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Twenty events in twenty years
  • 2011-06
    JuneYao Airlines implemented shareholding reform, and determined development plan for the “Twelfth Five Year Plan” period.
  • 2010-12
    After JuneYao Airlines opened its first international (regional) flight route: Shanghai to Hong Kong nonstop flight route, its flight route network has covered 41 major and middle-sized cities both at home and abroad. JuneYao Airlines became the “Most Popular Airline Company of the Year”.
  • 2010-03
    Member of the National Committee of CPPCC Wang Junjin attended the national “Two Sessions”, and met General Secretary Hu Jintao.
  • 2009-09
    Based on the four criteria of “Responsibility, Contribution, Innovation, and Influence”, JuneYao Group unfolded its first “Century-old Enterprise Outstanding Builder” appraisal activity.
  • 2008-12
    “Prize-awarding Ceremony for Private-owned Enterprises Serial Accomplishment in 30 Years of Reform and Opening up” was held in Beijing. JuneYao Group was awarded “Outstanding Accomplishment Prize for Private-owned Enterprises in 30 Years of Reform and Opening up”.
  • 2007-09
    The signing ceremony for senior sponsor of World Expo 2010 Shanghai China logo franchise production was held at Shanghai Marriott Hotel Hongqiao, Shanghai JuneYao (Group) Co., Ltd formally signed agreement to become one of the first batch of World Expo senior sponsors.
  • 2007-04
    JuneYao Group held a brand globalization news release conference, and formally announced its new logo. Chairman Wang Junjin said at the news release conference that it would strive to develop JuneYao Group into a globalized century-old enterprise in modern service industry.
  • 2006-09
    JuneYao Airlines HO1125 flight, a fully loaded brand-new Airbus A319 aircraft sprayed with auspicious red color, took off from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and successfully landed on Changsha Huanghua International Airport in Hunan, signifying the complete success of the maiden flight JuneYao Airlines, JuneYao Group finally fulfilled its dream after 15 years.
  • 2005-08
    JuneYao Group reformed Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle School and Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School into private-owned school.
  • 2005-08
    JuneYao Group reformed the system of Hubei Wuhan Hanyang Real Estate Co., Ltd, and later changed its name to “Wuhan JuneYao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
  • 2004-12
    Shanghai JuneYao Group completed acquisition of Wuxi Commercial Mansion Co., Ltd (600327); JuneYao Group formally entered the capital market.
  • 2004-11
    JuneYao Group’s main founder Wang JuneYao passed away due to illness. Wang Junjin and Wang Junhao took over the leadership. The new Board of Directors of JuneYao Group was announced to the public, and Chairman Wang Junjin pledged: “JuneYao brand remains unchanged, and its social responsibility remains unchanged”, JuneYao Group achieved smooth transition.
  • 2004-06
    CPC JuneYao Group Co., Ltd Committee was founded; it is the first party committee of private-owned enterprise directly under the Municipal Social Work Party Committee in Shanghai.
  • 2002-10
    JuneYao Group successfully acquired Shanghai “Jinhui Building”, and renamed it as “Shanghai JuneYao International Plaza”.
  • 2002-03
    With approval from CAAC, JuneYao Group purchased 18% stock of China Eastern Airlines Wuhan Ltd to become the first private-owned enterprise to invest in the national civil aviation industry in China.
  • 1999-12
    JuneYao Group acquired 270 mu land in Kangqiao Development Zone, Pudong, Shanghai, and held ground-breaking ceremony, the Group’s headquarters formally entered Shanghai.
  • 1995-05
    Established Wenzhou JuneYao Group Co., Ltd, a group style operation pattern has taken shape.
  • 1994-06
    Founded Wenzhou JuneYao Dairy Company, and JuneYao Dairy started its business.
  • 1992-08
    Set up the first domestic private-owned chartered flight company: Wenzhou Tianlong Chartered Flight Co., Ltd.
  • 1991-07
    Open the first private chartered flight route from Wenzhou to Changsha.