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Wang Junjin: Decade Journey, Century JuneYao Airlines
ReleaseDate: 2016-11-09


On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of JuneYao Airlines, departments of JuneYao Airlines planned activities in a variety of themes, aiming to thank customers’ support, sincerely reward passengers, and present gifts to the 10th anniversary of JuneYao Airlines. On September 23, JuneYao Airlines held 10th Anniversary Celebration Cocktail Party. At the party, Chairman of JuneYao Airlines Wang Junjin and President Zhao Hongliang delivered speech, which acknowledged the achievements of JuneYao Airlines under HVC strategic guidance, and wish JuneYao Airlines staff to acquire growth and development together with JuneYao Airlines.

On September, a Fast Flash Uniform Show painstakingly prepared by staff of the Flight Department, the Cabin Department, the Ground Service Department, and the Business Department staged energetic performance in front of JuneYao Airlines’ business building, attracting the attention of all employees, which served as warming up for the 10th anniversary evening Party in the evening. In the evening, the 10th Anniversary Celebration Cocktail Party opened at JuneYao Airlines. At the Party, Chairman of JuneYao Airlines Wang Junjin and President Zhao Hongliang delivered speech. Recollecting scenes of the maiden flight ceremony of JuneYao Airlines ten years ago, Chairman Wang Junjin was overwhelmed with emotions, looking back at the dream of founding JuneYao Airlines, he said: “We only want to become an airline company with special characteristics”. Decade history, flying dream. “Guided by this initial dream, with efforts from all employees, JuneYao Airlines created many firsts in the civil aviation circle, lay down solid foundation for Century JuneYao Airlines. Nevertheless, there is still a long way to go in the future, we must dare to think and dare to do!” He said “Never forget the original ambition in the startup of JuneYao Airlines, only in this way can we accomplish ‘Century JuneYao Airlines’ constantly moving forward.” President Zhao Hongliang emphasized the strategic positioning of JuneYao Airlines to create High Value Carrier (HVC) airline company, and called for all employees to jointly create “Century JuneYao Airlines” in the second decade to embrace better tomorrow!

On September 25, the day of the 10th anniversary celebration, JuneYao Airlines organized a number of activities: 10th anniversary commemorative color painting airplane reflying the Shanghai-Changsha maiden flight route; music performance at Pudong Airport and Hongqiao Airport, inviting passengers to embrace the next decade; and onboard activity for10th anniversary celebration. Previously, targeting at online platform, JuneYao Airlines produced new version enterprise publicity film and advertising film, which displayed JuneYao Airlines’s brand-new image and employees’ professional demeanor; by taking advantage of platform, JuneYao Airlines’ official weibo planned multiple forwarding prize draw activities, in response to the plots of new version enterprise publicity film, it mobilized netizens to post JuneYao Airlines’ boarding passes, and guided passengers to recollect pleasant memories with JuneYao Airlines in mid air. Targeting at this time’s 10th anniversary celebration, JuneYao Airlines also introduced multiple service products and giveaway activities……

On September 25, 2006, JuneYao Airlines successfully completed Shanghai- Changsha maiden flight, by September 25, 2016, it has operated for a full decade. Compared to difficult early-stage business startup, today it has 56 aircrafts, and has opened 88 domestic flight routes, 23 international and regional flight routes. Daily average flight number tops 240 flights, annual passenger turnover reaches 10 million person times, which is close to 9% of combined passenger turnover of two airports in Shanghai. In May 2015, JuneYao Airlines was listed on the main board of A Shares at Shanghai Stock Exchange.

In the future, targeting at becoming the “warmest airline company”, JuneYao Airlines will strive to create a model of China’s High Value Carrier (HVC) airline company, bring the happiness of flight to more people with more convenient flight route coverage, and better fully flight service.

Decade-old JuneYao Airlines, century-long dream. On September 25, 2006, JuneYao Airlines successfully completed Shanghai-Changsha maiden flight. This day marks the first day of JuneYao Airlines’s takeoff, and also the first step in opening the century dream. On September 25, 2016, JuneYao Airlines welcomed its 10th anniversary commemoration day.

During this period, JuneYao Airlines held a series of celebration activities, and rewarded passengers, celebrated its birthday in diversified ways and forms.

Celebration Cocktail Party: When dreams come true with JuneYao Airlines

On September 23, JuneYao Airlines held an internal 10th Anniversary Celebration Cocktail Party. At the Cocktail Party, speech by executives, commendation activity, theatrical joint performance, and release of enterprise publicity film were staged one by one, which brought the atmosphere of the celebration activity to culmination.

In the celebration activity, JuneYao Airlines awarded prize cups and medals to employees with outstanding contributions to the company. Five prizes of “Outstanding Contribution”, “Escort Envoy”, “Ruyi Angel”, “Twinkling Star”, and “Time Medal” were awarded to 168 employees, intending to commend untiring efforts from everyone contributing to the growth of JuneYao Airlines.

During the entire party, staff from all departments of JuneYao Airlines one by one presented celebrating gifts to JuneYao Airlines in their own way, duet of old songs, modern dance, “Century Dream, Decade Prelude” poem recitation, old photo & video programs were staged one after another to celebrate the birthday of JuneYao Airlines.

