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  • Become the first batch of senior sponsors for World Expo 2010 Shanghai

    On September 27, JuneYao Group became the first World Expo 2010 Shanghai China senior sponsor, meanwhile World Expo franchise products were fully kicked off. On December 18, the first exclusive store of World Expo franchise merchandise opened in Shanghai JuneYao International Plaza.

    This business was contracted by JuneYao Creativity Co., Ltd. By relying on superior brand management and operation ability, JuneYao Creativity was awarded “Fortune Magazine Cool Company 2007” title in April; in November, it was awarded Best Creative Organization Award in “Creativity China 2007”, the Ultraman franchise product——Suzhou embroidery it designed and produced was awarded Most Creative Product Award by “Creativity China 2007”, one embroidery product was collected by China Sports Museum at the Ultraman franchise embroidery debut ceremony in June.

  • JuneYao Airlines was awarded Highest Growth Potential Prize

    On November 24, the 10th Growth China Summit Annual Meeting and the China Top 100 Growing Enterprises for 2007 announcement ceremony opened in CPPCC Auditorium. In that evening, the Top 100 Growing Enterprises for 2007 were freshly announced, JuneYao Group Shanghai JuneYao Airline Co., Ltd was awarded “Highest Growth Potential Prize”. The Top 100 Growing Companies ranking started in 2002, each year it will select the fastest growing 100 non listed private-owned enterprises in that year. In previous several years Baidu, Mengniu and other listed companies were awarded “Highest Growth Potential Prize”. Previously in April, the “2007 International Brand (China) Summit Forum”, an event jointly hosted by Shanghai Jiaotong University Brand Research Center and the Center on Global Brand Leadership of Columbia University, was held in Shanghai, JuneYao Airlines was awarded Outstanding Brand Innovation Prize.

    JuneYao Airlines has recorded safe operation for over one year, up till now it has opened 27 flight routes to 24 major cities including Shenzhen, Kunming, Dalian, and Hohhot. In August, the US Department of Transportation inspected JuneYao Airlines, making it the only private-owned airline company inspected by the inspection team in China. In the aspect of optimizing capital structure, and introducing strategic investment, JuneYao Airlines walked at the forefront of all private-owned airline companies in China.

  • JuneYao ranked at 94th on Most Valuable Brand in China

    On June 2, the World Brand Lab and World Executive Weekly jointly announced the 2007 “Top 500 Most Valuable Brands in China” ranking list compiled exclusively by the World Brand Lab, JuneYao Group’s brand value was evaluated at 6.518 billion yuan, ranking 94th.

    On April 25, JuneYao Group formally announced to adopt the new enterprise identification system. The new logo features healthy and refreshing green fashionable orange color as the key tone, which reflects the vitality and modernity of JuneYao brand. This not only shows JuneYao Group’s firm determination to transform toward innovative modern service industry, but also highlights its courage and strength to build itself into a century old enterprise with sustainable development.

  • Fully implement performance assessment system

    In January, JuneYao Group used balanced scoring card, KPI and target management methods in its performance management system, to link up assessment of staff work performance with staff individual development, income and promotion, actively advocated a staff performance assessment system based on core value to provide open, fair and just career development environment. The company encourages staff to superior to carry out active communication and interaction in performance assessment. The Group improved its management in human resource, implemented overall budget management, construction of internal control system, informatization system construction projects, the Group’s management efficiency showed continual improvement.

    In April, the youngest model worker in Shanghai was selected from JuneYao Group.

  • Wuxi Commercial Mansion Group transformed to boutique department store

    According to the development requirements of modern service industry, Wuxi Commercial Mansion Group progressively adjusted its merchandise structure, and extended toward high-end consumer goods such as mid to high end garments, sporting leisure, cosmetics, high-end watch and jewelry. It has gradually developed a brand structure focusing on front line brands and fashionable brands, and developed deeper and stronger in auto, food, supermarket, electrical household appliance sectors. Meanwhile, it invested nearly 100 million yuan to start the largest upgrading, expansion and decoration project since its opening, the newly built arcade linked up two buildings across the street “like a flying bridge”, the total expanded business area reached 26,000 sqm, the department store’s total business area reached 70,000 sqm.

