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JuneYao Group: Decade-long aid to the Three Gorges stems from innovation of agriculture-supporting model
ReleaseDate: 2015-01-07

 January 7, 2015

JuneYao Group always advocates “JuneYao belonging to us, belonging to the society!” CSR concept, actively acknowledges Guangcai spirit of “placing equal emphasis on justice and profit, justice takes the priority”, the Three Gorges aid project to which it contributed continual investment spanning over ten years is a typical case of JuneYao Group’s dedication to Guangcai project.

In April 1992, the Fifth Session of the Seventh National People’s Congress approved the “Decision on Building Yangtze River Three Gorges Project”, in 1993 as the Three Gorges project entered formal construction preparation stage, migrants in the Reservoir Area began relocation in an organized manner, subsequently, migrant settlement and migrant employment became a social issue concerning the success of decision-making by the state government. In 1999, JuneYao Group joined the “Guangcai Program Three Gorges Reservoir Area Tour” activity, which kicked off its continual aid to the Three Gorges Reservoir Area.

Over the past ten plus years, in migrant employment, bringing wealth to farmers, environment improvement, and industrial upgrading aspects, JuneYao Group combined capital, technology, talents, management advantages with the Reservoir Area’s resources and labor advantages, fulfilled mutual complementation of advantages, mutual benefit and reciprocity, and joint development.

Wang Jiahu and Ding Xuefeng couple who benefited from JuneYao Group’s “10000 Cow Breeding Household Program” walked onto the road of prosperity with their diligent work.

Innovating farmer-support model to accomplish common prosperity

In 2000, JuneYao Group constructed a large dairy product processing base in Yichang with a total investment of 120 million yuan, the focus was placed on helping solve employment difficulty for migrants of the Reservoir Area. With the completion of the dairy production base, the Group implemented “10000 Cow Breeding Household Program” in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, milk produced by dairy farmers was purchased by the base, whole-course follow-up service was provided for cow breeding. When dairy farmers lacked fund which made it impossible to kick off business, JuneYao Group offered guarantee, persuaded banks to provide loans, the loan repayment is deducted each month from the milk payment of dairy farmers; meanwhile, it also adopted farmer-benefiting measures such as buying insurance for cows with the government’s taxation subsidy. A series of measures from JuneYao Group innovated the agriculture-supporting model, removed the worry of dairy farmers. Numerous migrants received benefits.

48-year old Rang Yiquan is a farmer in the Guanzhuang Village, Xiaoxita Town, Yiling District in Yichang, in 1996, he migrated from Wushan to Guanzhuang Village to become one of the first generation of cattle breeders of JuneYao Group’s “10000 Cow Breeding Program” in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area. From 16 cows in 2000, to over 40 high-quality improved cows in 2007, Ran Yiquan is able to earn over 100,000 yuan each year.

By promoting innovative “company + base + farmer” model, JuneYao Group closely linked up company, base, and farmers to develop effective farm-supporting measure, and gradually developed into a leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization integrating breeding, deep processing, and sales. It not only boosted local dairy cow breeding industry, what’s more, farmers engaged in planting crops such as corn also created income and increased performance through adjusting planting structure and developing forage grass planting. The progress of the project connected upstream and downstream industrial chain, created direct jobs for over 1000 migrants, and brought extra employment to over 5000 persons in the industrial chain, it solved the employment difficulty of many migrants in a long-term stable manner. The construction of this project also rejuvenated state-owned assets worth close to 10 million yuan, and indirectly boosted and invigorated more than 10 supporting enterprises.

JuneYao Group Dairy Co., Ltd Yiling Industrial Park, is another key project invested by JuneYao Group at the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, this project is a key project of JuneYao Group Dairy Co., Ltd in its “Twelfth Five Yera” plan. It includes Phase I and Phase II. With a total investment of 110 million yuan, the Phase I of the project is a dairy new plant house with 60000 sqm land area; Phase II will invest 200 million yuan to construct JuneYao Dairy R&D Center and expand production line. Phase I of the Project was completed in October 2012 and launched into trial production. The new plant house has 12 production lines, daily average output capacity can top 200 tonnes, it is completely built according to the standard of modern factory, which offers higher guarantee for milk safe production. The completion of the project directly offered over 600 jobs, and enabled more than 100 local dairy farmers and dairy cooperatives to become rich.

