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Over 100 Athletes Contested Chess & Card Matches in the Same Arena
ReleaseDate: 2016-12-08


In the early morning of October 22, more than 100 staff workers from subsidiaries of JuneYao Group braved wind and rain to come to JuneYao International Plaza and attend chess & card matches on the occasion of JuneYao Group’s Third Staff Sports Meeting. Competitions on that day included “Go, Chinese Chess, Dou Dizhu, and 80 Points”, athletes followed match rules to pit strength against strength with brain power, and reaped joy and growth through matches.


Go and Chinese Chess matches were staged at the 32F Lobby. Inside the Lobby, athletes concentrated mind, contemplated moves, plotted maneuvers, and deployed forces. In contrast to players’ calm composure, the chessboard teemed with cold-blooded gambits reminiscent of flash of sword in real combat. Finally, in the Chinese Chess finals, Zhao Jie from the World Foreign Language Primary School emerged as the winner after 2 rounds of contests. In Go finals, Chen Wei from Huarui Bank took on Zhang Haodong from JuneYao Airlines, and claimed victory after a hard fought battle.


Compared to the tension in chess matches, card games Dou Dizhu and 80 Points brought more happiness and excitement. Card games Dou Dizhu and 80 Points were staged inside the 32F Large Conference Room, the hectic fighting atmosphere infected every player, and the suspense in the competition made on-looker colleagues feel out of breath. Finally, meal-skipping teams of Dou Dizhu finals fought from morning till afternoon, intent on gaining the upper hand while ignoring the lure of delicious meal. After fierce competition, Wang Baohui from JuneYao Creativity won the champion title. In the 80 Points matches, 2 teams from JuneYao Creativity met at the finals, and engaged in heated combat despite their intimate relationship. Finally, the team headed by Liu Zheming and Zhu Guanxiang won victory.


Finals in other sport events of JuneYao Group’s Third Staff Sports Meeting are scheduled in mid and late November.