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Wang Junjin Suggested Deepening Reform in Monopoly Industries
ReleaseDate: 2012-03-09

March 9, 2012 , Shanghai Securities News ,By Wang Wenyan

“Over the past 30 years since the Reform and Opening up, in the previous stage Chinese private enterprises were basically developing on small scale; now, although the private economy has grown up, there is a lack of long-term effect for continual development. Once there is any change in the environment, enterprise development might be affected.”

During the Two Session period, Wang Junjin, member of the National Committee of CPPCC and Chairman of JuneYao Group, pointed out: Reform in monopoly sectors already lags behind the progress of economic development; industry rules and regulations have serious restrained economic development; and reform in some sectors must leave behind “ineffectiveness”, “lack of refinement”, and “lack of endurance”.

On the other hand, “the state government must promptly formulate related policies, remove restriction imposed on those doing business, and give benefits to those who do business. This is the key for promoting SME development in the current stage.” Wang Junjin said.

Take the “New 36 Articles” as an example, Wang Junjin pointed out, as there was a lack of detailed rules, private enterprises failed to experience any improvements in aspects such as market access, resource allocation and financing. Meanwhile, the current inequality between state-owned enterprises and private enterprises is still an important aspect affecting the development of private enterprises.

“The race between a small sampan and an aircraft carrier is obviously not fairly matched.” Wang Junjin cited an example in the aviation industry: Private airlines and state-owned airlines differ too much in terms of strength; new entrants have no historical resources, whereas most busy airports are in the status of strained resources, in this way how is it possible to reflect fair competition?