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Shanghai JuneYao Creativity Co., Ltd. is a professional body under the JuneYao Group, focusing on the brand marketing of the cultural and creative industry. The JuneYao Creativity always centers on the idea creativity; through the building of theme retailing and the vertical integration of brand value chain, it connects the brands of the top international events and creative activities to the consumer field to bring them tangible theme creativity experiences. Up to now, the projects participated and operated by JuneYao Creativity include: 2006 International Athletics Golden Grand Prix Shanghai Station licensed Manufacturer and Retailer; Franchisee of the Third National Sports Conference in 2006; licensed Manufacturer and Retailer of 2007 FIFA Women's World Cup; Licensed Manufacturers and Retailers of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games; Licensed Products Production Senior Sponsor of 2010 Shanghai World Expo; the Global Partner of 2011 Xi'an World Horticultural Expo; the NBA Chinese Market Partner; the Exclusive Retailer of FIFA China Region and the Sole Distributor and Supplier of the F1 World Formula Greater China Region.In 2015, JuneYao Creativity focused on cross-sector commercial operation of top-class cultural brands, it unfolded all-round cooperation with Walt Disney (China) in multiple fields and multiple categories. Attempts were made in precious metal, retail, postal items, food, household categories respectively, which kicked off a new journey of cross-sector operation for sustainable development. JuneYao Creativity consistently adheres to creativity as the core of business, through creation of theme brands, vertical integration of brand value chain, it continues to link up international top-class game events and cultural brands to consumer field, aiming to bring easily accessible theme cultural experience to consumers.

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  • The Third National Sportsmeeting

Walt Disney (China)

April 2015, after receiving authorization from Walt Disney (China) Co., Ltd, the first batch of products were formally marketed, by December it developed more than 300 products in six categories.

June 2015, it released China’s first individualized stamp in Disney theme, which unveiled the curtain of stamp cooperation with Disney.

July 2015, it joined hands with Walt Disney (China) Co., Ltd to hold “Painting of Life” exhibition at the Shanghai World Financial Center, and became the only authorized agent of Disney Painting of Life, empowered to hold exhibitions in other cities in Mainland China.

October 2015, cross-sector retail brand “Magic Dream“ opened theme experience direct-sale store on East Nanjing Road. Disney product retail experience unfolded new trial.

December 2015, it introduced the first Disney Red Packet New Year gold product, a custom-made product exclusively for Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, attempt at cross-sector precious metal industry scored magnificent success.

December 2015, cross-sector retail brand “Magic Dream“ opened theme experience direct-sale store at Shanghai Yuyuan. Disney product retail experience was further improved.

December 2015, preparation for cooperative design with Disneyland was finished, which was ready for the opening of Disney in June 2016.

December 2015, it signed agreement of strategic cooperation with SMG and Oriental Pearl Tower, striking out a new step in cross-border brand cooperation field.

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The 29th Olympic Games was held at the China’s capital Beijing in August 2008.This Olympic Games set 28 sports programs with 38 sub-programs and produced 302 gold medals. During the Games, more than 20,000 athletes, coaches and officials from 204 countries and regions of five continents gathered in Beijing. Beijing Olympic Games has become an event that has the largest number of participating countries and regions in history and has achieved great success.

Beijing Olympics franchise business has made brilliant achievements. The program is to produce, manufacture and sell the products bearing Beijing Olympic logo, mascot and the Chinese Olympic Committee commercial logo under the authorization of Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee. The franchise companies make contributions to the Olympic Games by paying royalties.

JuneYao Group was authorized in 2005 by Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee to become the franchisee and retailer of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Among a number of enterprises participating in the Beijing Olympic franchise business, JuneYao was the only one that had three categories of products being authorized, namely toys, embroidery and headwear, and was also the only enterprise with a dual-identity of a franchisee and licensed retailer in three categories. JuneYao Group has opened a number of Olympic licensed merchandise retail stores in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Henan, Guizhou and other provinces and cities. The dual-identity of JuneYao Group in the Olympic franchise business laid a solid foundation for the success of Olympic licensed programs.

