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Party Officials of the Social Work Committee Visited JuneYao during Spring Festival Period
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01

Spring air brought New Year’s greetings. On February 3, Shi Nanchang, the Party Committee Secretary, and Yuan Jianguo, Secretary-General of the Municipal Social Work Committee, and two other officials came to visit JuneYao Group to learn of the business operations of the Group, and extended New Year greeting to all the employees.

After exchanging greetings via phone with President Wang Junjin, who was on business trip in other parts of the country, Secretary Shi Nanchang listened to the report of President Wang Junhao on the overall business operations by the JuneYao Group in 2008. President Wang Junhao mentioned that, last year under the care of government officials at different levels, JuneYao Group successfully pulled through the crisis, with the aviation, culture, diary, real estate business sectors all achieving certain growth, Okay Airways also successfully resumed business, with future development well in sight. All these benefit from the overall strategic transformation into modern service industry initiated by the JuneYao Group, up till now, the transformation had yielded fruits. In 2009, there would be no change in the development goal of JuneYao Group, the Group would continue to pursue its target of building up modern service industry, further improve gross profit, and strengthen the brand.

Secretary Shi Nanchang expressed heart-felt joy toward the growth of JuneYao Group last year. He first expressed his surprise, last year, under so adverse situations, JuneYao managed to pull through, and withstood all pressures, overcame both internal and external difficulties, which was certainly a no mean feat. Secondly, there were a few points of enlightenment, JuneYao boasted excellent teams, including the Board of Directors, the operation team, and the party committee, which were not only endowed with high execution capability, but also supported with lofty spiritual ideology, and effectively fulfilled its social responsibilities; in recent years their management level have achieved considerable development, its growth strategy had become all the more synchronized with Shanghai’s development strategy, the Group’s outlook and exploration for modern service industry also moved ahead of others, which was full of instructional significance; the party buildup work also gained much experience, and formed many bright spots, which displayed exemplary effects. It was believed that the JuneYao Group would make even greater achievements in 2009.

Chen Li, Party Committee Secretary of the Group, Deputy Secretary Gu Zengguang, and Pang Linyun, member of the Party Committee, also attended the meeting.