What kind of world we leave to our offspring
Depends on what kind of offspring we leave to the world

 “What kind of world we leave to our offspring to a great extent depends on what kind of offspring we leave to the world.”

In 2005, JuneYao Group actively responded to the strategic decision made by CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Shanghai Municipal Government to fully implement comprehensive education reform, and basically fulfill education modernization ahead of other regions in China; it invested in education undertakings, and participated in the education system reform of Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School and Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle School.

After entering education undertakings, JuneYao Group extended the “Century” concept to the education sector. Although education is not one of the industries operated by JuneYao Group, as an extended manifestation of its commitment to social responsibility, it intends to develop it into an education brand to sustain the continuation of social responsibility. While creating century-old enterprise, and developing itself into a sustainable enterprise, it also plans to build World Foreign Language Primary School and Middle School into sustainable “Century-old Famous School”.

JuneYao Group not only invests funds to improve teaching facilities and equipment, but also progressively improves teachers’ salary and benefits to encourage them to improve teaching quality. To explore diversified school operation models, JuneYao Group fully utilized social resources, and through introducing IBO International Baccalaureate Diploma courses, it developed a complete education chain covering PYP (Primary Years Programme, Grade 1 to Grade 5 in primary school), MYP (Middle Year Program, Grade 6 to Grade 10 in middle school), IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, senior high school and pre-college), which combines overseas advanced education model and China’s national conditions, and formed a

package of quality-oriented and opened-up modern teaching model with own distinct features, in order to cultivate high caliber talents with “Chinese heart and global vision”. These measures further strengthened and improved the globalized modern teaching models of the World Foreign Language Primary School and Middle School, reminded all social circles to pay more attention to non-government education, participate in non-government education undertakings, so as to promote the development of non-government education undertakings.

In 2013, JuneYao Group trusted two public schools in Xuhui District of Shanghai – Shanghai Kangjian Foreign Language Experimental Primary School and Shanghai Kangjian Foreign Language Experimental Middle School. JuneYao Group opened the “Hangzhou Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School” in Zhejiang Hangzhou, which was the output of high quality education brand of JuneYao Group to promote the equalization of high quality education resources.



Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School,set up in 1993, currently consists of three departments: the Local Department, the International Department, and the PYP Department (International Baccalaureate Organization Primary Years Program). The school has two campuses: the west campus (Local Departmet) which is located at No.56, Lane 101, West Guilin Street; the east campus, located at No.35, Lane 239, East Guilin Street (International Department and PYP Department). In September, 2009, the east campus will move to the No. 380, Pubei Road. There are currently 46 classes and 1338 students in all, 20 classes for the Local Department, 18 for the International Department and 8 for the PYP Department.

Directed by the school board, the principal takes full responsibility for school management. Wang Junjin, chairman of Junyao Group chairs the school board. Wang Xiaoping, the founder of the school is the vice chairman and is honored as one of the world's most outstanding people. She is also honored as a Model Worker by Shanghai Municipal Government and an Outstanding Educator by the State. Zhang Yueying, the general principal of the school, is the winner of “Xuhui Gardener” The school prides itself on being a qualified and competent faculty dedicated to education.

The school stresses on upgrading pupil's moral standards, raising their international awareness and cultivating their potential for further development. Importance is attached to their basic knowledge and capability. The ultimate goal is to lay a good foundation for the pupils who are expected to become well-educated international citizens with competitive strengths.

The PYP Department has been authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization in 2007. It’s the first Chinese-led IBPYP World School.

Located at 602 South Hongcao Road, Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle School (WFLMS) is a private school in Shanghai’s Xuhui District. The school has a beautiful and serene campus, exhaustive educational resources, an outstanding faculty, and is at the forefront of educational research and human resource management. The school bases itself on the principle of “active participation and diligent practice” and aims for fostering globally-minded modern Chinese students. WFLMS is educating the next generation to be balanced in ethics, mind and body, and to excel in world languages and computer technology. At present, the school comprises three branches which focus on the national curriculum, a bilingual curriculum, and an international curriculum, bringing together nearly two thousand students and over two hundred teachers from across the world. The World Foreign Language Middle School is an IB World School, and has received accreditation from the AdvancED organization.

In 1995, WFLMS blossomed into its original form. Taking root and flourishing in its first ten years, the school excelled in foreign language teaching, strived for distinction in administrative management, and built up a unique school culture, like a seedling growing strong and sturdy.

The school’s faculty and staff draw from a broad pool of experience and talent, continuing a tradition of excellence in teaching to this day. The school’s founding principal, Luo Peiming, was one of Shanghai’s first cohort of master teachers, a German language master teacher, and has been a visiting scholar to Germany. Principal Luo was known as a hard-working teacher with high expectations who devoted herself whole-heartedly to her chosen career and school. She has years of rich experience in both the teaching of foreign language and in school management. The current teaching staff at WFLMS is talented and devoted, and includes graduates of Peking, Tsinghua, Fudan, ECNU, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and other prestigious institutions, as well as Chinese returnees from abroad. The faculty also includes teachers from countries around the world, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Singapore. In recent years the school’s top educators have garnered awards in various teaching competitions, and experienced middle-aged and younger faculty are already making great contributions in and outside the classroom. Like a family, each year WFLMS fosters a tradition of teacher mentoring carried out in educational research small-groups and lesson preparation teams. In these groups, experienced and core educators help plan classroom research projects and pass on their specialized knowledge to new teachers. At the same time, the school organizes and supports teacher training sessions during winter and summer vacations as part of its professional development program.

