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Aggressiveness: The Symbol of An Era
ReleaseDate: 2008-10-14

October 14, 2008, Wenzhou Daily, Pan Xiuhui & You Haifeng

In 30-year history of the reform and opening up, only one word is used to describe Wenzhou people. This word is "audacious in the extreme".

Looking up at the vast sky, recalling the heroic undertaking of JuneYao’s airplane chartering, the history, like a wonderful symbol standing in the sky of the era, continues one after another legend of writing in the entrepreneurship and innovation of Wenzhou people.

An exceptional idea came out of the bus on the way to hometown

An exceptional idea of Wang JuneYao from Cangnan countryside has changed China's civil aviation history.

Wang JuneYao, with a few fellows who were doing business in Changsha, was on board on a chartered bus to Wenzhou. The trip is long and tiring, exhausted Wang JuneYao inadvertently said something: "The bus is really slow”. The nearby fellow quipped: "The aircraft is fast, you can go to have a chartered aircraft." Wang JuneYao, who dropped out at 16-year-old and made a living out of hometown, did not see this as a joke. He wondered, it could have chartered bus and the charted ship, why didn’t have a chartered aircraft? There were so many Wenzhou people living in Changsha to do business and Wenzhou people are the most practical. Taking the flight can save time, there must be some people to take the aircraft. Shortly after the Spring Festival, Wang JuneYao knocked the door of the Civil Aviation Authority of Hunan Province. When recalling the moment, Zhou Jiheng the former director of Transport Division of Hunan Civil Aviation Authority, said he was shocked by this young man's bold attempt.

"There was only the Soviet-24 aircraft at that time with only 48 passenger seats, but it will take 20,000 to 30,000 yuan for flying a round-trip, how could he pay for it? And it needs a proof of regimental level and above.” He said. But the chartering work ultimately succeeded by virtue of JuneYao’s courage and sincerity. Afterwards, Zhou Jiheng, together with two comrades in the bureau, came to Cangnan and visited the county government office. What gave his deep impression is, “this place is more open than other places. The county government unexpectedly issued a Guarantee, and I had kept that Guarantee in the drawer for several years." After having more than 100 seals stamped, the Wenzhou - Changsha air route contracted by Wang JuneYao finally opened.

A "Soviet-24" airliner took off from Changsha and smoothly landed in Wenzhou Yongqiang Airport on July 28, 1991. Wang JuneYao, who initiated the chartered airline business in the history of civil aviation of China, embarked his flying on sky dream from this moment.

"Audacious in the extreme" appeared at the Spring Festival Gala

When talking about the first chartered flight from Changsha to Wenzhou, the current chairman of JuneYao Group Wang Junjin who participated in the chartered flight matter with this brother Wang JuneYao recalled: “Originally, we three brothers intended to go hometown by taking that chartered flight, but the sales of air tickets were unexpectedly good, with 48 clients coming and reaching the full load of the Soviet-made aircraft. He and his younger brother Wang Junhao had to give up their seats for the clients. "

"With the feeling of both disappointment and excitement, watching the first charter flight taking off, he thinks this is a regret that should not be a true regret”. Wang Junjin said in an interview with the reporter.

Wang JuneYao hired someone to draw a trademark - a dragon head and the first private air charter company - Wenzhou Tianlong Charter Limited, was formally established in 1992. Within a few years, the chartered aircrafts of Tianlong Charter Limited changed from the 40-seats small passenger aircrafts to 200-seats Boeing aircrafts and the business increased from Beijing to Hong Kong, totaling more than 50 cities covered with over 400 flights a week.

The 71-year-old Xue Maolie, an old correspondent of Wenzhou Daily and the first reporter to report the establishment of Tianlong Charter Limited recalls: " When I heard he wanted to open a charter company at that time and I thought this was a very new thing with much news value, I immediately notified the Wenzhou Daily reporter and jointly wrote the report of “Make ‘air scheduling’ without owning an aircraft - Cangnan Farmers Founded Tianlong Charter Business Company”, which was published in Wenzhou Daily on April 6, 1992.

In the early 1990s when the private economy has not yet been recognized very much, a person originating from grass-roots can involve in the country's fully monopolized civil aviation industry, which could not be said it was not a feat.

Immediately, "audacious in the extreme" incurred various media reports and led to the academic discussion. The then U.S. "New York Times” commented: Wang (JuneYao)’s superhuman courage and boldness, and other entrepreneurs with the pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit, may lead to the take-off of China's private economy. "

In the following year CCTV Spring Festival Gala after the Tianlong Company‘s establishment, the host gave a riddle to the Chinese people all over the world with the puzzling question called "audacious in the extreme" and the answer of "Wang JuneYao”.

