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Interview with NPC delegate Chairman of JuneYao Group Wang Junjin
ReleaseDate: 2016-03-13

 Match 13, 2016 CAAC News”   Li Fangfang


As the CEO of JuneYao Airlines, NPC delegate and Chairman of JuneYao Group Wang Junjin submitted proposal on propelling space control system reform to effectively free up space resources at the national level during this year’s Two Sessions period. Speaking of the original intention for submitting this proposal, Wang Junjin said, it’s mainly for improving efficiency, creating high value through high efficiency, letting customer enjoy high value services, and letting shareholders enjoy high value return.

Increase space for civil aviation, solve the problem of people’s livelihood

As “Mass tourism” was written into the Report on the Work of the Government for the first time, during the “Thirteenth Five Year” period, tourism will embrace rapid development. This also lays down solid foundation of customer source for the development of civil aviation industry. How to meet the public’s travel needs, in the eyes of Wang Junjin, it not only means addition of flight routes, increase of flights, efforts must also be made to solve flight punctuality issue.

“Flight punctuality is an issue of people’s livelihood to which the public has attached high level of concern today, it is related to whether or not civil aviation industry can supply the public with satisfactory products, and whether or not it can build more unobstructed midair bridge in the age of 'Mass tourism'.” Wang Junjin said, “To solve this problem, it is required to increase the space for civil aviation. The existing space resources and management system can hardly meet real requirements, it is necessary to make systematic planning at national level for coordinated development, so as to adopt effective and reliable measures to solve the optimized allocation problem of China’s aviation space resources.”

For this reason, he suggested to, based on the guideline of “easy before difficult, gradual progress”, first solve the problem of regions with strained space and even saturated resources, first solve the problem of busy flight pathways and airport flight congestion, through rational planning and allocation of space, adopt efficient strategies and plans, improve resource utilization rate, improve the status quo of strained space resouces for civil aviation, and provide sufficient space for civil aviation development.

All staff emphasize quality culture, offer passionate service

While suggesting to free up space resources to improve flight punctuality, Wang Junjin argued that, it’s necessary to let passengers experience super value for services, JuneYao Airlines will further emphasize “quality culture” among employees, through internal allocation of responsibility, improve flight punctuality rate, enhance staff ability in offering passionate service, and provide passengers with passionate service.

At JuneYao Airlines, each step in flight operation is supervised by an exclusive person in charge. Each step’s chief person must make sure to finish work in one’s step within fixed timeframe, in this way, it can ensure the entire flight operation procedure not to be extended due to delay in individual steps. Once there is flight delay, JuneYao Airlines will review the entire guarantee procedure, analyze which step has led to flight delay, and adopt specific measures, so as to avoid recurrence of such situation. “Through close alignment of internal procedures and clear-cut definition of responsibility, the company internally accomplished high efficiency operation, which not only ensures flight punctuality, but also enables the airline to spend more time on passenger service, so as to improve service standard for passengers.” Wang Junjin said.

It has been learned that, JuneYao Airlines’ aircraft daily utilization rate is about 12 hours, which is relatively high in the industry. Wang Junjin said, while ensuring safety, improving aircraft utilization rate can effectively lower operation cost, which can create more return for the shareholders, it can also facilitate the airline company to increase investment in safety and service aspects, so as to fulfill the company’s healthy development. According to schedule, this year, JuneYao Airlines will focus on passionate service work internally, provide differentiated service, attract more high quality passengers.

Adhere to “scale operation”, stick to the bottomline of safety

As the domestic civil aviation industry made rapid progress, more and more private capital demonstrated the enthusiasm to enter the civil aviation industry, and organize airline company. As a successful case in domestic civil aviation industry, Wang Junjin considered that private airline companies must walk the path of “scale operation”, and stick to the bottomline of safety.

“Running airline company requires huge cost, consideration needs to go to fleet construction, and also simulator reserve, plus personnel team construction, all of which need considerable expenditure. Therefore, as far as private airlines are concerned, in fierce market competition, they must walk the road of scale development to obtain scale benefit.” Wang Junjin said, “stragglers and disbanded soldiers” obviously cannot obtain revenue in the fierce competition of domestic civil aviation market.

It is exactly under the “scale operation” model that JuneYao Airlines continued to strengthen fleet construction, in 2015 it invested 2.7 billion yuan to purchase 4 Airbus A320 serial aircrafts and 3 backup engines. At present, JuneYao Airlines has a total of 51 Airbus A320 serial aircrafts, it is estimated in the “Thirteenth Five Year” period it will newly add 50 aircrafts, by the end of 2020, the fleet size will reach 100.

In the process of rapid development, JuneYao Airlines attached great importance to sticking to the bottomline of safety. With less than 3 years of usage on average, JuneYao Airlines’ fleet is very young, which lays down solid foundation for ensuring safety. In addition, JuneYao Airlines also pays attention to personnel training. In 2015 it invested 200 million yuan to buy 2 flight simulators to meet the continual training needs for pilot team, improve pilots’ training quality and standard of safe operation.

“Safety is the prerequisite of development, the bottomline we must stick to at any given moment. JuneYao Airlines will adhere to scale operation route, stick to safety bottmline, and offer customers premium travel services.” Wang Junjin said.