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JuneYao Group developed strategic cooperation with CAS Shanghai Branch
ReleaseDate: 2016-11-09


On September 14, JuneYao Group and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Shanghai Branch signed agreement of strategic cooperation. Both sides decided to carry out all-round in-depth cooperation in multiple fields including basic scientific research, conversion of scientific research achievements, marketized application and industrial info fields. Chairman of JuneYao Group Wang Junjin and President of CAS Shanghai Branch Zhu Zhiyuan signed the agreement on behalf of both sides.

Chairman Wang Junjin said: “The cooperation between JuneYao Group and CAS Shanghai Branch is a signal to boost the construction of Shanghai Scientific Innovation Center, in the future we will regard science and technology industry as the company’s development focus. JuneYao Group will also coordinate its subsidiary Huarui Bank to provide green pathway for loan approval and other financial preferential conditions for projects of CAS Shanghai Branch institutes.” According to the agreement of strategic cooperation, JuneYao Group will bring out its advantage in mechanism as private enterprise, within the next 5 years, for projects with commercial feasibility of CAS Shanghai Branch institutes, focusing on technological achievements related to Internet of Things and macro health, it will invest over 100 million yuan fund to ensure industrialization.

At the agreement-signing ceremony, in a move to kick off bilateral cooperation, both sides concurrently signed bank enterprise cooperation agreement between Huarui Bank and Xinwei Group and agreement of intention of JuneYao Group for investment in Internet of Things fund. After the agreement-signing was over, both sides also held cross-sector salon, which unfolded in-depth communication and discussion on conversion of technological achievements, technology & finance cooperation topics.

 Chairman of JuneYao Group Wang Junjin and President of CAS Shanghai Branch Zhu Zhiyuan signed agreement on behalf of both sides.

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On September 24, JuneYao Group signed agreement for strategic cooperation with the Institute of Integrative Medicine, Fudan University. Wang Junhao, President of JuneYao Group, and Dong Jingcheng, Director of the Institute of Integrative Medicine, Fudan University, signed the agreement on behalf of both sides. The signing of this agreement is a response to the call of the state government to promote industry-university-research development, and better inherit Chinese traditional medicine, propel the development of China’s integrative medicine discipline.