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Wang Junjin Attends 2009 World Wenzhou Businessmen Leadership Forum
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01

On June 11, Chairman Wang Junjin attended the “2009 World Wenzhou Businessmen Leadership Forum” held at the Shangri-la Hotel. Nearly one thousand Wenzhou businessman leaders, famous scholars, and personalities in the political circle from across the world gathered to brainstorm around the theme of “overcome difficulty through innovation, win future through collective wisdom”. The aim is to seek a breakthrough for Wenzhou economy in the global economic crisis.

Yang Xiaodu, standing committee member of Shanghai Municipal Committee of the CPC, and Director of United Front Work Department; Zhou Hanmin, Vice Chairman of Shanghai CPPCC; Wu Qidi, standing committee member of NPC; and Gong Xueping, standing committee member of NPC attended the Forum.

According to the Forum, as the leading city in the Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai plays a powerful radiating function toward Wenzhou’s economy. Statistics show there are over 200,000 Wenzhou businessmen running more than 20,000 enterprises in Shanghai, with a total investment topping 200 billion yuan. Enterprises of Wenzhou businessmen such as JuneYao Group have become an important component of Shanghai’s private economy sector.

During the Forum, Wang Junjin remarked that, “going out for investment reflects an awareness of crisis, and is a way of sustainable development. What JuneYao Group is engaged in is not traditional industry. When we were still in Wenzhou we started thinking over where is the most suitable place for our development. Then we went out to Shanghai and grasped opportunities there. Now we return to Wenzhou for development. Each day there are three flights of JuneYao Airlines between Shanghai and Wenzhou. In a word, we should not only go out but also be able to come back.”

After the Forum, the Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai held a 10 anniversary celebration and award dinner, in order to commend Wenzhou business individuals and groups who had made outstanding contributions to the country and the society in the past 10 years, display the overall image and popularity of Wenzhou businessmen and enterprises in Shanghai, and promote the cohesion of the Chamber of Commerce.