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CPPCC Delegate Wang Junhao: Look how JuneYao does in reform of the supply side
ReleaseDate: 2016-01-27

 Jan 27, 2016   Zhou Sanchun

“There is no sunset industry, only sunset enterprise. Managing enterprise must see things in long term perspective like having dinner and planting vegetables.” On January 27, the first press conference of Hubei Province at the “Two Sessions” was held. Delegate of the CPPCC Provincial Committee and President of JuneYao Group Wang Junhao shared the development experience of private enterprise in vowing to create Century Enterprise at the conference.

“Someone asked me whether or not Hubei has good development environment, I said just look at me. As a pair-up supporter of the Three Gorges construction, JuneYao Group has landed in Yichang for more than ten years.” Wang Junhao praised Hubei’s industrial development environment. He also said economic development cycle has its ups and downs, entrepreneurs must have good mentality, must have patience, and determination to become Century Enterprise.

How to become Century Enterprise? Wang Junhao’s view is diversified investment, and professional operation. The important thing is to use profit to diversify business, instead of using cash flow. Today, JuneYao Group has a package of pillar industries including aviation, building, and banking.

To become Century Enterprise, it is also required to address emergency and make long-term preparations. “It should be like dining and planting vegetables, while chewing in the mouth, you must watch the pot, and be aware what is planted in the vegetable garden, what can be transplanted.” Wang Junhao said, JuneYao spent seven to eight years developing emerging industries, today it has achievements that can be “transplanted”. JuneYao Group owns independent intellectual property rights of a kind of light strength (light weight high strength) material, which boasts international leading standard, it will soon enter the market.

“There is no sunset industry, only sunset enterprise.” Wang Junhao said. JuneYao’s dairy product industry for a moment joined the ranks of national top 10. However, in market downturn, milk price was cheaper than water. “So dairy becomes sunset industry? Not exactly.” He said, back then JuneYao decisively cut singular milk business, and developed dairy products for child segmented field, now it focuses on developing the lactic acid bacteria drink market. Today, its dairy business re-deployed 6 production bases across the country. “Viewed from today, this is the best example of the reform of the supply side.” Wang Junhao said.