awarded Wang Junhao “China Guangcai Program Medal”.