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In order to have more healthy and comfortable life of people, we are committed to creating values beyond image and becoming an international outstanding century-old enterprise of modern services. This is the corporate mission of JuneYao Group and is also the goal that each JuneYao people strive for.

Centered on this corporate mission, all enterprises of the Group are doing their best to provide customers with differentiated services to meet customer needs.

JuneYao Air has done a unique job, in terms of hardware, to offer the new aircrafts, the widest spacing, adjustable head rests and more comfortable cabin layout; in terms of software, it is striving to transcend constantly; the implementation of the new Membership Rewards program let passengers feel more distinctive attentive services.

9 Air sticks to low cost mass-oriented model, clearly divides up basic air transport service and other services, insists on enabling customers to only buy services they need, so as to keep the prices of flight tickets to the lowest level. Jiuyuan Airlines continually introduces 9 yuan, 99 yuan, and 199 yuan serial discount price tickets on its flights, and consistently cuts profit to reward passengers.

Wuxi Commercial Mansion Limited has developed from a traditional commercial enterprise with the single-unit operation and single type of business to a dynamic commercial enterprises group with the operation strategy of “one body, two-wings” that is centered on the Grand Orient Share (600327); it is accompanied by department store retailing, automobile sales and services, food and beverage businesses, covering the retail department store retailing, automobile sales, home appliance chain store, supermarkets, import & export trade, food & beverage services, e-commerce and other new types of businesses; to provide local citizens of Wuxi with a one-stop shopping service.

JuneYao Dairy is the first enterprise in China that develops and manufactures long term effect sterile milk contained in plastic bottle. JuneYao Dairy sets R&D as its core competence and provides consumers a great number green and healthy food.

JuneYao Culture insists on focusing on creativity, through creation of themed retail and vertical integration of brand value chain, it directs international top-class matches (games) cultural event brands into consumer fields, so as to bring easily accessible themed culture experience to consumers.

Huarui Bank focuses strategic vision on “three services”: Actively serves the common mass, strives to make explorations to become “intimate bank for small/micro enterprises and the general public”; actively serves scientific and technological innovation, vigorously explores ways to become “growth partners for scientific innovation-oriented SME enterprises”; it actively serves the Free Trade reform, and makes conscientious explorations to become “cross-border financial service assistant for enterprises in the Free Trade Zone”.

Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary and Middle Schools introduces the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) curriculum, explores the open quality education model. The schools provide flexible and a variety of curriculum, under the premise to highlight the characteristics of Chinese language teaching; the Chinese traditional culture and education are penetrated with taking into account the international education, which is deeply loved by parents and students.

JuneYao Property is another important element for JuneYao Group in serving customers. Wenzhou JuneYao Hotel, a three-star hotel catering to foreign tourists, provides customers with a range of extended services in aviation, chartered bus, tourism, dairy products, etc. Shanghai JuneYao International Plaza is a modern 5A class office building. It is the first to introduce the advanced comprehensive international asset management concept, import the concept of energy management, and fully adopt the advanced high-tech network management technology widely used in Europe and the United States. The one-on-one distinguished special services provided allow enterprise employees to be more at ease in the operation. Yichang JuneYao International Plaza is a large scale comprehensive commercial real estate project with 5-star level hotel, multi-function theater and large shopping center, and it has enhanced the tourism supporting service facilities of the Three Gorges region. Wuhan JuneYao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. develops affordable houses to solve the housing problems of a large number of people in financial difficulties in Wuhan City.