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Juneyao: Flourishing June
ReleaseDate: 2007-01-12

January 12, 2007, United Times,   Pan Zhen

"My father taught us to do things by touching our hearts. I could not keep up with by brother anyhow"

They are three brothers: the first Wang Junyao, the second Wang Junjin and the third Wang Junhao.

Father, as said by Junjin, is an "absolute farmer" and is "absolutely kind-hearted". When the 37-year-old son said "My father taught us to do things by touching our heart", he gravely placed his right hand on his heart. He remembered the original words of his father were " hold the palm size place on the chest”, that is to say when they do anything, and they should have their conscience. Afterwards, when the three brothers went out for earning living, they have been always bearing in mind the teachings of his father.

On the eve of the 1989 Spring Festival, Junyao was bumping on the return home of the rugged mountain boarding on a bus and complained that “the bus is really slow”. The fellow beside him said: "the aircraft is fast, you can go to have a chartered aircraft heading home!” A thoughtless sarcastic word actually ignited an "audacious" dream. Young Junyao thought the land can be contracted; the bus can be contracted, why the aircraft can not be contracted? He blurted the words out as he was thinking. The family laughed at his nonsense, at that time, even buying an air ticket required a proof of the county/regiment level! Whereas, he was not discouraged and made planning for a long time by himself, then he went to markets, went to government departments to communicate. After more than half year’s hard work-secured over 100 stamping on the paper, he finally contracted the route of Changsha - Wenzhou.

July 28, 1991, a "Soviet -24” airliner took off from Changsha and smoothly landed in the Wenzhou airport, marking China's civil aviation history was rewritten by a 25-year-old migrant worker. The local media reported: "Cangnan young farmers Wang Junyao, Wang Junjin, et. al jointly founded the first private air charter company to carry out air scheduling with no aircraft in hand ..." more than 400 flights nationwide have been contracted by them in a short period of time, the country's first private charter company - Wenzhou Tianlong Charter Co. Ltd was born, making China’s aviation history to open a new chapter from now on. The foreign media wrote the move was an encouraging step of "China Civil Aviation to expand opening-up, China's private enterprises will gain more healthy development". United States "New York Times" made comments on Wang brothers "superhuman courage and boldness, and other pioneering entrepreneurs with enterprising spirit, may lead to the take-off of China’s private economy."

One day after contracted the aircraft, two brothers accidentally read a message: China was the only one country in the world with the annual liquor consumption in excess of milk, and less than 7 kg of milk consumption per capita. They gained inspiration again: in the increasingly rich China, there will be more and more people know the benefits of milk, milk presented tremendous business opportunities! Thus, JuneYao Group Dairy Co., Ltd. was born in 1994. In the early summer of that year, "JuneYao” milk entered into thousands of Wenzhou households. Starting from the control of production base of the quality milk, JuneYao carried out a series of campaigns to “pull the national demands for dairy products”, and extended the shelf life of milk to six months through the high technology. In 1999, the Group invested over 100 million yuan in Yichang, Hubei Province to build a dairy production base with the annual production capacity of 80,000 tons and the annual output value of 600 million yuan. Today, “JuneYao" Milk has won the favor of the households across the country; JuneYao became a dairy giant now.

The three brothers worked together to create the cause of the JuneYao. Junjin is in charge of aviation business and Junhao in charge of the dairy business. JuneYao Group was established in 1995. JuneYao headquarters moved to Shanghai in 2000. "Like many other business owners with a lot of money in hand, plus an annual earning of dozens of million yuan as well as a few times of abroad traveling, isn’t it a good life? However, when I arrived in Shanghai, like a grain of sand fell into a pile of stones, I felt I was too negligible. In Wenzhou, I can go everywhere with eyes closed, but I always got lost on the fly-over crossing in Shanghai. Why choosing here? Shanghai is very much like the New York in the United States with inexhaustible human resources and information resources." This is the reason for them to enter Shanghai.

When asking the difference between Junjin and his elder brother? He answered without hesitation: "I cannot catch up with him anyhow. There are too many things in him worth to learn for me…” whereas his subordinate’s answer is: Junjin “dreams bigger”.

“JuneYao is our JuneYao, but it is also a part of the society. The sound development of enterprises need harmony”

In November 2004, JuneYao died in his early age and Junjin took over the giant JuneYao kingdom helm and steered the company to go through the crisis, since then People are seeing a young leader with the same “baby face, full of passion", but more "boldness". Within two years, "JuneYao” has transformed from a family enterprise to a modern enterprise with the joining of professional managers; with its “JuneYao Airline”. It realized the “flying” plan starting from early 1990s, opening up a new era of China’s private air transport; through the integration of modern service industry with the original industry, the industrial transformation has been completed; through the exit from the “pure profit-seeking track”, to allow the enterprise to belong to the society.

