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JuneYao Airline: “The Best” in the eyes of passengers
ReleaseDate: 2012-11-07

Staff reporter Liu Jun, Zhiyuan: According to the airline company service survey report which was published for the first time by on October 22, JuneYao Airlines ranked third in overall rating of “Best Airline Company”, in the five sub-category assessment, JuneYao Airlines ranked top in “Steward Service”, “In-flight Broadcasting” and “Cabin Facility”.

  This survey was kicked off by the since May this year by adopting the form of distributing survey questionnaire to investigate the satisfaction degree over airline services in 20 key parameters among passengers actually taking same-day flights, through scientific analysis of questionnaire results it finally compiled the “Airline Company Service Survey Report”.

It is worth noting that the report’s survey results directly came from continual survey on real flight-taking passengers, which were able to represent passengers’ most realistic experience of China’s civil aviation services.

It has been learned that this analysis report covers more than 10 major airline companies in China to conduct survey on the five service areas of steward service, in-flight broadcasting, in-flight catering, cabin facilities, and in-flight entertainment, it obtained 7230 valid survey papers from civil aviation passengers. Other airlines which were awarded “Best Airline Company” title apart from JuneYao Airlines also include Xiamen Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, and Shenzhen Airlines.

Furthermore, in single-item survey on cabin facilities, JuneYao Airlines ranked top in all four key survey parameters of cabin neatness and tidiness, cabin facility functionality, seat comfort, and toilet facilities to become an “Outstanding Airline Company” in terms of cabin facility.