A new world came out of the chartering

Indeed, the journey of Wang JuneYao has indissoluble bond with the word of "breakthrough". This kind of outrageous move audacious in the extreme, like breaking through a forbidden zone, became a vivid interpretation of Wenzhou people’s "daring to be the first on earth" spirit.

Wang JuneYao once said, there are only things that want to do and don’t want to do, and there is no thing that is impossible if you want to do. By virtue of forward awareness gained from outside markets and the brave spirit, Wang JuneYao finally allowed the "whimsicality" to become a reality.

In March 2003, Wang JuneYao who was participating in the 10th CPPCC National Committee for the first time accepted an exclusive interview with the reporter; this was also the last time to accept a home media’s interview in his lifetime. In his hotel room, Wang JuneYao said with emotion: "the proposal in the Government Work Report to continuously complete the reform of the electricity, telecommunications, civil aviation and other industries really made me a hot heart. At the beginning when we took the risk to run the private business, whoever would have thought, just over 10 years later, the state would encourage us to develop. I think,when previous 'forbidden zone' has become the future development space, we only have to seize this hard-won opportunity with painstaking work spirit, we can better repay the community and repay the motherland.

Although Wang JuneYao died at early age in 2004 due to illness, the big operations in aviation sector and capital market of Wang brothers still keep going. In 2006, they founded wholly-owned Shanghai JuneYao Airlines Co. Ltd. and succeeded in becoming a controlling shareholder of China's first private aviation company qualified for flying operation - Okay Airways and becoming a joint shareholder of another civilian airlines - United Eagle Airlines.

Wang Junjin told the reporter that JuneYao Airlines was going to own its 10th aircraft soon. Plus the aircrafts in the holding company, he has more than 20 aircrafts in the hands. "I hope at some point of time, we can say, 'British has Virgin (the famous British Airways, reporter notes), and China has JuneYao'." Wang Junjin is confident and full of determinations to keep flying, and this is the best comfort for his early death brother. In the 1st session of the 11th CPPCC National Committee held this year, Wang Junjin submitted the meeting a proposal titled as "Five Recommendations to Facilitate the Civil Aviation Development”.

One scholar believed that the era in which Wang JuneYao dug his first bucket of gold was a microcosm where the private economy said good-by to the dispute era. The audacious story of Wang JuneYao also inspired and encouraged more Wenzhou people to practice their own "wishful thinking":

In 1995, Huang Yongbin, a farmer in Nantang Town, Yueqing City, solely invested 5 million yuan to build the seawall.

In 1997, Wang Rongsen, a self-employed female in Wencheng invested millions of yuan to contract the mining rights of 30 oil wells in Yan'an region.

In 1998, Yongjia youth Ji Zhanmin et al. jointly won the 12 years of operation right for Nanxi River Basin with 5.18 million yuan bid price.

In 2001, Yueqing large-scale farming farmers Chen Dingyou, Zhang Shaolin, and other 24 farmers undertook 63,000 mu grain fields by joint investment.

In 2006, Wenzhou person residing abroad Wang Weisheng acquired Middle East's first business television station - Asia Business Satellite television station, becoming the first Chinese to enter the television media industry in the Middle East.

In 2007, Wenzhou businessman residing abroad Hu Bin invested 28 million U. S. dollars to buy the "Shanghai Island" in Dubai World Map Island ...

The daring to venture Wenzhou people, with their astonishing perseverance and courage, created gradually the resources “out of nothing” for their own use so as to win the world acclaim.

Reporter's notes >>>

Standing at the node of the thirty years, reviewing the story of the “audacious in the extreme”, we still can touch the passionate pulse of Wenzhou people daring to innovate and good at to venture. If we say, Wang JuneYao, by virtue of his amazing courage and determination, created the legend of the "audacious in the extreme", then the subsequent series of vivid practices of Wenzhou people to “undertake land", “undertake sea”, “undertake river”, “undertake mine”, have interpreted Wenzhou people’s courage and ability good at "doing fantastic thing", and daring to “make something out of nothing".

Wang JuneYao has succeeded due to his boldness. This is the result of his daring to think and his capability, at the same time; it is also determined by the characteristics of his era. In today's increasingly mature market economy, when the "outsmarting" replaced " brave" and "forbidden zone” turned to "space", it is not enough by only boldness if we want to do something. If we read the "audacious in the extreme" legendary story of Wang JuneYao in another perspective, we may be able to get some new inspiration and explore the more suitable development path for our own.

Anyway, the "audacious in the extreme" story of Wenzhou people is the symbol of an era and the epitome of an era. It tells those young people who desire to be successful: as long as there is lasting ambition, daring to think and daring to do, the dream may be able to come true.