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  • JuneYao Airlines achieves steady growth to boast the youngest aircraft fleet in China

    In 2012, JuneYao Airlines openedits first international flight route ——from Shanghai to Phuket,, and introduced 8 new aircrafts, expanding its fleet size to 30 aircrafts, with average service life of only 2 years, and the rapidly growing JuneYao Airlines boasts the youngest aircraft fleet in China. In an airline company service survey report released on October 22, JuneYao Airlines ranked 3rd in overall assessment of “Best Airline Company”. On July 24, JuneYao Airlines passed stringent examination to formally become the member of IATA.

  • JuneYao Group issued 1.5 billion short-term financing bill for the first time

    On May 28, JuneYao Group collected short-term financing bill registration certificate with a total amount of RMB 1.5 billion yuan from the National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors, which marked the first attempt of JuneYao Group to obtain financing in inter-bank capital market, indicating the high level of acknowledgement from market investors toward JuneYao Group. In the future, JuneYao Group will have bigger platform in the capital market.

  • JuneYao Group was awarded the “Outstanding Enterprise Award” of China CSR ranking

    JuneYao Group marched steadily toward “Century” target, and in the ranking list published by the China Enterprise Confederation and Shanghai Enterprise Confederation, it ranked 165th in Top 500 Service Industry Enterprises in China, 43rd in Top 100 Enterprises in Shanghai, 3rd in Top 50 Private-owned Enterprise in the Service Industry in Shanghai.

    In the CBN China CSR Ranking released on December 14, JuneYao Group was awarded the Outstanding Enterprise Prize, and Chairman Wang Junjin promised that: JuneYao Group would adhere to the idea of “JuneYao is ours, it also belongs to the society”, sustainably develop century enterprise, sustainably perform social responsibility, and become a beneficial cell for promoting social development.

  • Wang Junjin was awarded the “China Guangcai Undertaking Medal”

    At the Third Session of the Fourth Board of Directors of the China Society for Promotion of Guangcai Programme convened on May 28, Wang Junjin, Chairman of JuneYao Group, was awarded the “China Guangcai Undertaking Medal”.

    At the Hubei Province CPPCC “Two Advanced One Excellence” Commendation Meeting convened in July, Wang Junhao , President of JuneYao Group was awarded the title of “Outstanding CPPCC Delegate of Hubei Province” .

  • Grand Orient Co., Ltd entered the 10th year after listing, transformation for breakthrough

    The year 2012 marked the 10th anniversary of the public listing of Grand Orient Co., Ltd, in this year, Grand Orient Co., Ltd started transformation to seek further development, implemented globalization, quality orientation and fashion trend for brand combination, the cultural marketing continued to improve, its standardized management construction centering on internal control system and comprehensive budget received initial results. In the first year of Grand Orient Haimen Store after its opening, sales performance broke new records repeatedly, making it a new fashion landmark in Haimen area. The Orient Auto New Town was fully put into use; high-end brands headed by Porsche entered the New Town. Sanfengqiao Food fully built up premium raw material base to speed up the pace to develop new products.

  • The first simulator in Chinese private airline company inaugurated in JuneYao Airlines

    In September, the first domestic flight simulator of private airline company was launched in JuneYao Airlines Simulator Training Center. As the first self-purchased full flight simulator of a Chinese private airline, it is able to improve training guarantee and safe operation quality. In November, JuneYao Airlines’ second flight simulator was also put into use.The two simulators can provide 12000-13000 hours training time each year, capable of providing training for 1000 pilots.

  • JuneYao Group fully promoted the standardization construction of party building

    The year 2012 is a “Grassroots Organization Construction Year” determined by the CPC Central Committee, and it is also JuneYao Group’s “Striving-for-excellence” activity year. The Group’s CPC Party Committee highlighted branch construction, and focused efforts on solving prominent problems, it compiled and distributed “Execution Manual for Party Workers”, aiming to fully promote the standardization and systemization construction, which enhanced branch’s execution ability, cohesion, and combat efficiency, popularized “promotion & upgrading”, and drafted 5 “Five Star Branch” recommendation name lists, 10 Striving-for-Excellence “good” branches, as well as 11 Striving-for-Excellence “satisfactory” branches. 9 model branch secretaries and 15 outstanding CPC members obtained the title of “Striving-For-Excellence”. The CPC Party Committee also distributed “On The Way ——CPC Party Branch Striving-for-excellence Project Collection”, which continually reflected the systemization, standardization and refinement of the party building work.

  • 32 DP graduates from the World Foreign Language Middle School received invitations from 135 world famous overseas universities

    On April 5, the second batch graduates of the DP Department of the World Foreign Language Middle School spent a memorable day.On this day, the School congratulated them on finishing IB international course with outstanding performance and being admitted into world top-class universities. 32 graduates received enrolment offers from 135 overseas universities, in which more than 1/3 are world top-class universities, such as Stanford University which ranks fifth in the US, McGill University which ranks top in Canada, The University of Melbourne which ranks second in Australia, and Durham University which ranks fifth in UK.

  • World Foreign Language Primary School was awarded the title of “National Featured School”

    In July, the National Featured School and Featured Education Advanced individual Commendation Meeting was held in Beijing, and the World Foreign Language Primary School was awarded the title of “National Featured School” conferred by the Ministry of Education for its positive exploration and pioneering practice of globalized education in the national context. In December, China Private Education Association Middle and Primary School Specialized Committee acknowledged the education feature achievements of the World Foreign Language Primary School, and awarded it the title of “Model School with Special Features”. In the 25th Odyssey of the Mind Tournament held in Shanghai, China, in March, students from PYP Department of the World Foreign Language Primary School demonstrated superior innovation ability and team work spirit to beat other student teams from many countries and regions worldwide and emerged as final winner.

  • JuneYao Jinjiang International Hotel became the “Top Ten Starred Hotel in Yichang”

    On February 23, Hubei Province Yichang City Tourism Work Meeting commended the advanced units and individuals in tourism industry in 2011. At the meeting,Yichang JuneYao Jinjiang International Hotel was awarded the title of “Upgrading” Advanced Unit for Yichang City Tourism Enterprise due to its accreditation of national 5-star hotel, meanwhile it was also selected as the Top 10 Starred Hotel in Yichang City.