The growth of World Foreign Language Middle School met a need for specialized foreign language instruction in west Shanghai. Since its founding, the strengthening and improving of students’ English and the exploring of other languages have been a target and standard for measuring the school’s success. It is notable that many of the innovative showcase classes unique to WFLMNS receive high marks from students and parents. For example, the school’s Chinese reading class has ignited students’ interest in extra-curricular reading by introducing traditional Chinese culture, comparing East with West, and integrating curricula to introduce the historical context in which the authors created their works. WFLMS’s own Information & Thought class emphasizes the guidance and development of student study-skills, improves student understanding of the workings of their brain, and stimulates both students’ creative and technical thinking. In the class, students learn speed-reading and memorization strategies, and are coached in creating mind-maps as a way to analyze, summarize and organize their conceptual understanding.

At Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle School, students concentrating in the national curriculum receive an outstanding education. In terms of high school entrance exam results as well as municipal key high school enrollment rates, WFLMS has consistently ranked among Shanghai’s top ten middle schools, and third in the Xuhui District. Students in the International Department (IB) are regularly admitted to top high schools in the United States and the United Kingdom; high-school graduates also go on to enroll in top universities across the globe.

The school’s educational vision is to equip our students to continue their education at first-rate high schools and universities, and to empower students to put their education into practice; it anticipates the integrated skills and abilities they will need to nurture when they step out into society and start their working careers. Our educational philosophy is fully reflected in our students—WFLMS graduates go forth as modern Chinese braving the world with confidence, integrity, and a spirit of cooperation; they excel not only in their use of the English language and technology, but also carry a spirit that is cultured, competitive and collaborative.

World Foreign Language Middle School: combining advanced thinking, a talented team, a unique curriculum, great achievements... inevitably attracting countless young scholars, becoming a hallowed garden of learning.

In April 2013, Hangzhou Gongshu District People’s Government cooperated with JuneYao Group to introduce Shanghai World Foreign Language premium education brand, and founded Hangzhou Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School (“Hangzhou World Foreign Language School”). Upon on-site inspection and appraisal by Zhejiang Province Education Department, in February 2015, it received formal approval for setting up Hangzhou World Foreign Language Expatriate Children School; in March of the same year, it was authorized by IB as PYP candidate school.

Adopting the school-running concept of “letting students walk to the world, letting the world enter the school”, the school sets up Bilingual Division and International Division, and implements small-class teaching. Bilingual classes are lectured by Chinese and expatriate teachers, integrating Chinese and Western education strengths, aiming to cultivate “educated and competitive international reserve talent”. The International Division is jointly lectured by Chinese and expatriate teachers in course teaching, it implements PYP project, places the focus on UOI course revolving around transcending-discipline subjects, rationally uses local teaching materials, aiming to cultivate life-long learner with international sentiment, challenging ability, and innovative thinking. After nearly 3 years, it has been awarded “Hangzhou Greening Model School”, “Hangzhou First Batch of Education Globalization Demonstration School”, “Hangzhou’s First Batch of International Understanding Education Featured Brand School”, “Gongshu District Safe Campus Demonstration School” titles. The school is dedicated to creating a globalized famous brand in Hangzhou education.

Situated on the bank of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, adjacent to the site of Gongshu District Government, the school enjoys superior geographical location. With 23000 m2 land area, 11000 m2 floor space of school buildings, and greening ratio topping 35%, the school boasts Bilingual Division Teaching Building, International Division Teaching Building, sunken integrated teaching venue and advanced teaching facility and equipment. The school has a high-credential, high-expertise Chinese and expatriate faculty team with strong service awareness. Expatriate teachers mainly come from European and American countries, Chinese teachers mainly come from Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang area.

Steeped in rich cultural atmosphere, the school features L-shaped school building in pink wall and black tile, presenting simple, unsophisticated and tranquil appearance. It develops the one-site two-campus pattern for Bilingual Division and International Division in natural layout, which both inherits traditional flavor and international aroma, enabling students to walk toward the world, and letting the world walk into the school.

Shanghai World Foreign Language Education Service Development Co., Ltd (“World Foreign Language Education Group”) is an elementary education well-known brand totally invested by JuneYao Group.

The World Foreign Language Education Group is dedicated to providing premium education courses, and technology development and consulting for domestic middle and primary school and education institutions, it single-handedly created Shanghai Shiwai Smart Education Science and Technology Co., Ltd (“Smart Education”), an online education platform loved by middle and primary school students, teachers, and parent via Internet. Against the macro background of informatization teaching, smart education builds digital platform to simplify back-end operation of classrooms, thanks to which teachers can spend more time having face-to-face interaction with students, improve project-based interaction method through digital learning tools.

Schools under the World Foreign Language Education Group also constitute core part of the World Foreign Language Education Group. Shanghai World Foreign Language School, Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School, and Hangzhou Shanghai World Foreign Language School all belong to JuneYao Group’s education business division. Meanwhile, Shanghai Tongkai High School, which was formally set up in September 2015 after being placed into custody of the World Foreign Language Education Group, and Shanghai Linggang Experimental School also joined this big family. In September 2016, Ningbo Shanghai World Foreign Language School will also open. In the future, the World Foreign Language School will open in Shanghai’s surrounding provinces and cities. These premium brick-and-mortar schools provided the soil for healthy growth and scientific development to create “online education platform that truly fit schools, students and families”.

“Supplying premium education service resources to the society” represents JuneYao Group’s aim of serving the society. The Group’s support provided powerful guarantee for planned and progressive healthy development of the World Foreign Language Education Group.