In the Beijing Olympic licensed product categories, the mascot toys occupied a relatively large market share. Since the inception of Beijing Olympic licensed products in the market at the end of 2005, JuneYao people have been constantly analyzing the prospect of the Olympic market and the consumption direction of consumers. With the increasing number of consumers in demand, we accurately positioned the product lines of Olympic licensed products in a timely manner. We categorized Beijing Olympic mascot toys into such three product lines as the standard image type, theme type and derivative type. Through such clear positioning, the three lines have given their full play in the market. The plush stuffed toys with Fuwa image became a classic type of products in the Beijing Olympic licensed products, while other derived products from Fuwa such as hanging ornaments, stickers, backing blocks, etc. gave consumers a more diverse choice. Through ongoing exploring efforts of JuneYao people, in a short period of one and a half year, the company has established 30 standard product lines, nearly 10 theme product lines and nearly 50 derivative product lines, developed 125 types of products for the Olympic Games and opened more than 60 franchise retail stores, which has made a positive contribution to the Olympic events.

In the Olympic licensed products business, Junyao Group responded positively to the call of "Green Olympics, Scientific Olympics and Humanity Olympics" of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, adhered to the promotion of the Olympic philosophy and the Olympic spirit, and achieved a win-win situation in both business value and social value.

World Expo

The World Exposition (Expo), sponsored by the government of a country and participated by a number of countries or international organizations, is a big international exhibition that shows the latest achievements or the latest understanding of the countries and international organizations in social, economic, cultural and technological aspects of human beings. The 2010 World Expo in China Shanghai is a comprehensive Expo held in a developing country for the first time in the history of the World Expo. Shanghai World Expo is a grand event to explore the city life of human being and also a symphony with a melody of "innovation" and "integration", a splendid dialogue of human civilization.

The 2010 World Expo held in Shanghai is the largest and longest international exhibition event hosted by China so far. Shanghai World Expo was held from May 1 to October 31, 2010, lasting 184 days. Shanghai World Expo Park is along both sides of the Huangpu River, covering a total area of 5.28 square kilometers. The theme of Shanghai World Expo is “Better City, Better Life”. It is another major event following the Olympic Games in Beijing with more than 200 countries and international organizations participating in the exhibition and more than 70 million person/times of visitors.

In September 2007, JuneYao Group became a contracted senior sponsor of Shanghai World Expo. JuneYao Creativity Company has designed and manufactured 13 categories of 500 models of products for the Expo, including apparel, headwear, precious metal products, gifts, toys, bags, stamps, clocks & watches, household glass products, household ceramic products, household metal products, household plastic products, bamboo, grass and rattan products. JuneYao Creativity Company opened a total of more than 20 franchise retail stores. The majority of products designed and manufactured by JuneYao Creativity Company are the mass-market licensed products in the Expo. In the Expo Summary Meeting, the company was awarded the Marketing Gold Prize by the Expo Bureau, has made outstanding contributions for the "successful, splendid and unforgettable" Expo and won the dual-harvests of brand and benefit.

Horticultural Expo


In the afternoon of December 10, 2010, Shanghai JuneYao Group and the 2011 Xi'an World Horticultural Exposition entered an agreement in Shanghai, allowing JuneYao Group to officially become the first signing private enterprise of Xi'an World Horticultural Expo global partner, and secure the highest level of permission to be the whole-category producer and retailer of Xi'an World Horticultural Expo licensed products.

Xi'an International Horticultural Exposition was held at Xi'an Chanba ecological zone from April 28 to October 22, 2011, lasting 178 days. The total park area is 4.18 square kilometers with a water area of 1.88 square kilometers, the largest both for park and water area in the history of International Horticultural Exposition. The visiting tourists is expected to be 12 million people/times. Junyao Group actively seized this post-Shanghai Expo opportunity, by virtue of the successful experience in serving Olympic Games and Shanghai Expo, gave full play to the advantage of the private enterprises to better publicize and promote the International Horticultural Exposition with quality products and services and further support China’s development strategy in the west .

