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Wang Junjin: Cherish heart of calmness, heart of reverence, and heart of gratitude
ReleaseDate: 2013-12-15

 Recognize one’s weakness, avoid one’s inadequacy, continue steadfastly in down-to-earth manner, do not complain, do not give up, do not fear failure, so long as one has persistence and fortitude, one will find appropriate solutions, and ultimately attain one’s target.

CBN: What is the most unforgettable experience in your life?

Wang Junjin: There are quite many memorable experiences, for instance the takeoff of JuneYao Airlines, and achievements of our education business.

Among JuneYao Group’s business divisions, I dedicated most of my time and efforts to JuneYao Airlines, I even supervised many matter concerning small details, for instance each time when I take the flight service I will go to corners to look for dust, and check corners in the toilet.

In my mind, one dream is to become “Century Enterprise”, another dream is to create “Century Famous School”, in 2005, JuneYao Group invested in education undertakings, and particiapted in the education restructuring of Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School and Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle School. Today, these two schools are the only schools in China certified by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), with PYP (primary school), MYP (junior high school), and DP (pre-college) globalized education chain.

CBN: Whom do you admire most? What special qualities strike a chord in your heart?

Wang Junjin: I admire Liu Chuanzhi most, regardless of what difficulties, he remains persistent and dauntless; and Ma Yun, who is quick in thinking, resourceful, and audacious, what’s important is that what he thought and what he said have all come true.

CBN: What’s your motto?

Wang Junjin: I myself has put forward the two words of “Ambitious & Persistent”, meaning to establish clear and far-sighted life goals, be ambitious and persistent. At different stages, one should nurture different abilities, recognize one’s own weaknesses, avoid one’s inadequacies, continue steadfastly in down-to-earth manner, do not complain, do not give up, not fear failure, so long as one has persistence and fortitude, one will find appropriate solutions, and ultimately attain one’s target.

CBN: What do you dislike most?

Wang Junjin: Nowadays there is hardly anything that I dislike, all things have rules to go by, they are all parts of life, we must judge them with a calm mind. Nowadays I rarely fly into a rage, people must look at problems in the context of evolution of social development rules, as one’s thought matures and one’s mindset broadens, he will deal with things more calmly, and then nothing is worth feeling angry for.

CBN: What hobbies do you have?

Wang Junjin: In my spare time, I paly golf, have workout, walk, sport, basically I play golf twice each week, occasionally I practice shadow boxing.

CBN: How do you balance work and life?

Wang Junjin: I pay attention to combining work with rest, and let nature take its course like commoners, when I go home and have dinner when its time to go home and have dinner, go to a gathering of friends when there is a scheduled gathering, have a workout at weekend when the weekend comes.

CBN: Could you please tell us your favorite book (or several books), why?

Wang Junjin: There are many books that I love, for instance recently I read “E era of Finance”, which enlightens me in understanding financial evolution process and future development trend of finance. I am interested in some books that can see the general trend, expound economic rules, and discover realistic problems, books that can enlighten me and expound economic rules are all very good.

CBN: At the time of a crisis, what will be your solution?

Wang Junjin: When there is a crisis, one must keep presence of mind, and treat it rationally. Crisis has rules to follow, don’t feel it is complicated, we must try everything to defuse crisis. It’s normal to have some minor crises in daily life, the key is to minimize or steer clear of crisis, and make sure it does not turn into big crisis.

For JuneYao Group, the target is very clear, that is to become “Century Enterprise”, therefore we have made preparations, clarified the route leading to the target, and accomplished targets in stages. During this process, we make all system innovations, management innovations and model innovations that are aligned with Century Enterprise strucure, talent needs, and enterprise development, so as to enable the enterprise to keep up with the times, and acquire healthy, stable and sustainable development. The clearer we think about each stage, the thorougher we do the job, the better chance we will have in avoidomg risks and crisis lying on the road of enterprise development.

CBN: What kind of person are you, could you please give a self evaluation.

Wang Junjin: Most of the time I’m rational, but sometimes I will be emotional. I prefer to talk little and do more, watch while doing things, make summary while reviewing things.

CBN: What’s the most dreadful thing for you?

Wang Junjin: When you have confronted many problems, then few things will make you feel dreadful. Treat problems seriously, ensure timely absorption, it is more important not to let problems beomce your fear.

Personal Profile

Wang Junjin

●Chairman of JuneYao Group, NPC delegate, member of the Standing Committee of National Industry and Commerce Federation, Vice President of the Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce.

●Iconic figure in China’s civil aviation industry; in 1991 he founded China’s first private flight charter company; in 2002 he facilitated China’s earliest instance of private shareholder of company with airline as main business; in 2006 he founded China’s biggest private airline company.

●Led by Wang Junjin, JuneYao Group has developed a modern service industry group focusing on air transport and commercial retail as main busines, and involving education, and investment fields.