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  • JuneYao Airlines was listed on the A share mainboard

    On May 27, 2015, JuneYao Airlines was listed on the mainboard of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

     In October, JuneYao Airlines published notice to announce private placement of 3.5 billion yuan, which would be used for expanding fleet size, and buying flight simulators, making deployment in tourism O2O market, and organizing “Taolvxing”. In December, its fleet size reached 50 aircrafts, leaping forward toward medium sized airline company, annual carrying capacity reached 9% of total passenger turnover in two Shanghai airports; in September, its big screen advertising lit up the Times Square in New York. In 2015,Huarui Leasing, a subsidiary of JuneYao Airlines, formally started operation, aiming to boost JuneYao Airlines’ development in financing and leasing field. In this year, JuneYao Airlines received “Top 500 Asian Brand”, “Best Aviation Service Innovation Award of the 9th Chinese Brand Festival”, “Emerging Airline Company Most Preferred by Frequent Flyers” honorable titles. In November and December, JuneYao Airlines ranked top in punctuality rate among domestic airline companies published by the civil aviation sector.

  • Shanghai Huarui Bank opened

    On May 23, 2015, Shanghai Huarui Bank formally opened. As one of the first batch of private banks in the nation, it is the first private bank in Shanghai founded with JuneYao Group as the chief initiator.

     Registered in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, at its inception Shanghai Huarui Bank established the strategic positioning of “Serving small & micro enterprises and the mass, serving scientific and technological innovation, serving free trade reform”, the “Gong Chuang Dai” product it developed was shortlisted in financial innovation new cases of the Free Trade Zone, the Bank’s core system received “Best Innovation Project Award” from the world famous IDC (International Data Corporation); in November, in order to promote steadfast and compliant operation by private banks, and better serve the real economy, as an initiator, Shanghai Huarui Bank joined hands with the first 5 private banks nationwide to sign and release the “Development Convention of Chinese Private banks”. Its asset size topped 20 billion yuan; and it set up Shanghai Huarui Bank CPC Party Committee.

  • Participation in state-owned asset reform for restructuring of AJ Group

    On September 30, 2015, JuneYao Group signed equity transfer agreement with Shanghai International Group, the second biggest shareholder of AJ Group, signaling its new identity as shareholder of AJ Group.

     With 36 years of history, AJ Group is the first private enterprise in the People’s Republic of China in the real sense established along with CITIC Group and Everbright Group in the early days of the Reform and Opening-up, in order to better carry forward the “Patriotic Construction” mission of AJ Group, reinstate AJ as a private company, JuneYao Group signed equity transfer agreement with Shanghai International Group, the second biggest shareholder of AJ Group, under the agreement Shanghai International Group would transfer 7.08% equity of AJ Group to JuneYao Group, the total transfer price is 1.865 billion yuan, on December 25, this equity transfer agreement received approval and finished registration of stock transfer.

  • Foundation of Century Enterprise was further consolidated

    According to its planning for modern service industry, JuneYao Group fully embraced “Internet+”, added emerging industries, strengthened original businesses, further enhanced industrial chain, and further consolidated the foundation of Century Enterprise.

     It cultivated new businesses including financial business and Huarui Financial Technology, Junbang New Material, and Windfind Technology. As the enterprise credit improved, it was given Class AA credit rating by authoritative institutions, and obtained approval to issue 4 billion yuan SCP (Super & Short-term Commercial Paper). It ranked 42nd among Top 100 enterprises in Shanghai, and 5th in Top 1000 private enterprises. The real estate project kicked off, in December, Shanghai Kangqiao plot successfully tried pile test; the renovation project of Yichang’s biggest shanty town with land area of 580,000 sqm entered construction execution stage.

  • Joining forces with Disney and SMG for resurgence in the creativity industry

    In December 2015, JuneYao Group cooperated with Disney to introduce the global debut of new product Red Packet New Year Gold Package in Shanghai, signaling its resurgence in the creativity industry following the Olympic Games and the World Expo.

     In January 2015, we signed agreement with Disney China to unfold multiple-dimension cooperation in product authorization, commercial retail, and themed special exhibitionfields. In June, the Disney personalized stamp designed by its subsidiary JuneYao Creativity won the bid to become the first Disney stamp authorized by Disney China for circulation by the China Post; Meanwhile, JuneYao Creativity signed framework agreement for cooperation with SMG Group, signed framework agreement for cooperation on merchandise retail business with, carried out cooperation in cross-border shopping, mobile video shopping, and O2O experience shopping.


  • Performing responsibility to create value for society

    The Group’s Party Committee guided corporate culture through party construction, and introduced “Party Member Studio” project among grassroots party organizations, created new platform of study, service, and growth for party members, 14 party member studios put out shingles in two batches, in July, it was shortlisted in Category A party Construction Project of the Shanghai Social Affairs Committee for 2015. There emerged advanced groups of JuneYao Airlines Flight Department represented by “Li Guokun Party Member(Teaching) Studio”, the Flight Department received Shanghai Municipal Model Worker Collective title.

