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Wang Junjin Attended Forbes Party
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01

On the evening of April 7, the party for the launching of Forbes Chinese Version and the April new edition was held in Shangri-La Hotel Pudong, Shanghai, in which Forbes Chinese Version April 2009, the first issue created in corporation between Forbes and Fosun Media, was launched officially.

Wang Junjin, chairman of JuneYao Group, was invited to the party and joined a themed discussion on “Creation •Confidence” together with Fan Luxian, director of Forbes Shanghai Branch, Zhou Jiangong, chief editor for Forbes Chinese version, Zhou Chengjian, chairman of Meters Bonwe Group, Che Jianxin, chairman of China RedStar Furniture Group, Wang Zhangxing, chairman of Shanghai Home Value. Holding (Group), and Wang Chaobin, chairman of Henan Zhonglu Group. In this brand new discussion, Wang Junjin expressed his opinions on how to create market opportunities and build corporate confidence in the current financial crisis and economic recession.

Wang Junjin said that, financial crisis is an ordeal to all enterprises, especially for export-oriented enterprise. Since 2005, JuneYao Group has established a strategy to transform towards modern service industry, which as a result, strengthened its risk resistance capacity. However, for an entrepreneur, a long-term awareness of potential problems is necessary. He/she needs to consider how to cope with grimmer economic situations and make development strategies for the company from a sustainable development perspective, control cost, improve efficiency, optimize industrial structure and focus the resources on the construction of the major business field so that crisis can be turned into opportunities. At the same time, private enterprises also needs to perceive the problem from an overall perspective and make joint efforts with the government as a major employment channel to cope with and pull through the current difficult situation together.