Compensation & Benefit

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Adhering to the entrepreneurial philosophy of people-oriented, service to the community, we not only provide employees with the competitive salary, but also provide them with relatively improved benefits. The wide coverage payroll system that matches with the job functions and a flexible benefits system constitute jointly the JuneYao Group's compensation and benefits system, which is associated with the long-term mutual interests of every employee and JuneYao Group.

In addition to providing staff the statutory benefits prescribed by the State, we also provide staff with personalized company benefits with strong incentive and protection feature, such as:

  • Paid leave
  • Care of family matter
  • Care of family matter
  • Company benefits in consideration of the needs of employees
  • Covering commercial insurance for employees
  • Greeting cards and flowers on quarterly birthday parties and birthdays of employees
  • Welfare of major festivals 
  • Commendation of “Outstanding Builder of Century-old Enterprise”, “Outstanding Employee” and “Excellent Team”  

  • Health examination
  • Other ......