Staff together celebrated JuneYao Airlines’ 10th anniversary.

Maiden Flight Commemoration: Re-flying Shanghai-Changsha flight route

On September 25 ten years ago, JuneYao Airlines’ maiden flight left Shanghai for Changsha, which announced the beginning of JuneYao Airlines’ great journey. One decade on, this humble beginning was not forgotten. On September 25, 2016, JuneYao Airlines kicked off maiden flight commemoration activity, the 10th anniversary commemorative color painting airplane re-flied the maiden flight route. On that day, all passengers taking the HO1124 commemorative flight received JuneYao Airlines 10th anniversary commemorative version airplane model, and experienced JuneYao Airlines’ warm services and smiles.

JuneYao Airlines 10th anniversary commemorative color painting airplane.

The activity to re-fly the maiden flight route not only reminded JuneYao Airlines staff not to forget the hardship of business startup, it further encouraged employees of JuneYao Airlines to stick to lofty ambition. Regardless of the past days when it had only one aircrafft, or the present when it now has a fleet of 56 aircrafts, or the future when it will have a still bigger fleet, the concept of sincere service and exquisite service remains unchanged. Targeting at becoming “The warmest airline”, JuneYao Airlines will always offer high quality services.

Grand Music Ceremony: Invite Passengers to Embrace the Next Decade

On September 25, the day of the 10th anniversary, at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and Shanghai Pudong Airport, the Ground Service Department of JuneYao Airlines prepared a small concert for passengers. Surrounded by gorgeous flowers, girl players dressed in white performed melodious music, sounds of sombre cello and lingering violin ensemble performance stopped passengers’ steps, and brought pleasant surprise and happiness to the start of the journey. All passing passengers were impressed with the JuneYao Airlines’s warmth and creativity.

 A small concert at Pudong Airport opened amid flowers, which attracted many tourists.

At the check-in counter beside the music band, ground service staff in an orderly manner guided passengers to take part in activities, passengers can leave colorful hand print on the banner, as a gesture to deliver blessing to JuneYao Airlines, then collect 10th anniversary commemorative version airplane model and postcard souvenir. The Ground Service Department also invited passengers to leave behind contact methods, when the next decade comes, it will draw lucky passengers to send meeting gifts, wish every passenger remember pleasant memory with JuneYao Airlines.

On that day, apart from melodious music adding fun to travel, a flower wall was erected beside the check-in counter at Pudong Airport, where the “JuneYao Airlines 10th Anniversary Celebration” wording attracted the eyes of passers-by. Ground service staff and Cabin staff also wore flower band and wrist flower to welcome the arrival of passengers.


Onboard Activity: Heart-warming experience for celebrating birthday

Cabin service is the most direct service experience during passengers’ flight process. The quality of cabin service directly affects passengers’ impression of the airline company. In order to convey the joy of the 10th anniversary to passengers, and enable them to experience JuneYao Airlines’ sincere and attentive services, JuneYao Airlines’ Cabin Department specially selected ten flights to hold theme celebration activity. On the flight, the Cabin Department prepared 10th anniversary celebration cakes, plus red wine, and Werdery lactic acid bacteria drinks and snacks for passengers. Stewardesses also imparted JuneYao Airlines 10th anniversary knowledge to passengers, and presented gifts such as panda pilot dolls to passengers.

“Ruyi Brand Group” onboard activity began with JuneYao Airlines’ decade history and blessing address. At the subsequent JuneYao Airlines prize giveaway knowledge competition step, passengers vied with one another to answer questions, and received exquisite gifts from “Ruyi” stewardess. The “Elite CPC Party Member Team” invited those passengers born in 2016, 2006, and 1996...... on the flight, to share their “this decade” with “Elites”. Two children passengers onboard volunteered to sing “Happy Birthday Song” for JuneYao Airlines. “Elites” also prepared “JuneYao Airlines Chinese Knot” for passengers, and collected passengers’ blessing for JuneYao Airlines.

The 10th anniversary celebration onboard theme activity not only publicized JuneYao Airlines’ corporate culture to passengers, enhanced passengers’ understanding and trust in JuneYao Airlines, promoted emotional tie with passengers, raised affinity with JuneYao Airlines services, and established the image of an airline company with warmth.

Ruyi Brand Team stewardess joined onboard passengers to celebrate the birthday of JuneYao Airlines.

Marketing Activity: Reward passengers with more benefits

Targeting at this time’s 10th anniversary celebration, JuneYao Airlines introduced a number of service products and numerous welfare activities: Optimize and upgrade “Child Travel” unaccompanied child product; introduce “Love in Clouds” onboard exclusive custom-made service product; “Welcoming 10th Anniversary, Ticket 10 Yuan Grab” discounted flight ticket quick sale promotional activity; discount of Disney peripheral merchandises when buying JuneYao Airlines tickets etc. Catering to frequent passenger members, JuneYao Airlines also introduced four member activities: JuneYao Airlines members +100 yuan to claim first-class privilege, 10 points to buy JuneYao Airlines VIP Lounge; double accrual of fixed flight section for old members; and members points reward.

JuneYao Airlines celebrates 10th anniversary of maiden flight.