  • Wang Junjin and Wang Junhao assumed greater social responsibility

    On January 27, Wang Junjin participated in the fifth meeting of the 10th Shanghai CPPCC Committee, and submitted proposals to the meeting “Proposal on Improving the Function Positioning of Pudong Airport” and “Proposal on Innovating on Franchise Operation Model for Shanghai World Expo”. On January 31, Wang Junhao attended the fifth meeting of the 9th CPPCC Hubei Provincial Committee, and submitted proposal “Proposal on Creating Excellent Business Startup Environment and Harmonious Society”.

    In elections of social organizations, they continue to enjoy widespread trust: Wang Junjin was elected standing member of the new executive committee of All China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Vice Chairman of Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce; Wang Junhao was elected Vice Chairman of Hubei Province Federation of Industry and Commerce. On July 5, in response to the invitation of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and “Global Compact” Office, Wang Junjin attended the “Global Compact Leader Summit” held in Geneva, he delivered a speech with the theme “Promoting harmonious progress of the society with enterprise sustainable development” on behalf of Chinese entrepreneurs, he also submitted “JuneYao Group Social Responsibility Report”, which established good image of Chinese enterprises.

  • Party Committee established new pattern in party building

    On March 23, the Group’s Party Committee convened “JuneYao Group Comprehensive Party Building Work Conference” in Wuxi Commercial Mansion, the meeting clarified the future work of the Party Committee was to rely on comprehensive party building to continually promote the effectiveness of party building work. It signified the birth of a grassroots party building new pattern which focuses on service industry, improves cultural integration, and promotes harmonious development.

    The comprehensive party building adopted “one service, three satisfactions, four combinations, five inclusions” work mechanism, which was integrated into corporate management development. It explored new path in the management for party organization of subordinate enterprises in different regions; established the first Party Committee of a private-owned airline company; and served as the field teaching spot for China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong; the Group undertook community lecture team obligation, police-resident co-building, affiliated companies cobuilding, society co-building, and pair-up assistance tasks; strengthened Trade Union leadership, finished the general election, and elected its second Trade Union leadership team. Its innovative exploration was listed as a classical case in national grassroots party building work.

  • JuneYao Wuhan Real Estate finished renaming, went all out to build affordable housing

    On June 28, “Wuhan Hanyang District Real Estate Company” was changed to “Wuhan JuneYao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd”, which signified the successful completion of the company’s overall restructuring work.

    Wuhan JuneYao Real Estate Company is speeding up its pace of real estate project construction, the construction of affordable housing adhered to commercial housing standard, and highlighted human first spirit in layout and construction details, the company’s three real estate development projects of Hanjiang Garden Phase I and II, and Longjiang Court Garden have started construction, 27 residential buildings have finished construction, Hanjiang Garden Phase III and Yangcheng Garden development projects have set up project, whose total construction area is close to 800,000 sqm. The grand blueprint of the “Eleventh Five Year Plan” has initially taken shape, in five years it will develop 1,500,000 sqm, after completion it will resolve the housing problem of resettlement households and mid to lower income families in Wuhan city.

  • Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle School and Primary School were awarded authorization of International Baccalaureate Organization

    On December 19, Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School passed IB authorization to formally become the first PYP school founded by Chinese schoolmaster in IB (International Baccalaureate) schools. In the same month, the World Foreign Language Middle School, which has already been granted IB authorized MYP project, also obtained IB’s DP candidate school qualification. After the World Foreign Language Middle School formally obtains DP project authorization, Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School and Middle School will become the first IB international schools totally founded by Chinese schoolmaster in China and equipped with PYP, MYP and DP international education successive projects. IB is a non-official international education and exam organization recognized by the UN and EU, it is a world recognized leader in the global education sector. IB has three authorization projects, PYP, MYP and DP are targeted at students aged 3-12, 11-16, and 16-19 years respectively. At present, many famous universities worldwide have signed agreement with IB, with a statement attached in their admission prospectuses that holders of IB diploma can be enrolled without examination.

  • JuneYao Dairy “Milka” serial new products successfully entered market

    After nearly half year of painstaking preparations for new product marketing planning, JuneYao Dairy’s “Milka” series new products have successfully entered the market, the much anticipated JuneYao Dairy products reappeared in front of consumers, and received expected market results.

    JuneYao Dairy’s positioning is: “Year of re-adjustment for survival, year of redevelopment for solid foundation”. After one year of overall adjustment, JuneYao Dairy is now resuming normal operation in all aspects. The company has established a marketing-centered organization, and management concept, fulfilled further optimization of management structure. Meanwhile, the company also carried out brand promotion activities, for instance: Taking part in the Spring Sugar Alcoholic Trade Fair, advertising spending on Anhui Satellite TV and CCTV.