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  • Secretary Han Zheng Investigated JuneYao Group

    On October 15, Han Zheng Shanghai Municipal Party Secretary and a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee investigated JuneYao Group. He thanked JuneYao for its contribution to the development of Shanghai in all these years on behalf of the municipal government and appraised JuneYao Group to be “practical, low key and effective”. He also advised that the four central constructions in Shanghai require the enterprise participants to proceed from the market and from the perspective of competitiveness, and the municipal government should fully support the development of such enterprises. This year, Li Xi, the deputy party secretary of Shanghai and Zhuang Congsheng, a member and the vice president of All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce have come to JuneYao Group for investigation.



  • JuneYao Group Continued to ranked 6th among “Shanghai Top 100 Private Enterprises”

    JuneYao Group seeks stable development in transformation. Following the top 6 Shanghai private enterprise in terms of scale last year, JuneYao Group continued to rank 6th in the Shanghai Top 100 private enterprises with a business income of RMB 14.1 billion, 44th in the Shanghai Top 100 enterprises, 219th in the China Top 500 private enterprises, and 175th in the China service enterprises.

  • Wang Junjin Was Elected as the Deputy to the National People’s Congress

    In March, Wang Junjin President of JuneYao Group, was elected as the deputy of 12th National Congress to attend the “two conferences” held in Beijing. He actively executed his duties and offered advice and suggestions. He submitted three proposals and one bill on further relaxing access to stimulate the private investment, preparing regular balance sheet of state, building deposit insurance system and arbitration law which were taken seriously and responded by NDRC and People’s Bank of China.

  • JuneYao Airlines Took a Substantive Step towards Internationalization

    JuneYao Airlines has maintained a safe record and a performance of sustained profit since the opening of flight. The newly added Bangkok, Chiengmai, Cheju, Gangwon-do and many other international routes signified the substantive step of internationalization. In November and December, non-stop flights from Shanghai to Kaohsiung and Shanghai to Taipei were opened respectively. In July and November, two brand new airbus A321 planes were imported, forming a fleet of 34 planes. In the Continental Airlines Company Service Test Report released on the CARNOC website, JuneYao Airlines ranked the 3rd in the first-quarter comprehensive evaluation, won the title of “Best Airline Company for Boarding Order” and “Best Airline for Waiting Time at the Counter Check-in” in the second quarter and ranked the 5th in the third-quarter comprehensive evaluation. Its ground service won the title of “Best Continental Airlines”.



  • JuneYao Group Rushed to the Rescue of Ya’an

    On April 20, Ya'an was hit by an earthquake, and JuneYao immediately extended a hand to the earthquake relief work by using its own advantages according to the characteristics of the industry. JuneYao Airlines opened a green channel for relief materials. On the morning of 21st, the first batch of materials arrived at the disaster area. JuneYao Airlines has shipped 6 batches of emergency relief supplies weighing 18 tons to the disaster area for free. To make a timely delivery to Ya’an, JuneYao Dairy produced a batch of JuneYao dairy products worth RMB 1.28 million by working overtime. In October, JuneYao Group invested RMB 6 billion to continue its assistance in the construction of the Three Gorges Reservoir to transform the old city of Yichang covering an area of 600,000m2.



  • Education Practical Activities on Mass Line and Ideals and Beliefs were implemented in an all-round way

    On October 30, the ideals and beliefs seminar for national non-public ownership economic personage was held at the Great Hall of the People. Yu Zhengsheng, Chairman of the CPPCC attended the seminar and delivered an important speech. Wang Junjin, Chairman of JuneYao Group and other 5 entrepreneurs who have outstanding performance in the practical activities on ideals and beliefs made typical speeches. Wang Junhao, President of JuneYao Group submitted the articles of the “private entrepreneurs and Chinese Dream” series based on his experience during the education practical activities on ideals and beliefs to the CPPCC of Hubei Province. The party committee of the group initiated a wide range of research activities. The mass line education practical activities with an objective of “serving the enterprise, servicing the party members and serving the mass” included visiting the subordinate 27 general branches/branches of JuneYao Airlines, Shiwai Primary School, Shiwai Middle School, etc. Nearly a hundred party members and cadres listened to the advice and suggestion. 30 service programs of building service-oriented party branches were started.



  • Shiwai School Launched High Quality Education Brand for the First Time

    In April, Shanghai Shiwai Primary School was set up in Hangzhou and was named “Hangzhou Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School”. On September 2, the first batch of 93 new students in Grade One was enrolled. Based on the completion of high quality compulsory education, the school also introduced international programs and bilingual teaching philosophy. In May, Shiwai Middle School and Shiwai Primary School respectively signed a commissioned management agreement with Xuhui Education Bureau to trust Kangjian Foreign Language Middle School and Kangjian Foreign Language Primary School in order to promote the balanced development of high quality resources.

    In November, on the 20th anniversary ceremony of Shiwai Primary School, Wang Junjin, Chairman of JuneYao Group and Chairman of Shiwai Primary School solemnly promised: “Build a Century-Old Famous School, and Realize World-Class Quality”



  • The “Grand Orient” Celebrated its 25th Anniversary with Excellent Performance

    In September, the Grand Orient Co., Ltd. celebrated its 25 anniversary and proposed the development objective of “studying the situation, seizing the opportunities and conducting self-cultivation”, making constant adjustment, improvement, innovation and transformation and seeking new development. In the list of “Top 500 Chinese Service Enterprises” published in September, Wuxi Commercial Mansion Grand Orient Co., Ltd. ranked 262nd with a business income of RMB 7.5 billion in 2012.In the list of “2012 Top 100 Dealer Group of Chinese Auto Dealer Industry”, the Orient New Era under the Mansion Group ranked 31st, becoming a shortlisted enterprise for the “Top 100 National Automobile Industry” in three consecutive years.



  • 1st Workers’ Congress of JuneYao Group & JuneYao Airlines

    On January 19, the first workers’ congress of JuneYao Group & JuneYao Airlines was grandly held. Over 200 staff representatives attended the congress. In the congress, the “2012 JuneYao Group Administrative Report” was discussed, deliberated and passed; the “2013-2013 JuneYao Group Collective Contract”, “Special Collective Contract to Protect the Rights and Interests of Female Employees”, “2013-2014 JuneYao Airlines Collective Contract” and “Special Collective Contract to Protect the Rights and Interests of Female Employees” were signed.



  • Old Brands of JuneYao Dairy Revived, Werdery Became the New Market Favorite

    With increasing sales of JuneYao Dairy, the old brands have made new breakthroughs. JuneYao Werdery has become a new market favorite, resulting in short supply for 7 consecutive months. To satisfy the market demand, JuneYao Dairy produced its products in 4 factories in Yichang, Bengbu, Jilin and Zhejiang at the same time. The sales of dairy production doubled compared to that of last year and the annual business assessment goals were completed 4 months in advance.