When Junjin was affectionately recalling his brother, he said: "after my brother’s death, we have gone through a tough year. I deeply realized how important a company's brand is. Without the brand, the franchise right of Olympic Games can not be obtained; without the brand, we cannot get so much support from all sectors of the community. Thus, I deeply understand the commitment made by my elder brother that ‘JuneYao is our JuneYao, but it is also a part of the society’ and truly recognize the significance of making the enterprise to be a ‘century-old’ enterprise”. In the monthly internally-published "Junyao News", we can read such a headline: What to earn after making money? To earn the brand! It is obvious that the brand awareness has become one of the core values.

In December 2006, the State Council Three Gorges Project Construction Committee awarded Wang Junjin the honorary title of “Advanced Individual for National Pair-up Support to Three Gorges Project Reservoir Area Migrant Work”. This is the second time for JuneYao Group to win such an honor. The first time was in five years ago, the recipient of the award was Wang Junyao. In 2000, when having learned that his brother's commitment to investing in dairy industry in Yichang, Junjin did not understand: the traffic of Yichang is so inconvenient and the goods are unable to deliver to outside in the peak season, why to look for trouble? Since the 1990s, his brother started to donate money to Hope School, etc. He did not quite understand at the beginning: one time is half million yuan, another time is 1 million yuan, 2 million yuan, where to earn such amount of money easily! “In today’s point of view, what he had done is correct!” This understanding has obtained as early as Junjin’s taking over of the Group at the critical moment. Therefore, he announced at the beginning of his taking office that, following the "three no-changes" determined by his elder brother before his death: no change of the brand, no change of enterprise name and no change of community contributions. Six years have passed; the contribution to the Three Gorges of "JuneYao" can be summarized as: established two dairy processing production bases and a demonstration pasture, with total investment of nearly 200 million yuan, annual processing milk capacity of 120,000 tons, forming an agricultural industrialization leading enterprise integrating planting, breeding, deep processing and sales. The realized output value was 645 million yuan and the paid tax was 31.95 million yuan. The revitalized state-owned assets reached nearly 10 million yuan; dozens of supporting enterprises have been indirectly driven and revitalized, providing direct job positions for over 1,000 migrants and more than 5,000 job offers from the driven industry chain, of which, a lot of demonstration households taking lead in rich have appeared. JuneYao Group’s innovative action of Three Gorges investment for the improvement of migrant living conditions was introduced in the case of the United Nations Forum. “JuneYao” has become the first Chinese enterprise to join the UN “Global Compact” activities.

At the end of the year, Wang Junjin was elected as the first batch of "Shanghai Guangcai Star", and listed as the "Top 100 Persons of 2006 China Management” for the new concept of wealth characterized by the corporate social responsibility. At the same time, younger brother Wang Junhao received a “Special Contribution Award for Guangcai Cause” in Hubei Province and a prize medal of “Chinese Guangcai Cause” in Beijing.

Among existing 66 million yuan charitable donations, Wang Junjin is of most importance in the 10 million yuan donated in 2003 to set up the JuneYao Fund for “Graduate Students Volunteer Plan in Western China”. If donating 10 million yuan to a poverty-stricken county, it may be used out in a not long time. The 10 million funds have rewarded more than 30,000 undergraduates from eastern developed areas to the western poor area for assuming cadres or rural teaches. This is to reduce and eliminate ‘spirit poverty’, so the value created is huge!” Another project with great value is the “Social Responsibility Alliance of Chinese Enterprises” established recently. JuneYao in cooperation with Merchants Bank, IBM, Ping An Insurance, Vanke, Nokia, HP, TCL, the Southern Newspaper and some other 12 well-known domestic and foreign enterprises with a good sense of social responsibility to jointly initiate and found such a self-regulatory mechanism aiming to unite all sectors, through the government facilitation, non-governmental supervision and the enterprise self-regulation to promote China’s social responsibility building alliance. Since the preparation starting in April 2006, the alliance has been successfully carried out such activities as to send 100 teachers to the countryside, undertake the 100 rural teachers' salaries, send 100 rural teachers to go out for further studies and entertaine 100 rural children for visiting activities in Beijing and other big cities.

In 2005, Xuhui District was calling for tenders for the education restructuring of Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School and Middle School. At that time, Wang Junjin was pondering, instead of doing casual donations of hundreds of thousands yuan in one place or another, it should be better to participate in a long-term public welfare project commensurate with the “century-old JuneYao”. The concept of the “Century Old Famous School" appealed to him. Thus, “JuneYao” participated biding and won in the number of competitors. It took 60 million yuan to buy the intangible assets of two schools; the primary school could make both ends meet, but the middle school need some subsidies annually, which arose quite controversy within the Group. However, the chairman told: “we should not count how much investment, rather to see how many talents will be cultivated. It takes a hundred years to educate people; making the school become better and better is to accumulate virtue."There was something that could not understand for these private schools: tuitions were not increased, but teachers’ wages have gone up; there were no any enterprise colors visible in the schools; whereas, there were frequent meetings, frequent discussions on how to innovate and how to introduce the advanced foreign educational philosophy. The school quickly rolled into the track of healthy development ... "We will try our best to do more. The development of enterprises should converge with the social development and the sustainable development of enterprises also needs a harmonious society to protect it! “He obviously really understands this complementary truth.