JuneYao Creativity Company has designed and produced 165 products for the International Horticultural Exposition currently, of which the plush stuffed toys - mascot Changan Flower is very popular. There is one Regular Chain opened respectively at the Xianyang Airport and in the Park.

In order to better reflect the theme vision of “eternal peace & harmony between nature & mankind, nurturing and recreating the future earth — peaceful and harmonious coexistence of city and nature”, JuneYao Creativity Company continue to give play to its experience in licensed product design, production, operation and management and advantages in resources to develop and create novel, high quality, affordable products licensed by Xi'an World Horticultural Expo to meet the needs of more consumers while communicating the "Green leading the fashion “concept of Xi'an World Horticultural Expo.


The NBA is the highest level of basketball league matches in the world and is the abbreviation of the National Basketball Association, which was established in June 6, 1946.

There are nearly 400 million basketball fans among China's 1.3 billion population with more than 30 million people/times watching NBA games weekly and over 3 million people/times in average browsing NBA's Chinese official website daily. NBA's influence in China is unparalleled, especially after the joining of two stars Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian. NBA’s popularity in China is increasing at an alarming rate.

In 2008, JuneYao Group and the NBA formed a long-term strategic partnership in China, and NBA also authorized JuneYao Creativity Company to be the exclusive operator of “NBA store” project in mainland China. JuneYao Creativity Company work closely with the authorized product management department of NBA to freely design, develop, produce and sell all kinds of NBA’s products with multi-channel cooperation. Currently, two parties are actively exploring the development cooperation of the “NBA lifestyle” project. JuneYao Creativity Company has invested a lot of energy and resources in cooperation with the NBA, in the near future, more NBA theme experience shops will emerge across China.


FIFA is the abbreviation of the Fédération international de football association and is referred as “Guo Ji Zu Lian” in Chinese. It is an international football organization, composed of the various countries’ football associations and headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. FIFA World Cup is the world's most popular event; the television viewers of the 2006 World Cup in Germany reached a record 500 million persons/times.

FIFA has set up an official FIFA sporting goods store at Changi Airport in Singapore in 2008, so that fans now have the opportunity to buy a unique soccer-related products. The establishment of the regular chain is of great significance for all the football fans and the fashionable youth as this has provided them a unique source of FIFA series of goods. The production inspiration of these commodities is all from the past, present and future football matches.

JuneYao Group has secured the right to exclusively operate the FIFA official store at the end of 2008 and is permitted to sell FIFA official licensed products in China. The products involve apparel, toys, hats, bags, badges, etc., including those related to 2010 World Cup in South Africa and 2014 World Cup in Brazil. It can allow those soccer-loving fans to be able to experience the passion of a World Cup in advance.


F1 is the abbreviation of “FIA Formula 1 World Championship “; the full name is the" FIA Formula One World Championship”, which is one of the internationally recognized top three global sporting events parallel to the Olympic Games and World Cup.

JuneYao Group has become the contracted exclusive supplier and retailer of F1 brand products in Greater China region since December 2006. The authorized products involve 14 categories, including apparel, dress, bags and leather goods, stationery, souvenirs, personal belongings, car accessories, etc. In just one year from 2007 to 2008, JuneYao Group expanded to nearly 30 exclusive stores across the country, introducing the F1 licensed products to the vast number of consumers. JuneYao, by virtue of its strong development team and rich franchise operation experience, has introduced nearly a thousand products to the market, covering fashion clothing, well-designed business gifts and the lovely fleet mascot, allowing consumers to be able to experience the passion of F1 race car in the F1 terminal shop.

