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  • Wang Junjin was awarded national “Outstanding Builder of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” title

    In November, Wang Junjin was awarded the third national “Outstanding Builder of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” title. Wang Junjin led JuneYao Group to adhere to refined management, adopt a guideline of stable expansion, build harmonious team, against the macro environment of global financial crisis, it still pushed its main business to buck the trend for further growth, it also voluntarily fulfilled corporate social responsibility, and created a series of new performances. Wang Junjin actively participated in and discussed politics, at the 11th Second Meeting of CPPCC, it submitted the proposal “Proposal on Expanding Public Participation of Shanghai World Expo”, which received high level of concern and reply from related government departments.

  • JuneYao Airlines recorded profit-earning for three consecutive years

    In 2009, JuneYao Airlines adopted a series of measures to reduce cost and improve efficiency, developed Blue Ocean in increment, continually adjusted, optimized, and improved flight route network, the company recorded over 100 million yuan in whole year profit, insisted on providing passengers with safe, comfortable and differentiated value-added services, and was awarded “Outstanding Service Contribution Prize for Welcoming World Expo”. In July, it passed IATA audit to become the youngest airline company to be awarded IOSA accreditation in China. On the occasion of the third anniversary of the opening of JuneYao Airlines, to play an exemplary role in contributing efforts voluntarily to local economic development by private-owned enterprise, JuneYao Airlines named the first aircraft it purchased as “Pudong”. Fleet size grew steadily, now it owns 14 brand-new Airbus A320 serial aircrafts.


  • Wuxi Commercial Mansion Group catered to domestic demand and recorded historical performance

    Wuxi Commercial Mansion significantly improved its performance through a two-pronged approach of improving internal management and stimulating domestic demand, the whole year business income reached 5.5 billion yuan, fulfilled total net profit of about 280 million yuan. The “Grand Orient” Department Store has established a distinct brand height in Wuxi; customer satisfaction degree topped 95%. “Oriental Auto” and “New Era Auto” double brand resources were effectively integrated, auto sales recorded best historical performance, its profit level also showed significant growth.

  • Wang Junhao was awarded the 7th Shanghai “Top Ten Youth Economic Figure” title

    In July, due to his prominent achievements in economic field, social influence and sense of social responsibility, Wang Junhao was awarded the 7th Shanghai “Top Ten Youth Economic Figure” title. As a specially engaged lecturer of China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong, Wang Junhao was invited to lecture on “China Private-owned Enterprise Development and Enterprise Social Responsibility” for students of The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, through facts and cases he enabled students to better understand China, and promoted friendly trade cooperation between European countries and China. In November, Wang Junhao attended the third anniversary celebration ceremony of Chinese Federation For Corporate Social Responsibility, and accepted the invitation to act as honorary advisor of “Qiang Language Art Ensemble” whose members consisted of students from Beichuan Disaster Zone.

  • Promoting mutual development of upstream and downstream industrial chains, the Group adjusted structure to cope with crisis and produced results

    Faced with the challenge of grim financial crisis, JuneYao Group drafted effective countermeasures, through adjusting structure and optimizing organization setup, it reduced consumption and improved efficiency, and transformed “crisis” to “opportunity”, so as to ensure steady development of its main businesses including JuneYao Airlines, commercial retail, cultural communication, dairy businesses, and increased the anti-risk ability of all its industries. Meanwhile, it added over 1000 jobs, the World Expo project provided effective paths for the transformation of export processing enterprises, promoted the development of upstream and downstream industrial chains, and made positive contributions to employment expansion.

  • Perform the duties as senior sponsor, go all out to prepare for World Expo

    To better prepare for the World Expo, and promote World Expo concept, by the end of 2009, as World Expo senior sponsor, JuneYao Group has developed and designed more than 1000 franchise products for the World Expo franchise products to meet the needs of consumers, In October, in Shanghai’s East Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street it opened the first World Expo franchise merchandise flagship store in China with a business area of 1100 sqm. To commend its efforts in actively promoting the World Expo, and contributing to the society, the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination awarded JuneYao Group “World Expo Theme Practice Star Award”. To continue expansion in cultural creativity industry, it joined hands with two world famous brands of NBA and FIFA to generate interactive effect.

  • First “Outstanding Builder of Century old Enterprise” selection

    As the third batch of units to study and practice scientific outlook on development, JuneYao Group implemented whole staff participation under the theme of “adhering to scientific development, building century old enterprise”, effectively practiced scientific outlook on development through analysis, inspection, and rectification, so as to promote enterprises’ sustainable development. Based on the four criteria of “obligation, contribution, innovation, and influence”, the first “Outstanding Builder of Century-old Enterprise” selection event was unfolded. In October, JuneYao Group respectively received inspection delegations led by Vice Chairman of National CPPCC and Head of the United Front Work Department Du Qinglin, and the Touring Inspection Team of Central Government Non-public Economy Study and Practice Activity, and obtained high level of acknowledgement and praise.

  • World Foreign Language Schools developed complete globalized education chain

    In April, the last project of International Baccalaureate: Diploma Program (DP) project obtained formal authorization, which signaled that World Foreign Language Middle School and World Foreign Language Primary School have completed the introduction of world top class courses in five years time, and established a complete education chain from primary school, junior high school to senior high school, developed a quality-oriented and open style modern school model combining overseas education model and Chinese national conditions, to enable students to “cherish Chinese heart, have global vision.” In May, World Foreign Language Middle School was promoted to UNESCO associated school status. The World Foreign Language Middle School and Primary School moved into new buildings in June and September respectively.

  • Donated 1 million yuan to Taiwan compatriots after disaster

    JuneYao Group actively participated in various social public welfare and charity undertakings, and consistently regarded the fulfillment of social responsibility as its own mission. In August 2009 it donated 1 million yuan to Taiwan compatriots after disaster. In the “China Guangcai Undertaking Walking into Enshi Prefecture” activity, JuneYao Group actively contacted other enterprises for proactive participation, and first signed cooperation intention. Owing to its active efforts to practice and popularize corporate social responsibility, JuneYao Group was awarded “Best Cooperation Spirit Prize in 2009” at the third anniversary celebration ceremony of China Corporate Social Responsibility Alliance.

  • Yichang JuneYao Jinjiang International Hotel opened

    JuneYao Group joined hands with the management team of Jinjiang International Hotel to jointly build Yichang JuneYao Jinjiang International Hotel into a foreign five-star hotel with international service standard, which not only effectively promoted local tourism development, but also enhanced the investment environment in Yichang area. In the half year since its opening, the Hotel’s operation condition remained steady; the GOP index has turned positive.