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At the same time of industrial development, JuneYao Group has been actively bearing the responsibility of aid to people in need. It has invested over 100 million yuan successively in a variety of charitable activities and philanthropy.

After 2008 “5 • 12 " Wenchuan earthquake: the JuneYao Airlines of JuneYao Group together with the Fosun Group, Jet Li One Foundation, the Alliance of China Corporate Social Responsibility, the Oriental Morning Post and other enterprises, and the media and social welfare organizations voluntarily sent the jacks, medicines, tents, food and other urgently needed supplies to the disaster area to build a line of air rescue with the donated money and goods totaled 6.5 million yuan.

The "8•8 " Taiwan Typhoon: 1 million yuan were donated.

In 2010 "4•14" Qinghai Yushu Earthquake: 20,000 boxes, worthy of 1.26 million yuan milk and 1 million yuan cash were donated.

20013 “4.20” Ya’an Earthquake: JuneYao immediately extended a hand to the earthquake relief work by using its own advantages according to the characteristics of the industry. JuneYao Airlines opened a green channel for relief materials. On the morning of 21st, the first batch of materials arrived at the disaster area. JuneYao Airlines has shipped 6 batches of emergency relief supplies weighing 18 tons to the disaster area for free. To make a timely delivery to Ya’an, JuneYao Dairy produced a batch of JuneYao dairy products worth RMB 1.28 million by working overtime.


 Journey of JuneYao Airlines: The JuneYao Airlines of JuneYao Group has launched several times of charitable activities of Journey of JuneYao Airlines for several consecutive years: Qingdao hand in hand charitable activity, Shanghai & Hubei love outreach activity, Dujiangyan hand in hand activity and the “small moon” activity for aid the affected children in Sichuan ...

Paired-off support: the Group carries out the paired-off support with Zhanglian village, Liantang Town, Qingpu District in Shanghai for many years and sends students subsidies and consolation money for dozens of needy families and elderly persons of no family in Zhangjiabang and Zhangdong neighborhoods in Xuhui District.