     It received “CSR Best Employer Award in China 2015”, “Top 500 Chinese Brands with Cultural Influence 2015”, and “Brand with Highest Sense of Social ResponsibilityInfluencing China 2015” honorable titles, Chairman Wang Junjin performed his social responsibility by resuming the post of Vice President of the China Society for Promotion of Guangcai Program. Wang Junjin compiled 6 proposals by himself during the third annual session of the National People’s Congress in Beijing, and took part in 8 proposals.President Wang Junhao initiated the establishment of modern Confucian Businessmen Research Association in Wuhan, Hubei, aiming to deeply explore the current-day value of modern business culture and new route for building Century Enterprise.

  • Jiuyuan Airlines per seat/km cost led the industry

    After starting formal operation, Jiuyuan Airlines strived to improve operation ability, Guangzhou departure PLF (passenger load factor) remained above 95%, punctuality rate in the 4th quarter ranked top in Guangzhou, whole year per seat/km cost created industry leading standard.

     By the end of the year, it has introduced 5 brand-new Boeing aircrafts, and opened 12 domestic flight routes. Adhering to the essence of low-cost airline aviation service, it focused on mobile Internet direct sale, introduced three ticketing platforms of mobile phone end APP, WeChat public platform and official website. As the first low-cost airline company in Central China and South China, Jiuyuan Airlines takes root in the Pearl River Delta, radiates to Southeast Asia, boosts China’s “low-cost aviation” development strategy, and promotes the construction of transportation network in China and Southeast Asia.

  • School running in diverse forms boosted balanced development of education

    By relying on superior education resources and Internet information technology of the World Foreign Language Middle School & World Foreign Language Primary School, it boosted balanced education development, after the Hangzhou Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School received excellent word-of-mouth reputation, it intensified efforts in spreading education brand. It respectively signed cooperative school running agreements via opening and custody models with institutions in Jiading, Jinshan, Qingpu, and Pudong in Shanghai, and Ningbo in Zhejiang.

     Meanwhile, it is also pushing forward construction of smart education in an orderly manner, by relying on informatization means such as the Internet, it dedicated itself to offering education courses and technology development consulting, aiming to create superior online education platform. As another key measure for boosting balanced education, up till now it has contributed 8 million yuan to set up “JuneYao Teaching Award” in Xuhui in Shanghai, Dujiangyan in Sichuan, and Kashi in Xinjiang, a total of over 1000 teachers in the three places have received benefits.

  • “Werdery” added new product to bring double profit


    JuneYao Food boosted “Werdery” diet therapy family concept, its whole year performance doubled, recording profit of 120 million yuan, up by 200% on Y-o-Y basis.

    New product “Six Nuts” recorded brisk production and sales. It joined hands with Disney to introduce “Drink Werdery to Win Disney Grand Prize Activity”. On the basis of upgrading lactic acid bacteria drinks, the new version “Six Nuts Cozy Home Chapter” advertising and the “Xianyi Lactic Acid Bacteria Home Sport Chapter” advertising represented by Wang Liqin were launched on more than a dozen satellite TV stations including Dragon TV, Shenzhen Satellite TV, and Shandong Satellite TV, it also newly added naming of seasonal programs like “Mama Mia” of Dragon TV, “Hello Baby” of Tianjin Satellite TV, “Senior Wang & Junior Wang” of Jiangxi Satellite TV, accomplished product placement into CCTV Channel 1 prime time slot TV drama “Two Families in Wenzhou”, “Werdery” was awarded “The Most Trusted Brand Influencing Chinese Consumers in 2015”.

  • Grand Orient received Mayor Quality Award

    In December 2015, Wuxi Commercial Mansion Grand Orient Co., Ltd received “Wuxi Mayor Quality Award 2015”, making it the only company in the commercial sector to be awarded this honor.

     As the leader of Jiangsu Province’s retail industry, the Grand Orient is constantly exploring new approaches of transition in the highly competitive market, in 2015, automobile and food divisions quickened pace to deploy “Internet+”. In June, the Grand Orient published notice of private placement, intending to increase investment in the construction of “Automobile post-market integrated service O2O platform” and “Sanfengqiao Food O2O integrated service platform”. In December, Golden Spanner 1.0 of automobile post-market integrated service online platform formally went online, the first offline store of Wuxi Dongfang Shanggong opened. Furthermore, general merchandise marketing flourished, in July and September it respectively held two big events of “2015 Mid-Year Carnival” and “27th Anniversary Celebration”, which prepared a feast of “shopping” in Wuxi. It fulfilled the targets of gathering popularity, lifting performance, and creating word-of-mouth reputation, making it a real brand feast.