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Wang Junjin: Blazing the Trail of Private Chartered Flight
ReleaseDate: 2013-11-29

October 29, 2013 Guangming Daily

“Had the tide of Reform and Opening up not wakened the entrepreneur spirit hidden in our body, I might still be a fisherman like my father’s generation.” Shanghai JuneYao Group Chairman Wang Junjin said, the generation of whose peers are the biggest beneficiary of the Reform and Opening up.

Wang Junjin was born in Dayu Town, Cangnan County, Wenzhou, his father’s generation were fisherman throughout the generations. At the beginning of the Reform and opening up, as the tide of nationwide participation in commodity economy emerged, the three brothers including Wang Junjin followed his townspeople to travel far away from hometown to do business. In 1990, the Asian Games was held in China, the three brothers of the Wang Family grasped this opportunity, and did small businesses trading flags, badges, and posters; low cost and massive demand quickly made them millionaires.

Carrying the first pot of gold, the three brothers of the Wang Family did a “first-of-its-kind” thing —— Contracting the Changsha-Wenzhou chartered flight route. By doing so, they became trail-blazers in the domestic private chartered flight business, which triggered a sensation. Back then some media described them as “heaven daring”, an idiomatic expression in the Chinese language suggesting a pun in this context.

“In fact, this is an opportunity created by the age, and there’s nothing surprising about it.” Wang Junjin said, “Back then ten thousands of Wenzhou natives travelled to all regions across the nation to do business, but inconvenient transport became a common worry, so many townsmen started car contracting business. If others can contract cars, then why can’t we contract airplanes?”

On July 28, 1991, the first chartered flight took off. Very soon, the number of chartered flight routes developed to over 50, at peak season there were 200 chartered flights each week; over the years it transported several dozen million person times in total.

“This incident greatly boosted our confidence. Several years back, we had been merely fishermen in the countryside, and never cherished the luxury thought of taking a flight to anywhere. Now we were doing flight charter business. We thought that we would certainly have a bright future if we persisted in doing our business.” said Wang Junjin.

In 2005, the State Council promulgated “Non-public Economy 36 Articles”, which further relaxed the restriction for private capital to enter the aviation sector, and made it possible for Wang Junjin to fulfill his dream of setting up his own airline company. In September 2006, their JuneYao Airlines successfully finished maiden flight to Changsha, making it one of the first batch of private airline companies to conquer the blue sky.

JuneYao Airlines progressively opened flight routes to old revolutionary base areas, areas inhabited by minority nationalities, frontier areas and poverty-stricken areas, flights to frontier and impoverished regions such as Shanghai to Liancheng, or Shanghai to Bijie. Those flights could hardly earn profit within a short period. However, Wang Junjin considered that being able to boost local economic and social development means it has social value, which will sooner or later expand the commercial value, as the local area developed, his flight route will certainly have a good market.

Today, JuneYao Group has developed into an enterprise group in the modern service industry dominated by aviation transport and commercial retail as main business, meanwhile engaged in cultural education undertakings. On such basis, Wang Junjin put forward the target of building century enterprise, he said: “The development of China in the recent several years has brought tremendous opportunities; this great age has offered vast space for everyone to fulfill their dream.”