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Municipal Government Official Yang Xiaodu Visited JuneYao Group
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01

On February 2, namely the second working day after the Spring Festival, Yang Xiaodu, member of the Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and head of the United Front Work Department, visited JuneYao Group Co., Ltd.

President Wang Junjin explained business operations of the JuneYao Group and the development plan for the next step. When speaking of the current financial crisis, he expressed the view that it posed grim challenge to non public sector of the economy, but it also offered a rare opportunity, JuneYao Group was fully confident about its future development, and had formulated clear growth targets for the new year, the Group would strive to seek opportunity in the crisis in order to transform the latter into the former. Yang Xiaodu pointed out that, both the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government had all along attached great importance to the development of private owned enterprises, the Municipal United Front Work Department, the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, as well as relevant departments of the municipal government would, based on the deployment of the Central Government and the Municipal Party Committee, continually serve the private owned enterprises, support them to fulfill enterprise targets, and encourage them to make even greater contribution to Shanghai’s goal of achieving “Four Guarantees”.

Meanwhile, Yang Xiaodu also visited seven other private owned enterprises including China Shan Shan Group Corporation, Shanghai Fuxin High-Tech Group Corporation Limited, Zhengtai Electric Co., Ltd, Shanghai Huaming Power Equipment Co., Ltd, Shanghai Zhongda Technology Development Co., Ltd, Shanghai Jinfu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, Shanghai Junlu Enterprise Development Co., Ltd, in order to pay New Year visits to entrepreneurs, and hold talks with company executives.