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Two Years of Operation by JuneYao Airlines Brought Encouraging Results
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01

Safe Development JuneYao Airlines Recorded Profit for 2 Consecutive Years

In 2008, the civil aviation industry experienced too many storms, from the fight against the ice and snow disaster at the beginning of the year, to the earthquake disaster followed by deterioration of aviation business brought by soaring oil prices in the middle of the year, till the global financial crisis in the second half of the year, the young JuneYao Airlines faced tremendous pressure, and withstood round after round of storms. Under the joint efforts of all the employees of JuneYao Airlines, it overcame multiple difficulties, advanced against the adverse conditions, and ensured safe development in 2008.

By the end of the year, JuneYao Airlines had newly added 4 airplanes, up till now the total number of airplanes has reached 10; it completed transport turnover volume of 196,402,800 ton/km, up by 53.5% on a YoY basis; passenger turnover volume of 1,419,700 person times, cargo and mail turnover volume of 15,800 tons, fulfilled 12,310 flights, with transport production flight time of 26131.31 hours; it finished transport income of 1,140,526,600 Yuan, up by 63.6% on a YoY basis. Upon the auditing by Zhong He Zheng Xin Certified Public Accountants Firm, the reported profit was 11,500,000 Yuan. Both the accident and incident rate per 10 thousand aircraft and that per 10 thousand hours are 0, which ensured flight and in-flight security. As a newly opened airline company, JuneYao Airlines created the marvelous record of profit earning for 2 consecutive years following the profit earning in 2007.