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Hermes Selects “Grand Orient” as Its First Jiangsu Store
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01

Hermes, an international top class luxury brand, has turned its attention to Wuxi Commercial Mansion. On June 11, the first Hermes franchised store in Jiangsu Province -- Hermes Grand Orient Store, formally opened. That night, distinguished guests gathered at the cocktail party held by the store. The two-and-half-hour party realized a sales volume equal to that in an ordinary day.

Walking into the ground floor of Tower A of “Grand Orient”, one could easily find the Hermes store on the right. With a business area of 200 sqm, the store deals in a whole series of Hermes products. The opening of the store which matches global standards demonstrates the geographical location, management team, corporate strengths and other qualities of the Commercial Mansion Grand Orient Co., Ltd. have been recognized by internationally famous brands. It also reflects that Wuxi has further consolidated its position as a frontline fashion city, and the appreciation level and purchase power of Wuxi consumers toward international luxury brands are not inferior to those of citizens in Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities.

At present, brand introduction and enhancement on the ground floor of Tower A of “Grand Orient” have been finished successfully. “Grand Orient” is placing more emphasis on maintaining and operating these brands, enhancing the sales volume per unit of service area jointly with the brand owners, and properly communicating brand culture, in order to make contributions to the upgrading of Wuxi’s general merchandise retail industry.