A typical case of dairy farmer cooperative is the Wang Jiahua couple of Meiziya Village, Xiaoxita Street, Yiling District, Yichang City, Hubei Province; they have continually supplied milk to JuneYao Dairy for 12 years. In 2000, due to restructuring of his employer garment factory, Wang Jiahua, a former factory administrator, left his job and returned to his hometown not far away from Yichang downtown district, when hearing about JuneYao Group’s “10000 Cow Breeding Household Program” in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, as a “lover of breeding industry since childhood”, he discussed it with his wife Ding Xuefeng, with support from JuneYao Dairy, he raised 160,000 yuan to buy 10 dairy cows, and began to breed dairy cows, after 12 years, the initial 10 cows grew to 70 cows in the peak period, now there are still 44 cows, whose annual output value can reach around 400,000 yuan.

Investing in infrastructure to display new look of the Reservoir Area

JuneYao Group’s support to the Three Gorges Reservoir Area persisted and continued for a long period of time. In 2006, based on local needs, JuneYao Group placed investment highlight on improving investment environment. In the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, it invested 700 million yuan to build “Yichang JuneYao International Plaza” with a total floor space of 100,000 sqm, which served as a model of supporting facility for Yichang’s commerce enhancement and tourism service, and became Yichang’s landmark building. The Plaza integrates multiple functions of shopping mall, theater, and hotel, recruited over 1300 persons as employee, and provided startup platform for more than 100 local households. Wherein the JuneYao Jinjiang International Hotel formally passed the certification of the National Tourism Administration in April 2011 to become the first 5-star hotel in Yichang, which made another contribution to improving Yichang’s city image.

The 18th Meeting of the State Council Three Gorges Project Construction Committee called for enterprises to extensively push forward work for pair-up support to the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, as Shanghai’s pair-up unit, JuneYao Group continued to spare no effort in blending into the “Post Three Gorges Era”, supported Yichang’s urban construction, aligned itself with the state government’s follow-up support assistance plan for the Three Gorges project. Since 2014 the Group will invest 6 billion yuan to take part in the shanty area old town renovation in the Reservoir Area, this project’s construction involved 291 mu of land, with total floor space of 600,000 sqm. The design style will retain Yichang’s local historical heritage, meanwhile absorb the design essence of Shanghai Xintiandi, Chengdu Wide and Narrow Street, tap Sichuan culture, Three Gorges flavors, build the old town into a featured landscape precinct containing both historical and culture esssence and reflecting urban modern sense. Kicking off construction in March this year, the project will make new contributions to improving residential environment, enhancing city function, and building livable city in Three Gorges Reservoir Area.

Building mid-air bridge to boost regional development

In 2010, the Group coordinated advantageous airline resources to treat participation in the construction of flight routes to former revolutionary base areas, areas inhabited by ethnic groups, remote and border areas and poverty-stricken areas as an innovative method for aiding the Reservoir Area. In November the Group’s subsidiary JuneYao Airlines opened Shanghai-Yichang return flight route, this flight route not only linked up cultural exchange between Shanghai and Yichang, boosted investment promotion and capital introduction, fueled local tourism and regional economy, it also carried very strong public welfare attribute, its social benefit is far greater than economic benefit; it holds crucial importance for promoting regional harmonious development, and social stability, becomes another bright spot in the Group’s assistance to the Three Gorges, and developing Yichang. In recent years, JuneYao Group expanded this innovative assistance method to other regions, up till now JuneYao Airlines has opened flight routes to 15 former revolutionary base areas, areas inhabited by ethnic groups, remote and border areas and poverty-stricken areas such as Bijie and Zunyi.

Over the years, JuneYao Group fulfilled self business development while assisting the development of the Three Gorges Reservoir Area. Its innovative action to improve migrants’ living condition was widely communicated, and it received acclaim from all social sectors. In October 2001, the Group was invited as an exemplary case to make introduction at the United Nations Global Compact. In 2003, the Group‘s former Chairman Wang Junyao was awarded “Model Worker of Three Gorges Project Construction” honorary title by the State Council Three Gorges Project Construction Committee. In November 2006, incumbent Chairman Wang Junjin was awarded “Model Individual of National Pair-up Support of Three Gorges Project Reservoir Area Migration Work” honorary title by the State Council Three Gorges Project Construction Committee. In June 2012, Group Chairman Wang Junjin received “Guangcai Program Medal” awarded by the China Society for Promotion of the Guangcai Program. In 2013 he received “Shanghai Guangcai Program Special Contribution Award” from the United Front Work Department of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Shanghai Society for Promotion of the Guangcai Program.