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NBA STORE launched on Shanghai Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street JuneYao Joined Hands with NBA to Sell Franchised Products with More Emphasis on Consu
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01

As a landmark tourist spot in Shanghai, the Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street is lined with numerous shopping malls, while the Shanghai Tourism Commodities Commercial Building, which stands opposite the Century Square in the middle of the Pedestrian Street, has always been a place attracting the attention of the tourists. On March 3, 2009, JuneYao Group joined hands with NBA to formally occupy the ground floor of the Shanghai Tourism Commodities Commercial Building on East Nanjing Road (No. 558 East Nanjing Road, Shanghai), and open the flagship NBA STORE to start trial business operation. Covering an area of 700 sqm, it is the largest NBA store in Asia. This event marked another major investment by JuneYao Group following opening the second world NBA STORE at The Place in Beijing.

Vice President Wang Junhao of JuneYao Group indicated “As an emerging industry of the JuneYao Group, culture industry might become the leading industry of JuneYao Group in the future; it is a typical branch of modern service industry. In 2006 we became the largest manufacturer and distributor of franchised products for the Beijing Olympic Games, in 2007 we became a senior sponsor of 2010 Shanghai World Expo, and in 2008 JuneYao Group also became the distributor of franchised products for FIFA and NBA of the U.S. After the Beijing Olympic Games, we immediately focused our attention on the London Olympic Games; after the FIFA Women’s World Cup, we immediately paid our attention to FIFA’s product franchise right, and after F1 racing championship, we immediately tracked NBA global franchise product distribution. We highlighted the cultivation of major “seed” project in the industry, through which we introduce premium seeds of the world top class culture industry, and modern service industry into Shanghai, into China, such actions are contributions made by us toward Shanghai and the whole nation, its significance is no less than introducing the headquarters of world top 500 corporations.”

As Chinese players like Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian one after another joined NBA, a basketball craze is already picking up heat in China. Consequently, apart from providing the most complete and the most authentic NBA merchandise, making the fans feeling it is the holy land of basketball, and paradise of the fans is another key reason for opening this flagship store.

The setup of the zones inside the store includes both conventional garment zone, shoe zone, accessory zone, bedding zone, plush toy zone, and basketball zone, which are based on merchandise category; there is also an interaction zone. Interaction zone fully simulates the design of NBA court, wider three point line, and restricted area inside the penalty zone, all of which bring the fans closer to NBA playground. NBA star players’ genuine hand print and height comparison wall also enable fans to get into close contact with “NBA players”. Interesting experience games such as shooting contest, “three pointer” challenge etc also offer a chance for the fans to have a try at the game when buying merchandise in the store. If you play well, there might be an extra pleasant surprise.

As NBA’s marketing partner, apart from being responsible for store operations, JuneYao Group is also authorized to develop NBA franchised products in two categories of plush product and stationery. The treasured product zone inside the store is the fans’ holy ground, beyond worldwide limited edition 24K gold coin photo frame of many star players, and even a basketball signed by MVP winner of 2007-2008 Season NBA Grand Final -- Paul Pierce. Limited editions of uniforms with autographs of new generation stars such as Kobe and James have also been launched onto the market. According to one senior executive of the JuneYao Group, soon afterwards limited edition products with autographs of Michael Jordan, the uncrowned king of basketball, would also show up in the store. It is believed this will attract more NBA fans to come in droves to have a look.

In addition, there are also abundant products which are only available for sale in the home stadiums of all clubs inside the U.S., the growing number of franchised products are believed to be sufficient enough to meet the demand of fans of all the teams.