JuneYao Education Award

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“What kind of world we left to the future generations depends on what kind of future generations we left to the world.” This speculative sentence points out the true meaning of “a long-range program must stand on the base of education”.

Development of education depends largely on the quality of teachers; only allowing teachers to fly up, they can take the children to fly to the wider world.

In order to provide modest means for China's educational cause, JuneYao Group has successively donated 3 million yuan to Shanghai Xuhui District, 2 million yuan to Sichuan Dujiangyan City to set up the “JuneYao Education Award ". These funds are mainly used to reward those teachers industriously working at the frontline and have achieved outstanding results with part of the funds for teacher training.

Since the establishment of "JuneYao Education Award", Hundreds of teachers in Shanghai Xuhui District and Sichuan Dujiangyan have won this award.