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Anniversary of the Founding of AJ Trust Opened in Shanghai
ReleaseDate: 2016-11-09


Recently, a discussion meeting to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the founding of AJ Trust opened in Ai Jian Finance Building. Chairman of JuneYao Group and AJ Group Wang Junjin attended the meeting and delivered important speech. The meeting was presided over by Fan Yongjin, Secretary of CPC Party Committee and Vice Chairman of AJ Group. Zhao Fuxi, Deputy Director of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, and Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, Cai Ying, Deputy Director of Shanghai Banking Regulatory Bureau, along with other senior executives of AJ Group attended the meeting. Officials and representatives of relevant sides including Chen Li, Secretary of CPC Party Committee of JuneYao Group, attended the discussion meeting.

In his speech, Chairman Wang Junjin pointed out, currently JuneYao’s restructuring of AJ has basically been completed, AJ Group entered a brand-new development period. He emphasized that in the restructuring of AJ, JuneYao is deeply aware of the honorary mission and heavy responsibility, it will surely follow the requirements of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government to seek progress with keen determination, and pursue exploration and innovation.

Deputy Director Zhao Fuxi delivered speech, in which he put forward expectations and requirements for AJ development: Firstly, unify thoughts to key decisions of the CPC Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government, consolidate development confidence. Secondly, continue to carry forward the mission of “Patriotic Construction”, make constant exploration and progress. Thirdly, stand together through thick and thin, inherit AJ’s fine traditions, maintain the feature of united front work. Finally, he emphasized that AJ is now standing at a new starting point of history, it must firmly grasp opportunity, and leverage AJ’s advantages in brand, location, and public listing.

On August 26, the celebration activity to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the founding of AJ Trust was held at Marriott Hotel. At the celebration activity, AJ Trust employees presented abundant and diversified self-created entertainment performance, senior employees with 15 years of service history received honorary prizes, senior officials and prize-winner representatives expressed their thoughts. Chairman Wang Junjin pointed out in the ceremony speech that, AJ was founded by old generation of industrialists and businessmen, now it is handed over to us. We will definitely inherit the mission of “patriotic construction”, polish the golden nameplate of “AJ”, enhance AJ’s market influence and reputation.