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2016 JuneYao Group Brand Forum
ReleaseDate: 2016-11-09


On September 9, in order to implement and enforce the spirit of Group’s strategy discussion, build a platform of communication, integration and progress, JuneYao Group Brand Forum “Brand of Heart, New Interaction” opened ceremoniously at the 32F conference room of JuneYao International Plaza. Chen Li, Secretary of CPC Party Committee of JuneYao Group, attended the Forum and delivered speech under the theme of “Brand Workers · Action Taker”, brand workers of the Group and subsidiary companies totaling 66 persons attended the meeting. 

The meeting included three parts of Mentor’s Lecture, Brand Theory, and Roundtable Forum. Brand workers from all walks of life actively engaged in communication and interaction, deeply probed and brainstormed topcis such as brand operation, operation cases. At the end of the meeting, brand workers signed JuneYao Group Brand Consensus, guaranteed to practice brand worker concept, play leading role as brand workers, voluntarily uphold the Group’s brand consensus, and propel brand construction at their respective employers to make significant progress.

Wonderful Speech | Brand Workers·Action Team

Through this time’s Brand Forum, it is hoped to refine important things in brand work, and avoid fragmentation of brand work. Meanwhile, brand workers must also become JuneYao brand’s preacher in addition to operating the brand, let every one become brand workers. The “unity of knowledge and action” concept of Wang Yangming, a famous scholar in the Ming Dynasty, can be applied to brand workers too, brand workers not only need to do things, they must also be able to talk, ensure there is innovation in thinking approach, procedure in action, and guarantee in system, only in this way can we let brand workers play bigger roles.

Group brand work report: 

1. Straightening structure, enhancing concept, integrating resources. With rapid growth in the number of new member companies, the Group’s Brand Department enforced “Method on Brand Asset Management of JuneYao Group” (2013 version), made some explorations and straightening in the aspects of improving industry brand organization structure, managing brand visual system, enhancing brand core concepts, building brand communication platform, and propelling the Group’s cross-industry resource integration. 

2. Combining internal and external, leveraging propaganda, boosting industry. In the past one year, based on the Group’s business development, the Brand Department took advantage of original media resource advantages in release meeting, marketing activity, and media propaganda, built external communication platform for industries, which boosted industry development. Internally, the Group and all industries also leveraged new media’s communication advantages, in particular the publicity of WeChat public account combined internal and external PR of the public media, which satisfactorily communicated voices of JuneYao and industries from width and depth, expanded the brand’s popularity, enhanced brand reputation, and boosted industry development. 

3. Strengthening supervision, effective communication, turning crisis into opportunity. In cooperation with whole year external communication and media release, maintain core media with focus and in phases. Strengthen effective communication with the media, turn crisis into opportunity. While handling special crisis incidents, strengthen media surveillance, expand scope of media surveillance, and make corresponding analysis and evaluation.

Three opinions for brand work: 

1. Compile three-year brand plan, continually optimize brand management. The Brand Department will amend and improve the “Method on Brand Asset Management of JuneYao Group”, compile and unveil the “Execution Method of Three-year Plan for Brand Construction of JuneYao Group”. 

2. Create energetic collaborative brand team, innovate on brand construction method. In addition to continually improving self quality, brand workers also need to strengthen brand training for colleagues in daily work, improve all staff’s brand awareness, strive to develop the atmosphere in which everyone values brand, and everyone builds brand, create an energetic and collaborative brand team.

3. Properly handle brand maintenance, follow-up and evaluation work. Regularly organize all units to attend prize selection and brand value assessment work set up by government organizations, industry associations, and high-end media; implement “walk out, bring in” step for brand construction, strengthen communication and exchange between brand department of enterprises.

Three actions of the Brand Department: 1. Draft “JuneYao Group brand construction Three Year Action Plan” as our road map for action. 2. In each business unit, establish Chief Brand Officer system; the chief person can be supervisor in charge of business, or company supervisor. 3. Through this conference, sign “Letter of Commitment of Brand Workers” to set up organizing committee, which will prepare next year’s brand summit forum. 

(Based on speech contents)

Brand Theory | Perceiving insight, sharing wisdom

360°+1 brand creation

External mentor Zhou Ri explained people’s understanding and definition of brand in the new environment for brand workers from macro perspective, explained the impact of Internet age on brand communication based on data. From three dimensions of brand, media, and consumer, he analyzed brand derivation. Through brand building cases of P&G, Coca Cola, and Disney, he analyzed and explained brand’s loss of control, brand positioning etc in detail; taking into consideration different targets, approaches and stances in each industry, he shared successful brand marketing cases in the industry. After sharing a large number of insightful brand stories, Zhou Ri proposed a brand building concept “360°+1” for all brand workers, he explained that, brand building needs continual all-round communication with consumers, while continually refreshing sense of presence in 360° manner, it is also required to properly narrate the brand story, inspire everyone’s passion for the brand with clear-cut brand connotation, only in this way can we truly establish a brand.

Three focuses of brand construction

Citing brand impression of Apple, Tongrentang, Starbucks, and Le Méridien Hotel in the minds of common consumers, Miao Jun offered his definition of brand: Brand is concrete, depictable, and easily identifiable enterprise image. Combining real development cases of Grand Orient, Sanfengqiao, and Orient Auto in recent years, Miao Jun shared brand construction experience in retail industry, catering industry, and automobile industry. Finally, based on his long years of experience in brand building, Miao Jun pointed out three pitfalls in brand construction: Avoid high-end, classy and high-grade targets, do not be influenced by big data, do not depend on the Brand Department alone to build brand; three concerns of brand construction: Brand having individuality and target, emphasis on execution ability, having performance meaning and capable of attracting attention. He said, during brand construction, it is required to change brand into executable target, avoid high-end, classy and high-grade things, only when brand workers move toward such directions can they ensure true execution. Furthermore, he mentioned “Just like what Secretary Chen said, setting up brand committee is very necessary!” for only in this way will it be possible to break down executable target to every item in work, everyone becomes brand executor, so that a brand will become valuable, viable, and sustainable brand.

