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Shanghai Huarui Bank formally opened on Saturday, last 11 digits of the passbook are open for selection
ReleaseDate: 2015-05-20

 May 20, 2015


Huarui Bank, a pilot private bank in Shanghai , will formally start operation on Saturday. This marks the fourth formally opened private bank following Shenzhen Webank, Wenzhou Minshang Bank and KinCheng Bank of Tianjin.

After Shanghai Huarui Bank received opening approval on January 27, in February it began trial operation in the Free Trade Zone, after making improvements in all aspects, it will formally start operation this Saturday.

During the trial operation period, Huarui Bank could only cover simple deposit loan and remittance business, for instance deposit business can only use passbook, instead of bank card. As all preparations made steady progress, the condition for formal opening gradually matured. The journalist has learned that, this Saturday Huarui Bank will sign multiple agreements of strategic cooperation with strategic enterprises.

It has been learned that, Huarui Bank is positioned as smart bank, catering to features and needs of small and micro enterprises, it actively explores new technology, new model to bring out innovation advantages of the Free Trade Zone, and strive to create Century Bank with sustainable development.

Over the past week, the company’s senior executives also mentioned Huarui Bank’s Internet-based strategy on different occasions.

At the China (Shanghai) Internet Finance Summit 2015 opened yesterday, Governor of Huarui Bank Zhu Tao said, “In China Internet and finance are now in deep love, and private bank is the result of the acquaintance, understanding and love between the two. Private banks have both license for traditional operation, and Internet technology and the spirit.”

Hu Jia, Assistant to General Manager of Huarui Bank’s Retail Banking Department, published article on January 18, saying that Internet application of retail banking, especially mobile Internet application, represents realistic option and inevitable route for retail banking business development of Shanghai Huarui Bank. Huarui retail banking will adopt “personal Internet operation platform” as core platform, actively explore personal banking O2O innovative service model.

During the trial operation period, Huarui Bank attached great importance to customer experience, in which self number selection mechansim received very high customer satisfaction. “During trial operation period, Huarui Bank can let customers choose account number based on personal preference.” One insider said, the passbook number contains 12 digits, all 11 digits after the first digit 8 can be selected by customers themselves.

With a s registered capital of RMB 3 billion yuan., Shanghai Huarui Bank is among the first batch of private banks for trial initiated and set up by JuneYao Group and Metersbonwe Fashion & Accessories Co., Ltd.