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Delegate Wang Junhao: Private enterprises need to be patient
ReleaseDate: 2016-01-28

 Jan 28, 2016  Chutian Metropolis Daily   Wang Ronghai

“For anything you do, when chewing it in the mouth, you must watch the bowl, and think about the pot.” At the press conference, member of the CPPCC Provincial Committee, President of JuneYao Group Wang Junhao explained JuneYao Group’s precious experience gained after the past 30 years in the market: Diversified investment strategy.

Wang Junhao said, despite mounting downward economic pressure today, as far as the enterprise is concerned, the mission remains clear, namely “creating value for the society, becoming explorer of Century Enterprise”.

He said, currently JuneYao Group has a number of business divisions including aviation, dairy, food, and banking, the deployment of each division is the result of long years of planning. Take aviation as an example, it took 16 years for JuneYao Group to wait before the opening of aviation field to private enterprises by the state government, today it has entered the stage of harvest.

In his eyes, making a Century Enterprise is like building a mansion, it needs four to eight pillars, only when each “pillar” ranks in leading position nationwide, can it prop up the enterprise’s development. Meanwhile it must develop globalized vision, align with international advanced benchmark to contemplate what to plant in one’s own “vegetable garden”.

What’s more important, private enterprises must be patient. “There is no sunset industry, only sunset enterprise.” So long as an enterprise has the determination of creating a century brand, insist on diversified development, make full preparations, then “crisis will bring opportunity”.