“Transition is invariably painful!” At the communication step, Miao Jun shared the “painful experience” of spending four years in introducing Dior brand by the Grand Orient Department Store in its transition process without any reservation, a case of localized operation narrowing distance between cities, and the Orient Auto’s policy of “Catching up on straight lane, changing lane to overtake”. “Transition means a process of adaptation, adaptation brings success!” Miao Jun said.

Dialogue with young customers

Mou Zhongying offers brand definition from JuneYao Airlines’ decade long history: Brand is the commitment made by an enterprise to customers. Beginning from JuneYao Airlines’ customer data analysis, she depicted the silhouette of target customers from different dimensions such as structure of traveling customers, age tiers, and consumption habits. On such basis, she further put forward JuneYao Airlines’ brand connotation: Fashionable, cozy, energetic, and innovative. In the aspect of how to communicate with customers, and create brand reputation, Mou Zhongying gave detailed explanations by combining JuneYao Airlines’ real cases: 1. Use visual image to convey brand connotation, JuneYao Airlines brand visual management. 2. Look for value recognition, let brand return to essence, create an airline company with warmth. 3. Let content talk with the young, move customers with contents packed with emotion, production of JuneYao Airlines micro film. 4. Find fields of the youths, let We Media speak for the brand, create individualized We Media brand features. 5. Solve key problems with the attitude and efficiency typical of the youths, handle crisis public relation in earnest but not serious attitude. 6. Communicate on media preferred by the youths, adopt new media means for effective communication. Finally, Mou Zhongying explained future brand management work plan from four perspectives of brand promotion, brand positioning, brand surveillance, and new media operation.

Without Innovation, There Is No Jiuyuan

Huang Hui narrated Jiuyuan Airlines’ brand interpretation from metaphysical and immetaphysical aspects: Low-cost airlines’ brand strategy and rich Oriental culture elements. Afterwards, departing from brand value fulfillment strategy, Huang Hui shared Jiuyuan Airlines’ brand overtone: Affordable, energetic, tasteful and brand development concept: Customer-oriented, innovation based, without innovation, there is no Jiuyuan. Since its inception, Jiuyuan Airlines spared no efforts in brand building. At the forum site, Huang Hui shared Jiuyuan’s brand building story with all brand workers: 1. Jiuyuan Airlines features polka dot coating in nine colors, whose design inspiration comes from “Nine-colored Deer”, alternate coating in 9 colors matches perfectly with Jiuyuan Airlines’ youthful, energetic and tasteful overtone. 2. Dynamic expression package, catering to Jiuyuan Airlines’ youth-oriented brand feature, it produces dynamic expression package, so as to communicate the brand from more channels. 3. It pioneered accrued delay insurance, in order to change the situation of late flight delay compensation and complicated formality, Jiuyuan Airlines joined hands with Sunshine Insurance to introduce the first accrued delay insurance in the civil aviation industry.

Roundtable forum | Cross-sector communication, collision in passion

The Roundtable Forum was presided over by External Mentor Zhou Ri, Yu Chen, Deputy Director of the Overall Management Office of the World Foreign Language Education Group, Yu Ruifen, General Manager of the Headquarters Office and Office of the Board of Directors of Huarui Bank, Zhou Zhiguo, Deputy General Manager of JuneYao Creativity, together shared brand positioning and operation experience in their respective industries.

Yu Chen began from brand stories of Coca Cola and PepsiCo, narrated his understanding of brand: Closely bundling the brand’s value and interest of customers it faces. When speaking of the “World Foreign Language Education” brand, he mentioned that, the formation of education brand is a process of long accumulation, brand is not founded by the Brand Department, instead the brand is created in the process of production, operation, and management, and then promoted by the company. World Foreign Language is a school which turns slogans on the wall into reality, a school that brings education to the ultimate. Cultivating Chinese who walk to the world is the concept of World Foreign Language, and also the brand of World Foreign Language. 

Yu Ruifen Since its inception, Huarui Bank only started on its road of building brand, as far as a new brand is concerned, support from the Group, support on strategic level, and support for executing the brand are all indispensable. Her understanding of the brand is: There is no good or bad way of brand communication, so long as it can convey brand concept to customers, it is good. Whereas Huarui Bank faces totally different customers in three business units of Free Trade, innovation finance, and Internet finance, Huarui will establish sub-brands for each business brand under a big brand, and set up brand concept, communication approach and channels more catering to businesses in three main business lines. Huarui brand is still in a stage of constant exploration and straightening.

Zhou Zhiguo JuneYao Creativity has been in cooperation with big brands, Zhou Zhiguo shared brand story from the perspective of cooperation experience with Disney. He mentioned that, in the new age, brand operation met with great challenge, big brands are very stringent on brand protection, Disney’s brand authorization setup gives no priority to interest, instead it grants brand authorization by closely revolving around its brand concept. Furthermore, all employees in Disneyland have received uniform training, so asto unify presentation of brand image, Disney’s every employee is a communicator of the brand, this point deserves learning by us.


At the communication step, brand workers explored in detail how to make the brand develop concrete and recognizable value with separate brand and marketing system, as a universal issue faced by all brand workers, everyone has encountered this issue, External Mentor Zhou Ri, Mou Zhongying from JuneYao Airlines and others all gave their own answers, obviously setting up Chief Brand Officer system and forming brand management work system are very necessary, furthermore making breakthroughs from small details, and increasing interaction between the executives and brand is also a feasible way.