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Media Group Organized by Central Publicity Department Visited Expo Franchised Products Shop on East Nanjing Road
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01

On the morning of April 18, the Shanghai World Expo 2010 Franchised Products Shop on East Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street received a group of special guests. To welcome the incoming one-year countdown anniversary of Expo 2010, Publicity Department of CCCPC (Central Committee of the Communist Party of China) organized a media group of journalists from major press units in the central government and various provinces and cities nationwide to have an intensive interview on the preparation of World Expo 2010 and increase its publicity.

Expo franchised products which are closely related to consumers attracted wide attention from the media. By the introduction of the product designers, a series of products reflecting the concepts of Expo 2010 were displayed in front of the audience. The new Hai Bao looks completely changed the pervious relatively monotonous image of Expo Mascot Hai Bao. Prince of love songs, tennis boy, painter… a number of vivid and lively names and different looks were assigned to Hai Bao. With the intelligence voice system, Hai Tao replies humorously in a babyish voice to the journalists who couldn’t stop loving and becoming attracted by it. The twelve zodiacs folk custom badges took Hai Bao as the principal image in combination with the twelve zodiacs and a selection of various folk artistic forms, reflecting the rich folk culture for thousands of years in China and carries people’s pursuit of happiness, fortune and a beautiful life… According to the report, JuneYao Group as a senior sponsor of Shanghai World Expo 2010 has designed and developed about 1000 types of Expo franchised products up to the present, and the number will reach 2000 at the opening of Expo 2010.

World Expo 2010 is the greatest cultural event after the Olympics, and the business opportunities brought by the derived economy of franchising is also witnessed by all. Wang Junhao, deputy chairman of JuneYao Group, received the visiting journalist group and replied to every topic of attention of the journalists. He said that, “as a global event, World Expo brings not just spirital enjoyment and conceptual guidance to the people but also infinite business opportunities to JuneYao Group. With the help of its previous experience on the operation of Olypmic franchised projects, JuneYao Group distinguished itself among all competitive bidders in the earlier bidding stage by its profound understanding of World Expo concepts, an outstanding group of designers and a franchised operation team rich in experience. Meanwhile, it also brings us great honor and responsibilities to participate such a global cultural event as a private enterprise. Therefore, we have taken much of this perspective into our product design, trying to reflect and promote as much as possible the concepts of Expo 2010 on the products and their packages, so that consumers can understand, experience and collect Expo 2010 in a deeper sense through these franchised products as the carrier”.