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AJ Group Becomes the Second Largest Shareholder of AJ Securities
ReleaseDate: 2016-12-08


On September 30, AJ Group issued a public notice concerning exercising right of first refusal in AJ Securities equity transfer. Main contents of the public notice include: As one of the shareholders of AJ Securities Co., Ltd, AJ Group together with subsidiary Shanghai Fangda Investment Development Co., Ltd hold 20.227% equity of AJ Securities. Now it has decided to exercise right of first refusal on the 28.636% equity of AJ Securities listed publicly for transfer at the Shanghai United Assets and Equity Exchange. Matching results of open bidding, it assigned 315 million shares of AJ Securities held by Shanghai Huiyin Investment Co., Ltd at 1433.25 million yuan, equivalent to 28.636% equity of AJ Securities. After this time’s transaction is completed, AJ Group holds altogether 48.863% equity of AJ Securities, making it the second largest shareholder of AJ Securities.


This time’s exercising of right of first refusal has been reviewed and approved by the 3rd Meeting of the Company’s 7th Board of Directors, which authorized Wang Junjin, Chairman of AJ Group, and its operation team to make equity investment in AJ Securities Co., Ltd. This time’s transaction does not need to be submitted to the company’s shareholders meeting for review, but it must obtain approval from the China Securities Regulatory Commission or its authorized agency.


Business scope of AJ Securities coves brokerage business, investment banking business, fixed income business, securities investment business, research & consulting. This time’s assignment of partial equity of AJ Securities will facilitate AJ Group to strengthen control of securities license, further enrich and expand the company’s financial business unit, enhance the company’s overall comprehensive strength, improve the company’s “AJ” brand value, and promote the company’s long-term development.