Buddhism makes people have no concept of “small I”. Doing good deeds is to accumulate virtue for the future

I heard Wang Junjin believes Buddhism and asked him for confirmation.

"Buddha? I can not say I believe in Buddhism." He earnestly said, "I love to hear the master’s preaching of Buddhism and focus on the truth of life. That cannot be called believing in Buddhism. I go to the temple in the purpose to learn, to learn to have a broad mind, inclusive heart, mercy heart and the heart of thanksgiving. That is a process to increase the cognitive knowledge. Walking to those places more frequently is conducive to self-cultivation.” He had just visited the Longhua Temple to ring the bell on New Year's Day, "the wishes are from the heart, for himself, his family, the enterprise and the community.” He also went to Mount Wutai for the sake of Buddhism. “Whenever in the Buddhist shrine, the heart will gradually calm down; people have a very peaceful feeling. I'm not burning certain stick of incense; I burn the incense of my heart. "

”Buddhism makes people have no concept of ‘small I’, from ‘small I’ to ‘big I’ is to reach a kind of state.” He seemed to be muttering, "Actually, no matter what religion, as long as the original intention is to civilize the people, it should be a good thing. The key to going to the religious sites is to understand this original intention. Superstition has not to do with us, what we want is to comprehend the causes of things; the correct way of thinking is very important.” He continued, “People need something invisible thing to restrain him/herself, when acting, he/she must think about doing so is to leave the seeds of misfortune or to accumulate the virtue, while the good deeds is to accumulate virtue for the future.

He likes to share “what he has learned in his growth from the 1990s to today” in the JuneYao executives’ salon: to be a person or to do things need to devote particular care. The good or bad of an enterprise’s development is associate with today’s behavior---bad behavior will result in a bad future result; the good behavior is to save money for the future. Social responsibility will have return, but do something good is not to seek return. Both people and the enterprise should have reputation. If people think you are a good person and your enterprise is good too, they are willing and feel secure to cooperate with you. Therefore, he hopes everyone will do active saving for future.

"Such understanding is not coming from my in-depth study on Buddhism but coming from the accumulation in the cause of the company’s development. In these years, I have learned a lot of things and understood many truths.” He believes that the way of doing things may change, but one simple truth will not change, that is, the community needs high-quality people; the more there are such kind of persons, the better the community will become.

Such a tireless talk let me really know Wang Junjin’s eloquence. This EMBA graduate of the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business now is a visiting professor of School of Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. And his executives had been sent by the Group to the Jiaotong University for MBA study as early as in 2001. The staff training budget in the Group are several million yuan each year.

“The bigger the enterprise, the more like it is not yours. The happiest moment is when the ambitious goal is realized"

Once a time, when talking with employee on growth in "zero distance", one staff asked: "Chairman, are you happy? How can we work happily?" Wang Junjin answered: "Only if all employees are happy, I will be happy. If it is simply to make money, we do not need to make us so tired. But we have social responsibility, have ambitious goals, thus, although I feel tired, my spirit is good. For the sake of the social responsibility and our goals, we must have anti-pressure capability of transcending ourselves. The happiest moment is when one ambitious goal is achieved.

It is true, if the purpose is just like to make money, just pursue an easy personal life, there is no need to make the enterprises to be such bigger. "The bigger the enterprise, the more like it is not yours.” Wang Junjin fully understood. When you have 1 million yuan, it is yours; when you have 100 million yuan, it belongs to you partially, when it goes bigger, it will not belong to you.” He has no time to spend money and he is unwilling to spend large sum of money for himself. It is not due to unaffordable, but due to the unpredictable changes in the environment; the corporate need sustainable development, as a chairman, he feel pressure. Then, why to make it bigger and bigger? He said: “When it becomes bigger, we can undertake more social responsibility. If every company can bear little more social responsibility, the society will become a more harmonious one.”

Wang Junjin loves to play balls, such as golf. After a period of time of playing, he realized a truth: "Playing golf can adjust the mentality of the people, because entering each ball cannot be impatient. Like doing business, only if there is a good mentality with more time and effort, the business can be made better, bigger and stronger! "

I found that the eye-catching "JuneYao” logo on the business card of Wang Junjin is not same as before. Firstly, the blue and red color is replaced by green and orange – looks more fashionable, more symbolizing the color of hope. More importantly, next to that orange logo, you can see there is one “e” added into the name of Jun Yao, making it become JuneYao. Previously, when “JunYao” appeared in the global business arena, many foreigner could not pronounce Jun properly. In order to accommodate the needs of international development, Jun was changed to June recently. The added “e” in the middle, can be interpreted either as the E-era or efficient. While June itself is the name of a month.

Imagine the days in June on earth: it is warm, thriving, full of blooming flowers and trees, as well as vibrant, simple, joyful, take serious matter easily… Is it such a feeling what JuneYao gives people?