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11 New Expo Chartered Souvenir Badges Launched to Celebrate 1-Year Countdown of World Expo 2010
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01

JuneYao Creativity Co. recently had a launching ceremony for the first series of 11 Shanghai Expo 2010 souvenir badges at its retail image store for Expo 2010 chartered products on Nanjing Road to celebrate the 1-year countdown of World Expo 2010.

Expo 2010 souvenir badge is an important category of Shanghai Expo 2010 chartered products suitable for collection and presentation. This series of 11 Shanghai Expo 2010 souvenir badges took the Badge and Mascot “Hai Bao” for Shanghai Expo 2010 as the theme and blended traditional Chinese culture into its creation and design. These badges either dress “Hai Bao” in a traditional Chinese costume or put it on a background of white yulan, plum blossom or Shanghai landscape; or emphasize the themes of “Better City, Better Life” or “Celebrate to Shanghai”; or reflect the concepts of auspicious culture such as “safety and fortune”, “blessings for longevity, peace and happiness”, “blessing Shanghai”, “Lucky Expo” as well as “blessings for richness and abundance”. Profound in cultural meanings, the badges featured a vivid image of mascot with fine craftsmanship and bright colors. Made in copper with gold or silver plating, they are to be sold at a price of 118 yuan to 318 yuan in a package of one, two, three, or five badges with a diameter of 40mm, 45mm or 50mm. All the badges are numbered and to be issued in limited numbers. The souvenir badges for one-year countdown for Expo 2010 in particular has only a quantity of 5000 issued. They enjoyed great popularity upon arrival at the store counters. JuneYao Creativity Co. will continue to develop souvenir badges for the 300-day, 200-day, 100-day countdown as well as the opening and closing of Expo 2010.