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JuneYao Dairy is a traditional business in the marketing services of JuneYao Group. In June 1994, JuneYao Group entered the dairy industry and gradually becomes a well-known brand in the industry. Making R&D as the core competitiveness, JuneYao Dairy strives to become a modern marketing service enterprise of asset-light type with abundant cash flow and provide consumers with more green and healthy food by building depth distribution platform and leading market brand. Being the first enterprise in China to develop and produce plastic bottle long-lasting sterilized milk, JuneYao has already had complete technical equipment and R&D competency to produce pasteurized fresh milk, sterilized fresh milk, yoghurt, lactic acid bacteria beverage and flavoured milk and has developed 40 varieties and specifications of 8 series, such as Tetra Pak, plastic bottle milk, AD calcium milk, roof-shaped packing, plastic cup yoghurt and beibeiniu. JuneYao Dairy has passed ISO9001 international quality system, HACCP food safety system and QS certification. JuneYao product has obtained titles of “national inspection-free product” and “green food”. In 2003, it was elected as the vice president unit of China Dairy Industry Association and was accepted as the official member of international dairy association.

With continuously increasing sales of JuneYao Dairy in 2013, the development of new brands gets new breakthroughs, for example, Werdery has become a new favorite of the market. JuneYao Dairy made production at the same time in 4 factories in Hubei’s Yichang, Anhui’s Bangbu, Jilin’s Huadian and Zhejiang’s Jinhua.

JuneYao Dairy will uphold the development concept of “modern agriculture for green and healthy products” to actively participate in the construction of new countryside and develop the green and healthy products based on the ecological agriculture; will continue to promote the enterprise spirit of “bold innovation and diligent entrepreneurship”, focus on the future economic development trend, absorb talents, optimize the knowledge structure of employees, build enterprise culture and implement modern enterprise management system and expand the business scope to carry out brand marketing, thus solidly promoting the all-round development of JuneYao Dairy in the food and beverage sector of China.

Better service, Better life.