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Wang Junhao Entitled “Top 10 Distinguished Young Economists in Shanghai”
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01

The result of “Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank Cup” 2008 Selection of Top 10 Distinguished Young Economists in Shanghai was officially announced a few days ago. A number of young economic talents were commend with outstanding achievements in the economic field, strong social influence and sense of social responsibilities, and great contribution to coping with the complicated economic situation. Wang Junhao, deputy chairman of JuneYao Group was selected as one of the “Top 10 Distinguished Young Economists”. Shen Xiaoming, Shanghai Deputy Mayor, Weng Tiehui, Deputy Secretary General of Municipal Government, Pan Min, Secretary of Municipal Youth League and Party Committee, Lü Yongjie, Deputy Secretary of Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and Party Committee and Chen Kai, Secretary of Municipal Youth League and Party Committee, attended the Commendation Meeting.

Deputy Major Shen Xiaoming fully confirmed and spoke highly of the positive contributions made by the commended young economists to the economic and social development of Shanghai, extended his best regards to the large number of young friends working diligently at the front line of the economic construction in Shanghai, and expressed ardent expectations for the young entrepreneurs to seize the opportunity and forge ahead; to learn to grasp opportunities in change, look for opportunities in difficult times, create opportunities in development and try to gain the initiative; to stick to scientific development, fully exert the enterprise functions as the main business body, take use of international science and technology resources and various social innovation resources, and continue to promote independent innovation; to have the courage to take responsibilities and surpass the early starters, keep the diligence to learn new things and enjoy the happiness in dedication, and make due contributions to the cause of Shanghai in holding a successful, outstanding and impressive Shanghai Expo with all efforts, as well as in realizing “four ensures”1 and accelerating the promotion of “four firsts”2 and the construction of “four centers”3.


1. Four ensures: ensure steady and relatively fast development of economy, ensure continue improvement of people's livelihood, ensure harmony and stableness of the society, and ensure orderly preparation for World Expo 2010.

2. Four firsts: take “transforming economic growth patterns first” as the key link of fully implementing and voluntarily practicing Scientific Development Concept, take “promoting reform and opening-up first” as the system guarantee for fully implementing and voluntarily practicing Scientific Development Concept, take “constructing a socialist harmonious society first” as the major task in fully implementing and voluntarily practicing Scientific Development Concept.

3. Four centers: international economic center, financial center, trade center and shipping.