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The First Aircraft Purchased by JuneYao Airlines Arrives in Shanghai
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01

On July 17, Airbus A320, the first purchased aircraft of JuneYao Airlines, successfully arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport from Toulouse in south France. President Wang Junjin personally participated in the examination and acceptance of the aircraft. The aircraft is said to adopt two-class cabin layouts, and is equipped with 8 first-class seats and 150 economic-class seats.

Wang indicated that, the World Expo 2010 will bring massive passenger flow to Shanghai, which will offer an opportunity to airline companies. JuneYao Airlines will continue to increase carrying capacity, and better serve World Expo in its role of a beneficial supplement force to Shanghai’s aviation transport network.

Since JuneYao Airlines started business operation in September 2006, its fleet scale has maintained stable and relatively fast growth. Counting in this first purchased aircraft, the number of passenger aircrafts of JuneYao Airlines has reached 11. JuneYao Airlines plans to purchase 3 more aircrafts in the second half of this year, so that by the time of the World Expo next year, the company is expected to have 16 passenger aircrafts.

After entering the summer-autumn aviation season of 2009, in order to cope with the demand of student flow for summer vacation and hometown visit, and the tourism peak season, JuneYao Airlines has sped up the opening of flights to Inner Mongolia grassland, and has newly opened a exclusive nonstop flight route from Shanghai to Hailar, and made special efforts to increase carrying capacity and add extra flights to tourism resorts such as Huhehaote, Baotou, Sanya, Qingdao etc. By the end of this year, JuneYao Airlines is expected to open flight routes to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, followed by the opening of routes to Southeast Asia to expand international market.