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  • The “chartered flight” case inspired the 30 years of Reform and Opening up

    In 1991, Wang Junyao’s first private chartered flight case in China became a story inspiring the 30 years Reform and Opening up. In 2008, it was awarded more honors: “Historical Figure in the 30 Years of Reform and Opening up in Cangnan”, “Historical Figure in the 30 Years of Reform and Opening up in Wenzhou”, “30 Representative Incidents in the 30 Years of Reform and Opening up in Zhejiang Province”, “Top Ten Events in the 30 Years of Reform and Opening up in Wenzhou”, “Top Ten Landmark Events in the 30 Years of Reform and Opening up for Zhejiang Merchants”, it also became a hot key word in central news media. In December, the “Prize-awarding Ceremony for Serial Accomplishments by Private-owned Enterprises in the 30 Years of Reform and Opening Up” was held in Beijing, JuneYao Group was awarded “Outstanding Accomplishment Prize for Private-owned Enterprise in 30 Years of Reform and Opening Up”.

  • Wang Junjin was elected member of the 11th National Committee of CPPCC

    On January 25, the 20th meeting of the 10th National Standing Committee of CPPCC opened, Wang Junjin was elected member of the 11th National Committee of CPPCC, from March 3 to March 14, Wang Junjin attended the first meeting of the 11th CPPCC in Beijing, and submitted three proposals of “About Effectively Resolving Development Bottlenecks for SME”, “Proposal on Utilizing Top Class Matches to Foster New Business Modes in Cultural Industry”, and “Proposal on Reducing Tax and Improving International Competitiveness of Airline Companies”, participated in four joint group discussions, and met Wu Bangguo, Chairman of the National People's Congress Standing Committee.

  • Olympic projects ended successfully, serial cultural products reached climax

    Wang Junjin took part in the torch relay for Beijing Olympic Games as torch bearers of Wenzhou Stop. During the Olympic Games period, the number of JuneYao employees joining the on-site sales activity reached 400 person times. JuneYao Creativity also vigorously developed big customer channels to improve the marketing strategy of Olympic product exclusive stores, putting a successful full stop to the Olympic Games project.

    As extension of its business, World Expo sponsor service work reached climax. On January 18, JuneYao Group and China Certification & Inspection Group signed agreement on the quality, environmental protection requirements and social supervision service projects for several thousand World Expo franchise products in 6 major categories manufactured by JuneYao in Shanghai. It was awarded Best World Expo Resource Support Prize, and Individual Star Prize.

    On June 16, JuneYao Group and NBA announced to form cooperation partnership in China, planning to progressively introduce NBA serial toys and stationery which are independently designed, developed and produced by JuneYao.

  • Earthquake relief and disaster donation for “Wing of Love” campaign to deliver care

    The May 12 Wenchuan post-disaster donation reached 6.50 million yuan, including over 4 million yuan in donated cash, which included Group staff donation of 550,000 yuan to be used to assist 100 students from Dujiangyan in the next three years through Shanghai Society for Promotion of the Guangcai Program, and special party membership dues of about 50,000 yuan. JuneYao Creativity donated products valued at 1,500,000 yuan to the Olympic Games and the World Expo. The Group also provided airlift of 150 tonnes of disaster relief cargoes free of charge.

  • JuneYao Airlines fleet size reached 10 aircrafts

    JuneYao Airlines actively coped with wind, snow and earthquake disasters and financial crisis, adopted various effective measures, obtained excellent performance, and recorded profit earning performance for the whole year. In November, the 10th brand-new Airbus aircraft of JuneYao Airlines was put in place. It was awarded “User Satisfaction Premium Prize”, “Shanghai May First Labor Certificate”, “Shanghai User Satisfaction Service Star Team” titles. On November 8, JuneYao Airlines crew was awarded “Best Team Prize” at the “The Third Miss International Aviation Contest in 2008”.

  • “One Body Two Wings” Wuxi Commercial Mansion Group bucked the trend

    On September 28, Wuxi Commercial Mansion celebrated its 20th birthday. Consisting of “One Body Two Wings”, the Commercial Mansion continued to keep its “Number One” status in Wuxi with a total sales volume of over 4 billion yuan. “Grand Orient” commercial complex, the conglomerate body of its golden asset, fulfilled historical leapfrog development, with the new image of “superb magnificence, modern department store”, it climbed to new height as more global frontline brands moved into the Mansion. In April, it acquired 94% stock ownership of Wuxi New Era Auto Trade Group, auto sales market share reached 80%, whole year sales amount reached 5.5 billion yuan.

  • JuneYao Dairy joined hands with Ultraman to initially fulfill Blue Ocean Strategy

    JuneYao and Ultraman (exclusively authorized use) jointly introduced children’s milk drinks, despite the impact of industry crisis, it fulfilled 80% of its annual plan set forth at the beginning of the year.

    In March, at the China Sugar and Alcoholic Annual Summit, JuneYao Dairy Was awarded 2007 “China Sugar and Alcoholic Popular Brand” prize, this Summit is an authoritative event jointly hosted by China Non-staple Food Circulation, the Office of China National Sugar and Alcoholic Commodities Fair, and China Business Herald.

  • changed name to to complete its transformation

    On August 8, “” formally changed its name to “”. On September 1, the homepage hotel channel debuted, meanwhile it introduced 40088-16885 nationwide 24 hour service hotline. The launching of the hotel channel signals that which is positioned as business travel service platform has truly fulfilled formal integration of the three business units of air ticket + hotel + tourism, and completed formal transformation from specialized online air ticket sales platform to business travel service platform.

  • China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong’s field lecturing landed in private-owned enterprise

    On June 26, JuneYao Group formally signed agreement with China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong (CELAP) to become its field lecturing unit, and was awarded formal plaque to become the only private-owned enterprise among all field lecturing spots. Vice Chairman of the Group Wang Junhao, and the Group’s Party Committee Secretary Chen Li were engaged as part-time lecturers. It opened courses such as “Party building in private-owned enterprise”, “Corporate governance of private-owned enterprises during startup and growth period”, “Private-owned enterprise and social responsibility”. CELAP has a total of over 120 field lecturing spots.

  • Wuhan Hanjiang Garden and other properties were completed and handed over to users

    At the end of August, the Phase I of Hanjiang Garden affordable housing developed by Wuhan JuneYao Real Estate Co., Ltd was fully completed, and handover began since September 10. The successful handover of Hanjiang Garden Phase I signaled that Wuhan JuneYao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd has taken a solid step toward the “Eleventh Five Year” plan. At present, Longjiang Court Garden, Hanjiang Garden Phase II and other affordable housing projects are all under construction, and will soon be delivered to users. In January, Wenzhou JuneYao Hotel, which suspended operation for four years for reinforcement engineering due to southeast claybed complex geological conditions, opened for business on the first day of the New Year.