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JuneYao Group joined hands with Fosun Foundation and other foundations to offer aid to Ya An thousands of kilometers away
ReleaseDate: 2013-04-22

April 22, 2013

Shanghai 2013-04-22 (PRnews,cn)--At 8: 02, April 20, a violent earthquake measuring 7 on the Richter Scale hit Ya An, Sichuan Province. The disaster relief brooks no delay; based on industry features, and by utilizing its own advantages, JuneYao Group immediately offered assistance to disaster relief efforts. The Group actively collected drugs, tents, lifting jack materials urgently needed by the disaster relief efforts. The Group’s subsidiary JuneYao Airlines immediately kicked off after-disaster air lift emergency pre-plan; at around 12:00 in the night of April 20, it shipped the first batch of 62 lifting jacks (1.8 tones) urgently purchased by the Group and 268 anti-inflammatory drugs (2.4 tonnes) entrusted by the “Fosun Foundation”, totaling 4.2 tonnes disaster relief materials to the disaster zone. For a certain period in the future, JuneYao Airlines’ daily flights to and from Chengdu and Chognqing will continue to ship disaster relief materials such as lifting jacks, drugs, tents, and food for the disaster zone.

At 9: 09, April 20, only one hour after the earthquake, JuneYao Group President Wang Junhao said on his personal page of social network “I just heard from the news: An earthquake measured 7 on the Richter scale attacked Ya An, Sichuan. After 8 o’clock, mobile signal is poor, pry for safety. If anyone needs urgent materials, JuneYao Airlines can offer cargo hold for shipping free of charge.” While delivering the message, based on the experience in the rescue work of the “Wenchuan Earthquake”, JuneYao Group immediately organized personnel to buy lifting jacks, and contacted the Group’s subsidiary JuneYao Airlines to clean out aircraft belly hold. The company prepared to deliver shipment within the shortest time possible. Meanwhile, it organized and arranged free shipping of anti-inflammatory drugs urgently needed by disaster relief for the “Fosun Foundation”. Because Chengdu Airport was temporarily closed, JuneYao Airlines’ flight for shipping disaster relief materials was changed to Shanghai Pudong to Chongqing flight. At 19: 27, in the evening of April 20, Flight HO1247 carrying 4.2 tonnes of disaster relief materials took off from Shanghai, and landed on Chongqing Jiangbei Airport smoothly at 21: 56. The employees of Forte Chongqing under Fosun Group promptly shipped this batch of disaster relief materials to Chengdu by trucks, and finally employees of Forte Chengdu donated materials to Chengdu Red Cross Society at about 12:00 in the night. The local Red Cross Society made arrangements to deliver the shipment to the disaster site.

According to introduction, from April 21, JuneYao Airlines’ daily flights to Chengdu and Chongqing would give priority to shipping disaster relief materials, in the hope to make its contribution to the relief of the disaster zone. In order to ensure safe and punctual flights, guarantee smooth delivery of disaster relief materials, JuneYao Airlines promptly adjusted shipping capacity, reduced original cargo quantity to leave enough hold space for disaster relief materials. On the morning of April 21, onboard the HO1119 flight from Shanghai Hongqiao to Chengdu, there was another shipment of 1.7 tonnes of lifting jacks purchased by JuneYao Group bound for the disaster zone. In the evening of April 21, on JuneYao Airlines’ flight from Shanghai Pudong to Chongqing, there would be more disaster relief materials including tents and lifting jacks raised by President of JuneYao Group, Mr. Wang Junhao, through different ways being shipped to the disaster zone. Despite the lateness in the day, JuneYao Airlines had arranged relevant personnel in Chongqing Office and Chengdu Business Outlet to keep standby status 24 hours each day, give priority to cargo delivery after flight arrival, and immediately ensure disaster relief articles to be delivered to the disaster zone at the fastest speed.

For a certain period in the future, JuneYao Airlines’ daily flights to and from Chengdu, and Chongqing will continue to, free of charge, ship disaster relief materials urgently needed by the disaster zone such as lifting jacks, drugs, tents, food, etc donated by enterprises and foundations including Fosun Foundation, Jet Li One Foundation, and Chinese Federation for Corporate Social Responsibility.