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JuneYao Group: Balanced education ——New exploration on the road of public welfare
ReleaseDate: 2015-01-07

 January 7, 2015


“What kind of a world we leave to our offsprings to a large extent depends on what kind of offsprings we leave to the world.”

In the outline of national mid to long term education reform and development planning (2010-2020), it regards promoting fairness as the national basic education policy, promoting balanced education development has become the most crucial item in all work tasks of the outline. Among public welfare projects of JuneYao Group, there is always a main line of education undertakings, regardless of supporting balanced development of compulsory education in the region, or reward and training projects specially set up for teachers in Central and Western China, JuneYao Group has developed its own unique features on this road of exploration dedicted to public welfare.

Outputing superior resources, balancing regional development

Since 2005 when it invested to support Shanghai’s local education undertakings, in recent years JuneYao Group continually increased investment, and extended the “Century” concept to education field, created century education brand capable of sustainable undertaking of social responsibility. Its subordinate Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle School and Primary School explored a package of quality-oriented open-style modern teaching models with its own features, the World Foreign Language School’s famous school effect heightened the concern of all social circles for private education, promoted the development of private education undertakings.

In 2013, in order to meet the public’s demand for superior education, fully bring out the radiation and boosting effect of premium resources, in Shanghai Xuhui District it took over custody of two public schools, and popularized and implemented advanced school-running concepts and superior school-running experience of the World Foreign Language schools, effectively promoted balanced regional development of compulsory education. In April 2013, Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School exported premium education brand to Zhejiang Hangzhou by opening “Hangzhou Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School”, the school’s high quality school-based courses can better explore new course system that can fit China’s national condition and meet quality requirements of modernization construction, propelled the construction of new courses and the balancing of premium education resources.


Prize-awarding Ceremony of JuneYao Teaching Award 2014

Create duplicatable and spreadable “JuneYao Teaching Award”

The development of education to a large extent depends on faculty standard, only by letting teachers take off first can they bring children to fly toward a broader world. Therefore, in the investment and implementation of public welfare projects, JuneYao Group rewarded and trained teachers in Central China and West China by setting up “JuneYao Teaching Award” teaching-reward fund, and gradually developed it into a duplicatable and spreadable model.

Since 2005, JuneYao Group invested 3 million yuan in Xuhui District, Shanghai to set up “JuneYao Teaching Award” teaching-reward fund, aiming to reward outstanding class supervisors and teachers in Xuhui District.

Apart from Xuhui District in Shanghai, Dujiangyan is the second place with “JuneYao Teaching Award” project set up by JuneYao Group. In 2010, based on post-disaster reconstruction condition after Wenchuan Earthquake and local needs, JuneYao Group invested 2 million yuan in Dujiangyan, Sichuan Province, to set up “JuneYao Teaching Award” teaching-reward fund, to be implemented in 5 years, one part of the fund is used to reward those teachers working actively at the frontline and having made remarkable achievements, another part is for building a platform to link up Dujiangyan with superior education resources in Xuhui District, Shanghai, and enable award-winning outstanding teachers and administrators from Dujiangyan to join Xuhui District’s annual academic festival, and invite Xuhui District Teacher Training Center to draft detailed training program in view of Dujiangyan’s actual situation, by organizing specific course training, visit, and survey at model schools to improve teachers’ teaching standard, nurture advanced education concepts, and assist the development of local education undertakings.

Up till now the “JuneYao Teaching Award” set up in Dujiangyan has entered the fourth year, a total of 282 teachers from 5 schools within the jurisdiction received commendation, nearly one hundred persons visited Shanghai Xuhui District to attend exchange, training and academic teaching research activities. It is estimated that by 2015 when the project is closed, outstanding teachers accounting for 50% of the total faculty will receive “JuneYao Teaching Award” bonus, outstanding teachers accounting for 25% of the total faculty will have visited Shanghai for training and exchange.

In 2011, JuneYao Group donated 10 million yuan to the Shanghai Society for Promotion of the Guangcai Program, which was used to support education undertakings in Kashi, Xinjiang. In 2013, the constructed Kashi Graphic & Text Information Center Project was launched into usage, which made positive contributions to local teacher training and talent reserve. On such basis, in 2014 JuneYao Group again donated 2 million yuan through the Shanghai Society for Promotion of the Guangcai Program to set up “JuneYao Teaching Award” in Kashi, intending to reward rural bilingual teachers and vocational school teachers in Kashi, and docking teaching training plan.

Enterprise is in fact a cell of the society, and needs to assume social responsibility, JuneYao Group pays more attention to project landing in the implementation of public welfare projects. “JuneYao Teaching Award” teaching-reward fund project in Xuhui in Shanghai, Dujiangyan in Sichuan, Kashi in Xinjiang has become a beneficial exploration, the enterprise not merely contributes funds, it also links up resources to build platform, so that these responsibility projects can be effectively implemented, and a spreadable and duplicatable model is developed, so as to bring out sustained effect.