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Jiangsu Wuxi Commercial Mansion Group Co. Ltd. was restructured to become a wholly state-owned company by Wuxi Commercial Mansion (founded in 1986) in December 1995. The Group acquired No.2 Department Store of Wuxi City in March 1997, and was listed by Wuxi Government as a Key Enterprise Group with asset authorization operation in August, 1998. In September 1999, the Group invested the operating assets and founded Wuxi Commercial Mansion Co. Ltd. In August 2004, SASAC of state council approved the restructuring of the Group to be the private holding company and the controlling shareholder is Shanghai JuneYao (Group) Co. Ltd.

Major share control subsidiaries: The key enterprise of Wuxi Commercial Mansion Grand Orient Co., Ltd. (the original company name was “Wuxi Commercial Mansion Co., Ltd." and was renamed to be the present name in September 2007). In June 2002, it offered 40 million public shares of IPO, and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange with the securities referred to “grand orient” (formerly the Securities was referred as the "mansion shares” and as changed to the present name in April 2011) and the stock code of 600 327. After several times of equity changes, current registered capital is 521,711,813 yuan and the company has a 43.15% controlling stake.

Since its foundation in 1995, the Company has always implemented the development idea of growing big and strong. With keen determination on innovation, emphasis on development and focus on efficiency, the Company strives to build a platform for sustainable development, and it has become a vibrant business conglomerate covering department stores, car dealers, home appliance chains, supermarkets, import and export trade, catering services, e-commerce and other new types of business. The sales income exceeded RMB 10 billion in 2013.

The Grand Orient, a holding subsidiary of the company, owning three operating buildings(including Grand Orient Department Store, Yinchun Department Store and No. 2 Department Store) in the most bustling central business district of Wuxi City, is the most famous large-scale retailing enterprise in Wuxi City. 2011 was the year for “Grand Orient Department Store” to launch chain development projects. In June, “YiKooTon”, a children-themed department store integrating “general merchandise, education, entertainment, catering and experience”, was built and opened; on October 1, the first cross-regional chain store “Grand Orient Department Store Haimen Store” formally opened for business, which filled a void in the high-end general merchandise market in Haimen, Nantong.

The auto sales business of the Company is centered on the Orient Auto (Town) and the New Era Auto. The company has 4S shops of more than 40 brands, which makes it the largest auto sales service provider in Wuxi. Its sales volume is expected to reach RMB 6 billion (excluding tax) in 2013.

The company’s food business relies on the brand of "San Feng Qiao", the most famous local specialty in Wuxi, centered on the Wuxi pork ribs to vigorously promote the brand awareness through “brand reputation building”. It develops toward the vacuum-packing food, fast food, leisure food, travel food through “industry extension building”. It also expands toward supermarket and hypermarkets, the Shanghai-Nanjing-line market and tourism market through “market expanding building” to make it become the first enterprise with “China time-honored brand” qualification.

Both Oriental Home Appliance Chain and the Oriental Baiyi Supermarket, the company owned subsidiaries rely on the advantage of local business to maintain their good reputation and reinforce their local advantage. Of which, the Oriental Home Appliances, by virtue of good positioning on the local special products operating, stands out in a number of national chain brands to win the best performer position in Wuxi appliance business counterparts for many consecutive years.

The company has the import and export operation license and is ranked in the forefront of nation-wide export earning enterprises of domestic trade enterprises for many consecutive years.

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