FIFA Women's World Cup

2007 FIFA Women's World Cup was a sports event organized by Federation International de Football Association (FIFA) and co-sponsored by the China State Sports General Administration and the Chinese Football Association. As the host country of 1991 FIFA Women's World Cup, the first FIFA Women's World Cup, in 2007, China once again held such large-scale event successfully. The 2007 FIFA Women's World Cup took place in such five competition areas as Shanghai, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Wuhan and Chengdu from September 10 to 30, 2007, of which Shanghai held the opening and closing ceremonies as well as the opening game and the final game.

JuneYao Group has won the retailing permission of Women's World Cup licensed products and the product development permission of apparel, accessories and stationery, etc. JuneYao Group has opened three official stores in the competition cities of Shanghai, Wuhan and Hangzhou. At the opening ceremony of the FIFA Women's official store located in Shanghai Shimao Department Store, Xue Li, Executive Secretary of the FIFA Women's World Cup Chinese Organizing Committee & Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Football Association; Qiu Weichang, member of FIFA Women's World Cup Chinese Organizing Committee, Secretary-General of the Shanghai Competition Area Organizing Committee and deputy director of Shanghai Sports Bureau; Chen Gang, the signing singer of SONY and Sun Wen, spokesperson of 2007 Women's World Cup exclusive stores and licensed products, the super star of Chinese Women’s Football Team attended the ribbon cutting ceremony.

JuneYao Group played a promotional role in the operation of Women's World Cup licensed products and the success of this event, made its own contribution to the broader dissemination of the event, at the same time, also laid a solid foundation for the cooperation with the FIFA.

Gold track and field league matches station competition

Shanghai International Athletics Golden Grand Prix was founded in 2005 with the licensed products launched in 2006. JuneYao Group was the only enterprise to develop, produce and make on-site sales of the licensed products of the Golden Grand Prix appointed by the Grand Prix Organizing Committee. According to the features of the Prix, JuneYao Group focused mainly on the development and production of such categories as T-shirts, hats, purses, etc. and made sales at the Golden Grand Prix competition venues, athletes stations, News center rand “Sports Carnival " and other Golden Grand Prix-related theme activities site.

Through participation in the licensed projects of Shanghai Golden Grand Prix, JuneYao Group has experienced continuous exploration and trials in the major international sporting events and cultural activity brand licensing business and extended its coverage to the athletics events and obtained the invaluable experience on operating the top international short-term professional programs.

Better service, Better life.

The Third National Sportsmeeting

The Third National Sports Assembly (hereinafter referred to as TNSM) was a sport event held in Suzhou in May 2006, which was organized by the State General Administration of Sports and the All China Sports Federation and supported by the Suzhou Municipal Government. The Sports Assembly is one of the country's three major sporting events on a par with the National Games and City Games.

With the professional advantages engaging in the franchising business of the Beijing Olympic Games, JuneYao Group participated fully in the franchise business of TNSM. It used its own rich design resources to focus on the development of such categories as plush stuffed toys, lighters, crystal and glass products, offering the general public and audiences a choose of licensed products. At the same time, JuneYao Group vigorously built the sales channels around the host city of the event and the surrounding areas, including the mainstream supermarkets and the grocery retailing stores in Suzhou’s downtown area, Kunshan, Zhangjiagang, Taicang, Changshu and Wujiang cities.

Through the in-depth participation of the franchise business of TNSM, JuneYao Group has effectively accumulated experience of operating franchise business of similar events. Meanwhile, the sales of licensed products represented by TNSM mascot plush toys made more people who have an eye on TNSM and love body-building exercise to fully appreciate the elegance and charm of TNSM that has many featured projects.

Under the guidance of the Group’s "The 12th Five-Year Period" development strategy, JuneYao Creativity Company is advancing steadily as always in the creativity industrial development, theme retail building and the vertical integration of brand value chain and will keep up the good work for the strategic goal of building a century-old enterprise in the modern service industry!