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JuneYao Group and Jinjiang Hotels Join Hands to Create a New Hotel Legend
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01

JuneYao Group and Jinjiang Hotels join hands to found JuneYao Jinjiang International Hotel. The brand-new hotel boasts first-class international hotel management and excellent globalized star-rated hotel services, creating a new legend in the hotel circle of Yichang.

Located in Floors 14-36, JuneYao International Plaza, Yichang, JuneYao Jinjiang International Hotel occupies an area of 39,148 sq.m. It has 401 cozy and spacious rooms with attractive views, including 303 standard rooms, 61 senior executive rooms, 1 presidential suites and 36 luxury suites and executive suites. Floors 5-13 of the building provide supporting entertainment and restaurant facilities. To cater to varied needs of guests, the hotel is furnished with a swimming pool, tennis court, gym, KTV, chest room, sauna center, stores, etc. It also comes with a multi-functional hall, 6 meeting rooms of varied sizes and an underground parking lot. The 5-star rated hotel, available to both domestic and foreign guests, integrates all functions of a hotel, such as lodging, restaurant, business negotiation, entertainment, amenities and so on.

As the tallest hotel in Yichang, it has a 14-floor-high atrium. Starting from Floor 22, the hotel atrium boasts a clear height of 58m and a diameter of 18m, establishing itself as a landmark of the hotel, similar to the “golden annual ring” or “time tunnel” of Grand Hyatt Shanghai. A view up from building bottom reveals a peaceful ancient-tower-like building, which is elegantly outlined by golden lamp light and presents a 360 curve that rises layer by layer, conveying a peaceful, auspicious feel.

The hotel also accommodates the highest rooftop restaurant. As a food culture, rooftop restaurants have become a unique scene in metropolis worldwide. At a time when height and quantity of skyscrapers have become the mark of modern urbanization, many rooftops have been elaborately built into exclusive rooftop restaurants. The western restaurant located on Floor 39 of the hotel offers a menu that covers food of multiple countries, while the top-end Chinese restaurant on Floor 40 offers extraordinarily elegant enjoyment in taste, worthy of its name as the “topmost” rooftop restaurant of Yichang. Taking a drink or meal here, you can feast your eyes on the picturesque Yichang landscape and expansive Changjiang River, satisfying both your mouth and eyes. The “High-rise Executive Pub” located at Floor 36 is a private space dedicated to elites for enjoying exclusive life experience.

The most favorable advantage of JuneYao Jinjiang International Hotel lies in the varied views available at each room for overlooking the city's scenes, Changjiang River or mountains. All rooms are provided with independent temperature controller, control panel for lamps above bedside stand and curtain, restroom with bath zone separated from other area, LCD TV, high-speed Internet access, in-room private safe, etc. Staying at such rooms, guests can get a quick overview of every facility available in the hotel and experience the wonderful stay in the hotel. The high-speed Internet access facilitates business guests to do business outside their office and caters to guests who love web-surfing.