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  • Successful performance of World Expo tasks

    The Gruop actively performed the mission as senior sponsor of World Expo, participated in World Expo, served the World Expo, and dedicated itself to the World Expo. It developed over 2000 franchise products for the World Expo, and opened nearly 20 World Expo franchise stores and group purchase centers. As a good host, it set up JuneYao World Expo Guarantee Team to provide uninterrupted service inside the Expo Zone for half a year, and received more than 100 groups of guests for the World Expo, with total number of persons topping 2000. At the “You Bring Better World Expo” prize-awarding ceremony held in November, it was awarded “World Expo Superior Service Prize”.

  • Wang Junjin elected Vice Chairman of China Society for Promotion of the Guangcai Program

    In August, Wang Junjin was elected Vice Chairman of the Fourth Board of Directors of China Society for Promotion of the Guangcai Program. A large number of media including People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, Economic Daily News, and China Business Times reported extensively on JuneYao Group’s Guangcai practices of assisting Three Gorges construction, improving local industrial chain development, outsourcing management and fostering talents, and presented JuneYao Group’s Guangcai spirit to participate in Guangcai Undertakings which “highlights both obligations and profits, and stresses both ethics and action”.

  • Ranking 43rd in “Top 100 Shanghai Enterprises”

    JuneYao Group is walking steadily toward a superior globalized century old enterprise in the modern service industry. In the selection of 2010 Shanghai Top 100 Enterprise title, JuneYao Group ranked 7th in the “Top 100 Shanghai Private-owned Enterprises”, and 43th in the “Top 100 Shanghai Enterprises”. Its construction of soft strength is also making equal progress. In July, JuneYao Group became the first batch of Shanghai Corporate Culture Construction Demonstration Base. In November, Pilot Jia Yong of JuneYao Airlines was awarded Shanghai Outstanding Party Member title. In December, Wang Junjin was awarded Shanghai Leading Talent title.

  • Wang Junjin met General Secretary Hu Jintao

    Member of the National Committee of CPPCC Wang Junjin participated in the national “Two Sessions”, and proposed “World Expo Officer Training”, “Building civil aviation to make a powerful nation”, and “Improving efficiency to ease students’ course burden”. In the afternoon of March 4, General Secretary Hu Jintao took part in the joint group discussion of China Democratic National Construction Association and All China Federation of Industry and Commerce circles, and expressed the hope that non public enterprises must identify the situation, grasp opportunity, and make greater progress in speeding up the transformation of economic development mode, ensuring and improving people’s livelihood, and improving self quality. Wang Junjin gripped the hands of the General Secretary and said: “Very much encouraged!”

  • Fast disaster relief to Yushu

    In April, Yushu Qinghai was hit by a 7.1 grade earthquake, JuneYao Group delivered milk products valued at 1.26 million yuan to the disaster zone immediately after the disaster, and donated RMB 1 million yuan to Yushu through Shanghai Society for Promotion of the Guangcai Program. In June, Wang Junjin attended Xuhui Education Fund Donation Ceremony on behalf of JuneYao Group, and donated 1,500,000 yuan to “JuneYao-Xuhui Education Prize”, to support the sustainable development of education undertakings in Xuhui District.

  • JuneYao Airlines opened international (regional) flight route

    On December 17, with the opening of JuneYao Airlines’ first international (regional) nonstop Shanghai to Hong Kong flight route, JuneYao Airlines’ flight route network has spread to 41 large and middle sized cities both at home and abroad. With a fleet size of 17 aircrafts, and over 400 million yuan in profit, JuneYao Airlines delivered a satisfactory answer sheet for 2010. In June, JuneYao Airlines was awarded “21 Future Star - The Most Growth-oriented Emerging Enterprise” and “Outstanding Brand Prize for Influencing China”. In December, JuneYao Airlines became “The Most Welcome Airline Company in the Year”.

  • Performance of Wuxi Commercial Mansion Group recorded significant growth

    Wuxi Commercial Mansion Group recorded superior performance in 2010, its maximum market value was 1.6 folds that of 2009. The enterprise has gathered momentum in its development; its performance has improved significantly. Wuxi Commercial Mansion continually improved diversified operation strategy, aiming at “developing regional strength and market expansion” chain development target, it has introduced “Grand Orient Department Store” chain operation brand. Wuxi Commercial Mansion also successfully promoted Oriental Auto’s expansion strategy and brand structure adjustment, and kicked off brand-new Oriental Auto Town project.

  • Signed agreement to become Global Partner of Xi’an International Horticultural Expo

    On December 10, JuneYao Group signed agreement with the Executive Committee of 2011 Xi’an International Horticultural Expo in Shanghai to become the global partner of 2011 International Xi’an Horticultural Expo, and obtained the highest class privileges as franchise product full range manufacturer and retailer qualification for Xi’an Horticultural Expo. Since participating in Olympic franchise operation project in 2005, JuneYao Group has successively become operator, sponsor and global partner of a number of top class domestic and international events including Beijing Olympic Games, World Expo Shanghai, and Xi’an International Horticultural Expo.

  • The World Foreign Language Schools quickened pace of globalized education

    The World Foreign Language Schools actively took part in international education exploration, deeply participated in course leadership, minor foreign language teaching, course innovation and practice projects, quickened steps to promote globalization of Chinese education sector. In July, World Foreign Language Primary School joined Shanghai Education Delegation to accompany Han Zheng to Beijing, and listened to instructions on education work by Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao. in November, World Foreign Language Middle School joined hands with French schools, the World Foreign Language Middle School added new members to its international sister schools. In December, World Foreign Language Primary School PYP Department passed IB organization’s international annual inspection.

  • domestic hotel channel goes online
       fully optimized website interface and service functions, so as to provide users with fast and convenient online order service. In order to better serve the World Expo. also introduced brand-new domestic hotel channel, after the upgrading its number of online hotel products reached more than 13000, covering 600 plus cities nationwide.