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Jiuyuan Airlines Set up Party Committee in Guangzhou
ReleaseDate: 2016-12-08


On October 9, amid majestic national anthem, the First Party Representative Congress of CPC Jiuyuan Airlines Co., Ltd opened in Guangzhou. Yuan Jianguo, Deputy Secretary of the Shanghai Social Affairs Committee (CPC), Zhang Jianru, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Guangzhou Baiyun District Committee and Director of the Organization Department, attended the meeting in response to invitation and delivered speech. 57 party members of Jiuyuan Airlines attended the meeting, and elected its first committee through secret ballot, the meeting elected Comrade Hu Fan as Secretary of Party Committee, Comrade Ji Guangping as Deputy Secretary of Party Committee. Jiuyuan Airlines Party Committee became the fifth party committee directly subordinate to JuneYao Party Committee.


Guided by the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics, this time’s meeting deeply implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s serial important speeches, in order to provide staunch political guarantee to Jiuyuan Airlines’ construction and development. At the meeting, Hu Fan, newly elected Party Secretary of Jiuyuan Airlines, delivered work report entitled “Seeking Truth and Being Pragmatic, Improving Construction of Party Organization, Fully Bringing out the Core Political Role of Enterprise Party Organization”. President of Jiuyuan Airlines Ji Guangping indicated to give all-round support, namely support in labor, material and organization, to the future party construction work in Jiuyuan Airlines in an orderly, healthy and continual manner.


Secretary of JuneYao Group CPC Committee Chen Li put forward four requirements for Jiuyuan Airlines Party Committee in properly handling party construction work: Effectively strengthen political awareness, awareness of overall situation, core awareness, and alignment awareness, profoundly study and understand the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jingping’s important instructions and the CPC Central Committee‘s new deployments, and new requirements; complete the Party Committee’s infrastructure work as soon as possible; fully bring out the two roles of the party committee in the enterprise.


Jiuyuan Airlines is the first low-cost airline company in Central South China. Since inception last year, it wins the market with low-price high-quality services, in the first 3 quarters this year it recorded profit earning. Up till now, it has opened 19 flight routes with nine new Boeing 737 aircrafts.